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Issue 421 - 16th April 2018
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Belfast Metropolitan College
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Job Reference:  2018/046A   Title:  Associate Lecturer in Counselling (Part Time)
Job Reference:  2018/052A   Title:  Careers Information Advice and Guidance Officer (Temporary, Part Time)
Job Reference:  2018/048A   Title:  Planning & Performance Officer
Job Reference:  2018/054A   Title:  Specialist Dyslexia Support Tutor Register - Academic (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2018/057A   Title:  Learning Support Assistant Register
Job Reference:  2018/051A   Title:  Nips Administrator (Temporary to August 2020) 2 posts
Job Reference:  2018/050A   Title:  Trainer Assessor in Art at Hydebank Wood College (Temporary, Maternity Cover)
Job Reference:  2018/053A   Title:  Library and Information Service Officer (Temporary)
Job Reference:  2018/056A   Title:  Student Support Note-taker (Register)
Job Reference:  2018/047A   Title:  Lecturer in Electronics and Software Engineering
Job Reference:  2018/049A   Title:  Trainer Assessor In Electrical Installation
Job Reference:  2018/055A   Title:  Student Support Mentor
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Resource Matching Workshop: Let’s Do Resources Better Together

The power of collaboration ensures that resources are fully utilised within the economy and business costs are reduced.  There is potential value in the remnants of; post-production materials, water, energy, process by-products and redundant materials.  Resource matching reduces cost to landfill, reduces CO² and creates opportunities for innovative resource solutions. 
Event: Resource Matching Workshop including site tour of Coca-Cola
Location: Coca-Cola, Lisburn
Date: 25th April
Time: 9am – 1pm
To register interest:
  1. Call International Synergies NI 028 3833 3438 or
  2. Go online here
Businesses from all industry sectors are welcome.  

Patented water processing technology that substantially reduces water consumption in shower heads without adverse effects on the showering comfort

An Austrian company owns a novel water saving technology that can be applied on every existing showering system by quick and easy installation. This technology reduces the water flow in showering heads by average 36 % without influencing the water jet strength remarkably. The investment costs are amortized within several months due to reduced energy and (waste) water costs. The Austrian company is looking for commercial agreements with technical assistance and for license agreements.

High voltage electrochemical oxidation technology to form decorative and hardwearing aluminium oxide coatings on aluminium alloys

A Belarus R&D institute developed a technology of high voltage electrochemical oxidation. The technology is used to form hardwearing aluminium ceramic coatings on products from aluminium alloys. Coating properties: hardness up to 8 GPa; roughness < 0,05 µm; thickness up to 70 µm. The institute is looking for industrial partners or R&D organisations for commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement or research cooperation agreement.

Belgian manufacturer of an elderblossom alcoholic beverage is looking for distributors

A Belgian producer of a new alcoholic beverage (15% alc/vol) based on the rich flavours of elderblossoms and secret herbs, is offering a distribution services agreement.

The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering virtual office services under services agreement

The company from Bosnia and Herzegovina is offering virtual office services under services agreement. The virtual office is suitable for clients who want to expand their market on the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The company was established in 2014, and so far have near 60 clients including international clients.

Czech engineering company seeks distributors for its new product - an electric scooter

A Czech company is looking for distributors in Europe of its brand new product - an electric scooter - made and developed in the Czech Republic. The offered scooters are easy to use, have a low weight, excellent driving stability, easy handling and are equipped with recuperation mode.

French Technology Transfer Office proposes a optical-driven tweezers with a haptic interface for micro-manipulation

The French TTO (Technology Transfer Office) is acting on behalf of an established public laboratory of the Paris region that has developed new optical tweezers for micro-manipulation with a haptic interface that allows to "feel" a single cell or a micro element. The French public research centre is looking for partners for a technical cooperation or license agreement.

A French technology transfer office offers new treatment against spinal muscular atrophy

A French technology transfer office (TTO) offers new treatment against spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a rare disease without any available treatment. This innovative treatment uses flunarizine for the relocation of the survival motor neuron (SMN) protein into an accessory body in neurons named Cajal body. The TTO is looking for pharmaceutical corporates or biotech companies, either for a licensing agreement or a technical cooperation agreement in case of further development.

German clay manufacturer offers its products, services and knowledge for acquisition agreement, distribution services agreement or joint venture agreement

A German SME produces clay fabrics usable in the fields of building material, soil substrate, filter systems, wall plastering and pond construction. It offers its products, services equipment and expert knowledge all over the world for acquisition agreement, distribution services agreement or joint venture agreement.

Antimicrobial SiO2 nanoparticles

A German university has developed a process to coat SiO2 nanoparticles so that they can be used in antimicrobial coatings. These new coatings are contact active and have special advantages in sanitary applications or in areas where children play. Industrial licensees are sought to explore applications.

Israeli manufacturer of premium quality castings seeks new partners under joint venture, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements

An Israeli company with 38+ years of experience is one of the leaders in aluminum castings, offering its customers in aerospace, medical, printing, transportation and other industries sand, permanent mould and pressure die castings form various aluminium alloys, as well as complementary machining and finishing of castings according to the highest standards requirements and fast production of 3D patterns. The company is looking for joint venture, manufacturing and subcontracting agreements.

An Israeli company specializes in production of cardiology and diagnostic devices is looking for distributors

An Israeli company which focuses on the development, production and marketing of cardiology monitoring and diagnostic solutions is interested to partner with distributors in the field of diagnostic equipment under distribution services agreement.

Hammer drill with internal combustion engine

Hammer drill with internal combustion engine produced by an Italian SME, that operates in the field of tool machines since 2001. This drill represents a right compromise between handiness and power and has revealed its qualities in all environmental conditions, from middle-eastern deserts to Ande’s peaks, to Greenland’s glaciers and in multiple field of use. The company is looking for agents, distributors and/or retailers in order to sell the products in other countries.

Italian start-up has developed a new type of concept store and is looking for innovative digital technologies to upgrade it.

An Italian start-up opened a new immersive concept store in Milan to sell home-furniture and design objects, combining shopping with entertainment. The company is looking for innovative digital technologies for the retail sector to improve its stores and is willing to sign services agreements.

A Macedonian online marketing company seeks partners for its mobile app featuring discount coupons through services agreement

A Macedonian company specialised in internet sales and online marketing offers a mobile application for advertising of discount coupons and daily deals of local businesses. The app enables users to save money by informing them on discounts available in the registered merchant stores located nearby whereas the merchants benefit from increased revenue and reduced marketing costs by 30 percent. The company seeks for SME partners interested in potential cooperation under services agreement.

Macedonian company for production and trade of fruit and vegetables is looking for distribution partners

A Macedonian company produces a large quantity of different kinds of fruit and vegetables including plum, grape, spring cabbage, peppers, cherry peppers, white cabbage, red cabbage, leek, sweet potato, hokkaido squash, butternut squash, chestnuts. They are looking for distribution partners for their products.

Dutch multinational is looking for innovative technologies for turning liquids into free-flowing powders in a more efficient and sustainable way

The Dutch multinational company is a major producer of specialty chemicals. For many applications these products are supplied as a dry, free-flowing powder. The properties are highly dependent on the drying process. The company is looking for more advanced product technology and new approaches to make the production of powder products more efficient. Cooperation would be in the frame of a research-, a technical cooperation agreement or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.

Dutch/Japanese multinational is offering its emulsification technologies and production facility to develop business opportunities with partners with innovative ideas in the area of emulsion-technology.

A Dutch based Japanese owned multinational wants to combine its emulsification know-how, facilities and capacity with innovative business opportunities that partners have identified. It is the company's intention to become a toll manufacturer. Partners should be interested to share their ideas, cooperate in scale-up and produce such emulsions in the facilities of the company. Cooperation is envisaged within the frame of a technical cooperation agreement or a manufacturing agreement.

Dutch distributor of bikes and bike related products seeks partners that want to extend their portfolio with these products of this company

Dutch company operating in the field of bikes and bike related products seeks for partners in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Germany and Poland. Potential partners are willing to extend their own portfolio with the bikes and bike related products of this company. They are willing to cooperate through distribution -, agency - or a joint venture agreement.

Romanian IT company offering big data visualisation platform for manufacturing optimization is looking partners worldwide

The Romanian IT SME is offering big data visualization platform for manufacturing optimization through customized usage of internal & external data. The platform distributes real time graphical data on multiple displays and structured by users’ needs (employees, managers, visitors, partners). Service agreements with manufacturers, commercial agency agreements with production know-how providers or licence agreements with IT suppliers worldwide are sought.

Romanian company offers laser cutting for textile, plastic injection molding and sewing packaging products under distribution services or subcontracting agreements.

A Romanian company is specialized in laser cutting for textile, plastic injection molding and tailor made sewing packaging products. They offers a various range of plastic and textile items for automotive, banks, fashion, construction industry, freight and courier services, treasury, food industry and others. The company is looking for distribution services or subcontracting agreements to produce tailor made plastic or sewing packaging products on customer demand.

A manufacture company from Serbia is looking for distributors for its innovative lures.

A Serbian company specialised in manufacturing and distribution of innovative fishing lures for all types of fishing waters (river/lake/sea) and all fish sizes (50g-300kg) is looking for partners through distribution agreement. The company offers also its manufacturing services through manufacturing agreement.

For Northern Ireland specific contracts, there are a number of sources of information specifically for contracts within Northern Ireland. The Central Procurement Directorate (CPD) handles contracts for a number of government departments.

You can find a list of current tender opportunities on the CPD website. Again, there is no email alert facility that we can find which makes the content difficult to adapt to the Bulletin format.

132380 - A6 - Empathy and Good Relations - The development and coordination of a Cross Community Empathy and Good Relations Programme for Young People
Publication date:  10-04-2018
Response deadline:  30-04-2018 12:00   Irish time
Procedure: 1. Open Procedure (NON OJEU)
Description: The expert services of a suitably qualified organisation(s) or collaboration of organisations from the public, private, or community & voluntary sector are required to develop a programme to enable participants to explore the meaning of empathy and understand the complexity of its application to a number of different, though related phenomena. The programme will engage young people (5-12) or (10-18) who are deemed most at risk in Donegal and will teach the participants skills of empathy for others and enable them to understand good relations. Through increased empathy and understanding participants will be enabled to connect with others on a personal level, increase their understanding of the impact of racist or sectarian behavior and develop new friendships with others of a different cultural/religious background. Targeting young people who are disadvantaged, excluded or marginalised as a result of their religious background, ethnicity, sexual orientation, parental status or economic status and providing opportunities for sustained, purposeful engagement with others of a different background.
Buyer: Donegal County Council
132133 - 2017P154 - Cloud-Based Learning Management, Performance Management and Talent Succession Management Solution
Publication date:  08-04-2018
Response deadline:  11-05-2018 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: 2. Open Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Invitation to tender for the provision of a Cloud-Based Learning Management, Performance Management, and Talent/Succession Management Solution
Buyer: Central Bank of Ireland

132210 - 2018/13 - Single Party Framework Agreement for Design and Delivery of Management Development Programme "Leaders Creating Leaders"
Publication date:  08-04-2018
Response deadline:  08-05-2018 17:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Enterprise Ireland wishes to establish a single party framework agreement for the provision of general leadership training to include an Enterprise Ireland Management Development Programme “Leaders Creating Leaders” - Design & Delivery of a blended learning, management development programme, to include leadership skills development, emotional intelligence profiling, and peer-to-peer learning support, delivered both face to face and online.
Buyer: Enterprise Ireland

132280 - MH-CS-18-03 - Architect–led Design Team Services for the Development of a New Council Chamber and Office Space at Meath County Council Headquarters, Buvinda House, Navan
Publication date:  08-04-2018
Response deadline:  22-05-2018 15:00   Irish time
Procedure: Restricted Procedure (OJEU)
Description: Architect–led Design Team Services for the Development of a New Council Chamber and Office Space at Meath County Council Headquarters, Buvinda House, Navan.
Buyer: Meath County Council


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