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Know someone who could use a bit of cheering up? Perhaps a friend or family member who's had a hard year or someone who greets you with complaints at every family gathering?
The 28 Day Happy Book is a great 'pick me up', offering inspiration, gentle humour and heartwarming suggestions to reconnect with what's most important...& all proceeds put a smile on the face of others less fortunate - rehabilitating survivors of human trafficking. Great to have an extra copy as a stand-by gift or if you have no idea what to give someone!
Ebook (usually $11.67) today only $9.90
Paperback (usually $14) today only $11.90
or order 2 Paperback copies (usually $23) today only $19.95 
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Know someone who's right into yoga or personal growth...maybe this is one for you to stop & relax as a bit of holiday reading?  
Creating Sacred Union Within

This easy to read & practical handbook explains all the aspects of our psyche – both feminine & masculine, that govern each of the energy centres within us. By understanding the needs of each, we create inner balance & wholeness. 

Paperback (usually $23.30) today only $19.80
Ebook (usually $11.67) today only $9.91
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Know someone who's recently found love or celebrated their union with an engagement or wedding?
Or alternatively someone looking for a new kind of relationship?
Creating Sacred Union in Partnerships 

Is filled with inspiration to deepen your connection and connect on every level with your existing partner...with sensual rituals, practical tips & groundbreaking insights.

For those looking to transcend the old mating dance of seduction & co-dependency it offer a clear template for healthy relating & great dating tips to connect soul to soul!
Paperback (usually $23.30) today only $19.80
Ebook (usually $11.67) today only $9.91 
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Know someone who always wear the pants...literally & figuratively?

Here's a gentle suggestion to embrace their feminine side
Goddess Wisdom

My latest book published by Hay House is the perfect intro to understand how we all tend to undervalue our feminine side due to the values of our modern day culture that was shaped by Rome. packed with fascinating insight & simple ways to take better care of your inner needs.
Paperback (usually $14) today only $11.90
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Available as Paperback & Kindle via major online retailers
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Know someone fiesty - a legend in her own lunchtime who takes offence at being called a princess - unless they're referring to Princess Leia from Star Wars?
The Inner Goddess Makeover

Is the handbook for women of all ages who know instinctively there's more to being female than wearing lipstick or nurturing others! Funny & hip with pop culture references & practical exercises to empower every facet of your feminine expression...great for women in transition from one life stage to another!
Paperback (usually $23.30) today only $19.80
Ebook (usually $11.67) today only $9.91
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Know someone who's currently interstate or travelling? These MP3 albums are a great way to unwind with some gentle 'Me time' & require no postage!
MP3 double album (usually $15) today only $12.75
CD double disc set (usually $27) today only $22.95
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Buy 3 MP3 albums (usually $38) today only $32.30
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Know someone who's into conspiracy theories & loves watching videos?
Sacred Union & the Secret of the Holy Grail

Hear awe-inspiring revelations about the greatest secret in human history, the Holy Grail decoded from the perspective of the sacred feminine. Discover what best sellers, ‘The Da Vinci Code’ & ‘Holy Blood, Holy Grail’ overlooked. Loved by audiences around the world!
MP4 double album (usually $8.85) today only $7.52
DVD double disc set (usually $17) today only $14.45

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‘I have read all of your other books and have loved every one! I just spent a wonderful Saturday morning and evening completely enchanted with this one. I’m 2/3 of the way through it and can’t wait to finish and re-read – I LOVE IT! Gratitude and blessings to you, Tanishka!!!’ Kelly Smith Moretta

‘After reading the first book in the series, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book and it did nothing but deliver, deliver and deliver!!

Both my husband and I have read the book and we both feel so inspired and well equipped to step into this new and exciting paradigm of relating within our partnership.

It has stimulated hours of discussion already and opened up subjects that we weren’t even aware were closed off. I’ve barely finished the book and am already thinking of reading it again. Brilliant as always Tanishka!’ Kerri Alexander

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Inner Goddess Makeover Book & Meditation CD

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Sacred Union Book Duo

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The Inner Goddess Makeover & Creating Sacred Union Within Duo

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Inner Goddess Makeover & Sacred Union Books

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