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Do you need to be flexible?

When you are looking for good flexibility and good weatherability, urethane acrylates are usually the go-to products. However, it is often difficult to find a product that offers both flexibility and low viscosity. GENOMER* 4212 is designed to meet that challenge. The newest edition to the RAHN urethane acrylate family, GENOMER* 4212 offers low shrinkage, low Tg, low yellowing tendency and a viscosity well below that of other products with similar flexibility (see table below).

Product Viscosity (Pas) Tg (°C) Shrinkage (%) Gloss @ 60° (GU)
GENOMER* 4212 14.5 @ 25°C -7 2.6 92
GENOMER* 4215 20 @ 60°C -22 0.6 91
GENOMER* 4267 16 @ 60°C -10 3.2 92

Owing to its low shrinkage and good flexibility, GENOMER* 4212 can impart improved adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Lower viscosity also translates to greater formulation latitude making GENOMER* 4212 an ideal candidate for coatings on wood, plastic, paper, textiles and more. For additional information, or to request a sample, please contact your Technical Sales Representative.


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