UV e-News May 2020

UV e-News

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New RAHN-Products 

RAHN introduces new resins for use in radiation-curing printing inks, coatings, adhesives and composites.

GENOMER* 3430 - Amine modified polyether tetraacrylate

GENOMER* 3430 is a highly reactive and low viscosity resin, developed to improve the LED curing reaction and promote surface curing.

  • Reduces oxygen inhibition
  • Increases the scope for formulation
  • Can replace traditional amine synergists
  • REACH registered, TSCA listed

GENOMER* 4514 - Amine modified penta-functional aromatic urethane acrylate

GENOMER* 4514 is a low viscosity resin that provides exceptional curing speed in LED systems, giving excellent hardness and resistance.

  • Reduces oxygen inhibition/improves surface curing
  • Excellent abrasion and stain resistance
  • Can replace traditional amine synergists
  • REACH registered, TSCA listed

Newly introduced at the beginning of the year; GENOMER* 4259

GENOMER* 4259 is a di-functional, tin-free aliphatic urethane acrylate with low viscosity and high reactivity. This urethane acrylate has excellent formulation flexibility due to its low viscosity and compatibility with other conventional UV components.

For further information, please download the technical data sheets from our website (login required) or contact your RAHN Sales representative.