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Whether you need a pressure sensitive adhesive with high peel strength or a less aggressive PSA that can be repositioned, UV curable adhesives can work for you. Careful selection of formulation components, film thickness and curing conditions will deliver just the right balance for your application.

As illustrated by the data below, a wide range of adhesive properties can be achieved depending on the components used in your formulation.

Properties SPF 309 SPF 307
Loop Tack (0.10 lb/in2) 16 N/(25 mm)2 0.4 N/(25 mm)2
Peel Strength (0.40 lb/in) 11 N/25 mm 1.8 N/25 mm
Shear (RT in minutes) 1.25 Indefinite
Shear Adhesion Failure Test (SAFT) 37°C 104°C

RAHN offers several products designed for use in UV/LED PSA adhesives. These include, but are not limited to:

  • GENOMER* 4188/EHA, a monofunctional urethane acrylate that remains tacky after curing
  • GENOMER* 4269/M22, a tough, flexible, difunctional urethane acrylate that can improve cohesive strength
  • GENOMER* 6043/M22, an inert resin in a reactive diluent that delivers a balance of tack and shear strength 

A complete listing of our product recommendations for this application can be found in our Lab Report on PSA-Pressure Sensitive Adhesives. The report also provides several starting point formulations including those mentioned above. If you need additional information or samples, please contact your RAHN-sales representative.

For more information or to order samples visit our web site or contact your local RAHN USA representative: