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A Special Announcement from A Better Pet founder Rachel Friedman
I have some exciting news—and a unique opportunity—I’d like to share with you today.
It’s been almost 20 years since I founded A Better Pet, LLC. I had a vision then—to help people and their pets live better lives together.
I’ve experienced first-hand the singular joy that comes from a well-established partnership between an owner and their dog. It is a unique gift that nothing else rivals.
And so, it isn’t really surprising that I merged my passions and ended up combining my career as an independent, licensed social worker with my deep adoration for all things dog. I've developed my skills in teaching others what I know works—a reliable, positive, step-by-step method to train dogs to work as service, therapy or emotional support dogs to aid their owners in the management of all variety of medical conditions and disabilities—visible and unseen.
The growth and healing I’ve seen in my clients has been nothing short of remarkable. Those too depressed to get out of bed found the strength needed to face each day with their partnered dog at their side. Those struggling with social connections as a result of their autism found a way to connect and relate with the support of their service animal. Those filled with anxiety found a calming energy in their psychiatric or emotional support dog that helped them face situations they otherwise couldn’t. Families with children with special needs have overcome challenges as well as strengthened the bonds of their family unit in training a dog together. I’ve also worked with clients dealing with PTSD, movement and mobility disorders, seizures, hearing impairments, and the results have been just as significant.
I’ve seen my vision for living a better life with a better pet come true for thousands of individuals and the animals they’ve shared their lives with. I’ve seen their world grow bigger and their health soar when they engage with me in the training of their dog. And I’ve seen the unparalleled strength of that bond when the owner has been engaged in the training process.
And so my vision has grown. I still want to help individuals and dogs live their best lives together—but I’ve realized that the number of individuals who stand to benefit from my training protocol far surpasses the time and geographic reach I have personally.
That’s why I’ve spent the past several months putting the wheels in motion to turn my training methods into an online video course that can be accessed by anyone in the world—allowing individuals to learn how to train their own service, emotional support, therapy or companion dog in their own home, at their own pace.
A Better Service Dog by A Better Pet will be a 12- to 15-module online, video-based course that will take you through each step needed to select and train the right dog for you to work as a service, emotional support or therapy dog—even a well-behaved pet. Through modules that build on each other, it will comprehensively teach you everything you need to know to train your dog in terms of obedience, socialization and support, as well as the functions needed to mitigate specific conditions and disabilities. Using positive methods, and understanding the necessary art and science of dog training—you will become confident in teaching your dog what to do, in a way that makes your dog want to do it, and in a way that provides exactly the support you need.

Today, I’m sharing with you the first opportunity to commit to this online course. I’ve begun recording and building this series—but I don’t want to wait to announce this. I’m extending a unique opportunity for you to pre-order A Better Service Dog before it’s available online.
Your support will allow me to finish developing the course exactly as I want it to be, and your commitment now to owning the course will allow you to save hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars off the final cost.
I plan to release the course by June 2020. And I plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign in the spring to widen the pre-sale reach.
But now, I’m offering you the opportunity to buy the course at a pre-sale cost that WILL NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN.
If you commit to buying A Better Service Dog by A Better Pet before Dec 31, 2019, you’ll have the opportunity to not only receive the course for the lowest possible price, but also guaranteed lifetime access to a new online community surrounding the course.
I’m offering this unique opportunity now because I value the support you have provided me over the years. This deal is only being shared with my network, and is available to your friends and family as well. But it’s only available until Dec. 31, 2019. Not even the Kickstarter campaign will be offered at this low rate.
I hope you’ll consider committing to purchasing the course now—and becoming a guaranteed lifetime member of the online support community. I would love to share my method with you and help you live a better life with a better pet.

Warm Regards for a Hopeful New Year,

Rachel Friedman
Founder and President
A Better Pet, LLC
There are two ways to commit to A Better Service Dog by A Better Pet
You’ll receive the complete training course plus a lifetime membership to the online community of fellow course students and graduates, so you can share notes, experiences and advice, as well as access to a variety of additional videos and podcasts to take your training further. After the course is completed, memberships will be sold on an annual basis, so this is a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor and guarantee your membership for life.

BUY the complete COURSE + lifetime MEMBERSHIP
You’ll receive the complete training course, lifetime membership to the online community, and 15 hours of one-on-one training time with Rachel—however you’d like to meet up: in person, Skype, FaceTime or phone. That’s a savings of $1,250 off the standard training rate.

BUY the complete COURSE + lifetime MEMBERSHIP + 15 hours of 1-ON-1 TRAINING TIME
Don't wait! These purchase levels will only be available until Dec. 31, 2019!
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