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- Friday, 7th June 2019 -
This week, PeakCare’s Executive Director, Lindsay Wegener, enjoyed the privilege of participating in a 2-day workshop hosted by the Queensland First Children and Families Board for purposes of developing the second iteration of the Changing Tracks Action Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children and Families.  The significance of this exercise was underlined by the list of participants. For extended periods throughout the two days, if not the whole of the event, the participants included the Honourable Di Farmer MP, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence and her staff; not one, not two, but three Directors-General – Mr Michael Hogan, Mr Bob Gee and Dr Chris Sarra – and their staff; Natalie Lewis, Co-Chair of the National Family Matters Campaign plus the Co-Chairs of the Queensland Campaign, Aunty Rachel Anderson and Mr Gerald Featherstone; invited academics; chief executives and senior representatives of Queensland peak bodies; and, of course, Co-Chairs of the Queensland First Children and Families Board, Professor Boni Robertson and Mr Mick Gooda and members of the Board.

In Lindsay Wegener’s opinion, amongst the many words of wisdom exchanged throughout the exercise, the quote of the days belongs to Ms Maureen Irvine from the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. Gifted as she is with a beautifully resonant speaking voice and an eloquent mind to match, Ms Irvine explained that sometimes we crave for a chocolate cake, but all that we get is a vanilla one.

“We can cover it with chocolate icing so it looks like a chocolate cake, but it will never be more than a vanilla cake dressed up to look like chocolate,” she said. “There will always be some essential ingredients missing and it will not taste good enough.”

As we proceed towards a transition of authorities and responsibilities for service delivery to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community control, as inevitably we must, the meaning of Ms Irvine’s metaphor becomes clear. The transition won’t work if it simply involves transferring authorities and services in the ways in which they are currently designed and implemented to community controlled organisations. All that this would represent is a change in their auspicing arrangements and will do little to address inherent flaws in their design and their limited relevance and lack of accountability to Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander peoples and communities. Community control means community control over the design as well as the delivery of these services. Without that, it will mean nothing more than offering up a cake which may be lathered with chocolate icing, but taste no better than a packet sponge.

Let us know your opinion by entering your comments here, anonymously if you prefer. More metaphors involving food are welcomed.     

Minimum Qualifications Standard for Residential Care Workers updates

In previous editions of eNews we have let you know that TAFE Qld is offering the required Certificate IV to ensure residential care workers meet the minimum qualification standard at a very affordable cost. Round 1 intake for the course has now closed and the first group of students are well on their way to attaining the qualification by the end of this year. Round 2 is now open - click here to register for this round. The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women have also updated their information sheet regarding the MQS to take into account successive rounds – the requirement going forward is to complete the course within the established timeframe for the course. You can see the information sheet here. 

New Membership Fee Schedule for 2019-20 – We Listened To You

PeakCare’s Board is pleased to release details of our new Membership Fee Schedule for 2019-20. In announcing the replacement of the previous four-tiered schedule with a six-tiered model, Board President, Mr Darren Young said, “The Board listened to concerns raised by our Members about the old four-tiered system, especially about the significant jump in the fee amounts between the second and third tiers, and have responded with a much fairer six-tiered model that smooths out the increments between each of the tiers.
“This means that the Fee Schedule is better able to take account of variations in the capacity of organisations to financially contribute to and support the important work performed by PeakCare. For the majority of Members, there will be no or very little difference in the amount they pay, for a few, there may be a small increase, and for others, a significant decrease.”
No change has been made to the annual Supporter fee. Details of the new Membership Fee Schedule can be obtained here. Members and Supporters will soon be receiving invitations to renew their membership for 2019-20 in accordance with the new schedule.  Organisations and individuals who newly apply for membership for 2019-20 before Wednesday, 31st July will receive a 10% discount.

Therapeutic work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect

This paper presented by CPPAQ will be of benefit to all who work therapeutically with children who have experienced abuse and neglect. The discussion will explore the role of a child therapist, attachment disorders, which children benefit from therapeutic interventions and which do not, and how all professionals and people involved with children - including teachers, caseworkers, and carers - can help the therapeutic process. Her Honour Judge Deborah Richards, Judge of the District Court of Queensland, President of the Childrens Court of Queensland, will chair the discussion commencing 5.30pm on Wednesday, 19th June at Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, Level 21, 400 George Street, Brisbane 4000. Attendance is free for CPPAQ Members, and $40 for non-CPPAQ Members. Register here.


Research in the Round - improving youth mental health

The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) will be holding its eighth Research in the Round forum on Improving youth mental health from 2pm to 5pm on Wednesday, 26th June in the Ballroom at the Pullman Cairns International, 17 Abbott Street, Cairns. The free event will feature highly respected researchers who will present their research findings in relation to improving youth mental health, as well as a panel discussion to explore the topic robustly. Find out more and register.

Understanding what sets a kid up for success 

The Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) is developing a 10-year roadmap for early childhood research focused on helping vulnerable children get the best start in life. The 18-month project will set a research agenda for early childhood development in Australia to 2030 and the resulting Decadal Early Years Plan will be used by policymakers, academics and philanthropists to coordinate and fund research that will have the greatest impact on vulnerable children. The first thousand days of a child’s life has impacts into adulthood, and with greater understanding of the factors that promote success, supports will be better placed for the most vulnerable one in five children who start school behind in key areas of physical, social, emotional, language and communication skills.

Free online tools for volunteer management

Justice Connect have released free online interactive resources for not-for-profit community organisations to manage and review volunteer processes. The Recruiting Volunteers e-module includes 30 minutes of activities, instructional videos and scenario examples to answer all the questions organisations have about the key obligations involved in recruiting volunteers and setting up the path to success. Secondly, the National Volunteer web app offers a customised online environment for not-for-profit boards and management understand key legal obligations towards volunteers, including safety, workplace behaviour standards, and measuring performance.

Indigenous languages promotion now tax deductible

The Register of Cultural Organisations now includes promotion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages as a purpose eligible for deductible gift recipient endorsement (DGR). This status entitles individuals giving gifts or donations above $2 to a DGR endorsed organisation to claim those gifts as tax deductions on personal income tax. Previously, organisations promoting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages were excluded from accessing this tax status, a change which now supports work towards preserving disappearing Indigenous languages and culture. For more information on DGR, view the plain English guide to DGR available on the Justice Connect Not-for-Profit law website and contact Justice Connect with a legal enquiry if you believe your your organisation could be eligible for DGR because it works to promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

New longitudinal survey seeking Indigenous participants

Mayi Kuwayu is the national longitudinal study of culture, health and wellbeing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people based at the Australian National University. In Ngiyampaa language, 'Mayi Kuwayu' means to follow Aboriginal people over time. The Mayi Kuwayu Study looks at how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander wellbeing is linked to things like connection to country, cultural practices, spirituality and language use. The study is now looking for participants over the age of 16 to complete the study survey online or over the phone by calling 1 800 531 600.

Understanding rights regarding the National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme has released a briefing to help those affected by the Scheme to understand their rights. Understanding Your Rights Under the National Redress Scheme answers frequently asked questions about the Scheme, such as where to obtain free legal advice about the Scheme and where to seek further support.

Registrations for the National Child Protection Conference have now closed – The house is full!

Registrations for the National Child Protection Conference being co-hosted by PeakCare, the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP) and the Child and Family Welfare Association of Australia (CAFWAA) at Rydges, South Bank on 24th and 25th June have now closed.

Those who have registered are invited to click here to check out the most up–to–date version of the program.

While the house is now full for the National Child Protection Conference, some spaces are still available for the other two BIG EVENTS taking place during Queensland’s BIG WEEK:

  • Advocacy Masterclass led by Professor Cindy Blackstock on the 26th June, and
  • QATSICPP Members’ Conference on 27th and 28th June.
Make a BIG WEEK of it and stay on for these exciting events. To register, click here.

Thank you to the National Child Protection Conference Sponsors!

Thank you to the many organisations that have stepped up to becomes sponsors of the National Child Protection Conference  - Anglicare Southern Queensland, ACTCOSS’ Gulamga Program, The Benevolent Society, Child Wise, Churches of Christ in Queensland, Compass Seminars, Commsync, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women, Foundations Care, House with No Steps, Infinity Community Solutions, Integrated Family and Youth Service (IFYS), Life Without Barriers, Mission Australia, Nature Play Qld, Parentline, Queensland Foster and Kinship Care, True Relationships and Reproductive Health, UnitingCare Community, and YCSS Child, Youth and Family Intervention Service.

Intimate partner violence across diverse cultures

What does it mean to work with newly arrived migrants and refugees in Australia? Many migrants don’t receive any information about child protection, domestic violence or how our systems work. Some have a fear of law and authority as they have lived experiences in their home countries of not being able to trust the police. Some migrants - particularly those on temporary spousal visas - are completely at the mercy of their husbands. "If you are working with someone who is newly arrived, they may experience a number of these issues - it takes time to build relationships and really get to know these women and what they are experiencing.Holistic assessment that is culturally informed is so important." These were the introductory statements of JK Diversity Director, Jatinder Kaur as she addressed the attendees of the AASW/PeakCare Child Protection Practice group on Monday, 3rd June. Read more.

If you know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, contact Lorraine Dupree.

Sorry I don’t understand … Engaging interpreters to bridge the communication gap
Ipswich - Monday, 10th June
Presented by Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS)

Every day, thousands of non-English speaking Australians face communication gaps. Learn how to engage interpreters to better support people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds through this free workshop supported by the Queensland Government through the Community Action for a Multicultural Society (CAMS) program. Find out more and register.

Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect
Mundoolun - Saturday, 15th June
Presented by National Association for Prevention of Child abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN)

NAPCAN is again delivering its series of free child protection workshops around Queensland. Mandatory Reporting & Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect is a further NAPCAN workshop for all individuals and organisations that work or volunteer with children and young people and their families and have mandatory reporting requirements. Child Safe Organisations is critical to assist organisations to develop child friendly and safe practice embedded within organisational culture, for any organisation that has contact with children or young people, either directly or indirectly. Child Safe Organisations move beyond safety and demonstrates a commitment to children's/young people's wellbeing. They are committed to creating environments where children/young people experience genuine engagement and agency, can thrive, reach their full potential, and talk about their worries safely and openly. Find out more and register for any of the sessions being held in Queensland.

Therapeutic work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect - Practice Paper
Brisbane - Wednesday, 19th June
Presented by Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ)

The annual Sue Diggles Memorial Practice Paper will explore the topic of therapeutic work with children who have experienced abuse and neglect.This paper will address what a child therapist does, what attachment disorders are, which children benefit from therapeutic interventions and which do not, and how other professionals and people involved with children - including teachers, caseworkers, and carers - can help the therapeutic process. Her Honour Judge Deborah Richards, Judge of the District Court of Queensland, President of the Childrens Court of Queensland will chair, with Lorren Arezio, Clinical Psychologist, Evolve Therapeutic Services speaking. The forum will be held at a new location - Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers, Level 21, 400 George Street, Brisbane. Attendance is free for CPPAQ Members and $40 for non-members. Find out more and register.

Masterclass Series - support clients affected by child sexual assault
Gold Coast - Wednesday, 26th to Friday, 28th June
Presented by Bravehearts

This Bravehearts Masterclass Series is designed to enhance clinical understanding of how to support children and families affected by child sexual assault. On Day 1, participants will gain an understanding of child sexual assault from a family system perspective, and will have an opportunity to explore a variety of considerations including ethical issues, as well as case planning when working with this client group. Day 2 will see participants gain an understanding of sexual behaviour problems, including normal verses problematic behaviour, and will have an opportunity to explore how to work with this client group from a family systems perspective. On Day 3, participants will gaining an understanding of how to teach protective behaviours to a variety of age groups in a therapeutic setting. Register for 1 day only or for all three days for a significant discount! Find out more and register.


It Takes a Village: social inclusion and family support work
Brisbane - Thursday, 27th June
Presented by Encompass Family and Community

In contemporary child welfare we know it takes a village to raise a child. We also know that too many of the families we work with remain isolated and excluded from the connections and opportunities they need to create the life they want. This workshop offers a contemporary and practice-oriented frame of reference for the use of social inclusion theory in family support. Clarify your understanding of social exclusion and how exactly it can impact upon the ability of the families you work with to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. Consider how to harness the concepts and resources of social inclusion, in practice, to support families in overcoming exclusion and disadvantage. Think through how to help realise opportunity for families and support them to create their own village, within the family support role. Find out more and register

Picture This 
Brisbane - Friday, 28th June
Presented by Compass Seminars

This workshop will open up the enormous possibilities and potential of the Genogram, a typically underutilised tool, as a process for both assessment, and intervention. Family diagrams (or Genograms) provide a picture of who a person is, where they come from, who matters in their life, and how they belong in the world; as well as providing a framework for understanding present stressors, past struggles and strengths and resources. A Genogram interview is a powerful assessment tool giving you more detailed understanding of case presentations and how to plan targeted interventions. This workshop will equip participants with an understanding of what genograms are and how they can assist in assessment, treatment planning, and potentially used as a therapeutic intervention in themselves. Find out more and register.


EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Practitioner Training Lvl 1
Brisbane - Friday, 5th July
Presented by
Australian Association of Social Workers

This one-day workshop will explore the use of EFT Tapping as a therapeutic tool. The EFT Level 1 practitioner training benefits social workers as a tool for self-care, supervision and working with individual clients. EFT can be used for self-care to reduce everyday work stress and anxiety lived by a social worker; for supervision with staff when providing supervision and is extremely useful for anxiety, stress and trauma; and with individual clients when counselling clients.Additionally, clients can learn the basics to use on themselves in one session. The workshop will be delivered by Khadine Aharon. Find out more and register.

No Scaredy Cats
Brisbane - Monday, 19th August
Presented by Parentshop

This workshop is based on three underlying perspectives: first, by having an understanding of how anxiety develops parents can counter its progress, second, parents can take a preventative role in the development of anxiety problems, third, there are practical steps parents can take to build resilience. The lesson framework includes an overall theory of parenting that can assist parents to manage children’s worries; coverage of how some misguided policies are making parents and children more anxious; and biological information about the brain, including how the pre-frontal middle cortex and the amygdala operate, and where fear and anxiety originates. Find out more and register.

Voices in Action Conference 2019
Melbourne - Thursday, 14th to Saturday, 16th November
Presented by CREATE Foundation

95% of previous attendees either agreed or strongly agreed that the ideas shared at the event would help improve the out-of-home care system. The 2019 Voices in Action Conference will provide an in-depth exploration of three key issues identified by children and young people with a care experience as fundamental to improving the out-of-home care system, with the wisdom of lived experience. The discussion will focus on: how to include young voices in decision making processes; how to support and improve outcomes for young people transitioning from care; and the need to improve complaints processes for children and young people. The conference format will feature a daily keynote address from inspirational thought leaders in the care system, followed by a series of interactive, workshop style sessions focused on applying the insights of young people, carers and professionals to some of the key issues facing our sector. Carers, professionals and sector leaders must attend for a fresh grassroots approach to garnering insight into what works in out-of-home care. Discounted early-bird registration rates are available before 1st August, so be quick to secure your place at this game-changing conference and elevate the voices of children and young people in care. Find out more and register.

Inclusion ready ILC workshop
Atherton - Wednesday, 12th June

National Disability Services (NDS), in partnership with Community Services Industry Alliance (CSIA), is offering free workshops across Queensland until July. These free workshops will help organisations and businesses to understand how the National Disability Insurance Agency’s (NDIA) Information, Linkages, and Capacity Building Grants (ILC) can help them become more inclusive of people with disability. Register now for the Atherton session, register for the Cairns session on Friday, 14th June, or find out more about other locations. 

NDIS Access and Psychosocial Disability Forum
Kingaroy - 
Tuesday, 18th June

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will be running Mental Health Access forums for health professionals, clinicians and service providers. The session will: increase understanding of how to provide evidence to support an NDIS access request; increase understanding of how the NDIS legislation works and is applied; and increase confidence in talking about and explaining the NDIS. Find out more and register. A session will also be held in Gympie on Wednesday, 19th June.

HSQF to NDIS: Streamlining compliance with the NDS Quality Portal
Webinar - Tuesday, 18th June

This free webinar will provide a demonstration of the National Disability Services Quality Portal and illustrate how it can assist organisations to self-assess against the new NDIS Practice Standards. The session will also highlight key gaps for organisations transitioning from HSQF to the new NDIS Framework. Register here. The webinar is also being offered Tuesday, 25th June.

QCOSS State Budget Breakfast 2019
Brisbane - Tuesday, 18th June

This year's QCOSS State Budget Breakfast will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Hon Jackie Trad, Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships has been invited to speak and share insights into the impact that the budget will have on Queenslanders experiencing poverty and disadvantage. The Treasurer's presentation will be followed by a panel discussion including: Professor Anne Tiernan, Dean (Engagement), Griffith Business School; Neil Willmett, Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council; and Anita Veivers, Executive Director, Centacare FNQ. Find out more and register.

Trauma Aware Schooling Conference 2019
Brisbane - Thursday, 20th to Friday, 21st June

The inaugural Trauma Aware Schooling Conference will discuss, learn about and respond to the issues of complex childhood trauma and the need for trauma aware practice in schools. A school student’s experience of complex trauma  (e.g. physical, sexual, and/or emotional abuse, serious neglect, violence, etc.) can have a serious impact on school behaviours, attendance, engagement and (therefore) educational and life outcomes. Worrying behaviours can also have a significant impact on the well-being, efficacy, and retention of teachers and other educators. To address this, government departments and many non-government agencies are increasingly encompassing what is now referred to as trauma-informed practice when supporting or working with children and adolescents. To minimise concerns at school that can lead to student disengagement or disciplinary exclusion, there is a growing call for a collaborative, cross-agency, trauma-informed approach to service provision – which includes the schooling system. Find out more and register.

Young people with intellectual or cognitive disabilities with complex support needs: understanding and supporting transition
Brisbane - Friday, 21st June

As part of the three-year ARC funded research project Lost in Transition exploring the issues of young people with complex support needs in transition, ARROS will be hosting a roundtable discussion discussing: the lived experience of young people with complex needs and intellectual disability in transition; facilitators and barriers to good practice; and transition possibilities. Find out more by viewing the forum information sheet or the roundtable invitation

Are you being served? Subpoenas and warrants in family, child protection, domestic violence and other legal proceedings
Brisbane - Friday, 21st June

Brisbane Family Law Pathways Network will present this two-hour network panel and workshop examining: laws protecting counselling records of victims of sexual assault; how to respond to subpoenas and warrants; the purpose of case notes, who might read them - notes, comments and writing styles; safety issues and impacts of subpoenas on therapeutic relationships; attending to give evidence and cross-examination in relation to notes; the rights, responsibilities, redactions, privilege, privacy, confidentiality and refusals. The panel of experts includes: Chris Spink, Senior Registrar, Federal Court of Australia; Julie Sarkozi, Women’s Legal Service Solicitor, Counselling Notes Protect; Stephen Page, Accredited Family Law Specialist, Page Provan Family and Fertility Lawyers; Teresa Stewart-Hunter, Manager, Right to Information and Subpoena, Dept of Child Safety, Youth and Women; Kelly-ann Tansley, Team Leader, Brisbane Domestic Violence Service; Joanne Trentin, Practice & Quality Manager, Child & Family Services, UnitingCare. Find out more and register.

Legal and Practical Response to Child Abuse (Qld specific)
Brisbane - Wednesday, 26th June

This course by In Safe Hands - Educators in Safety assists educators, organisations and individuals to comply with their National Quality Framework and other legislative requirements and meet duty of care obligations regarding Child Protection. It is designed to be used for induction of new staff, and as a foundation or refresher course for those who have not completed recent child protection training. Find out more and register.

Implementing programs and practices in child and family services: The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of good implementation practice
Webinar - Wednesday, 26th June

Closing the gap between what we know works and what is being done in routine practice requires a focus on implementation. Implementation is the active process of adopting and embedding evidence-informed programs and practices in real-world settings. This free webinar co-produced by Child Family Community Australia and the Families and Children Expert Panel Project, Australian Institute of Family Studies, will: show why a focus on implementation is important; outline some key concepts in implementation science; describe a framework that provides a map for how to plan for and use good implementation practices; and provide practical examples of these practices. Find out more and register.

Working with cultural diversity
Brisbane - Monday, 1st July

Multicultural Development Australia will deliver this full-day workshop with ready-to-apply strategies and skills to help achieve better engagement in culturally diverse settings. Nearly one half (49 per cent) of all Australians had either been born overseas or one or both parents had been born overseas. Being aware of cultural differences is crucial for delivering services to and working with people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) backgrounds. The training will help participants to: understand cultural diversity in Queensland, understand the challenges of settlement, understand culture and its impact on communication, apply skills needed in cross cultural communication, and develop skills needed to manage cultural diversity. Find out more and register.

2019 Foster and Kinship Care Conference
Perth - Thursday, 5th to Saturday, 7th September

The 2019 National Foster and Kinship Care Conference is open to all foster and kinship carers nationally and is being held at the Rendezvous Hotel, Perth. The conference aims to provide an exciting and nurturing learning environment, acknowledging, inspiring and promoting personal and professional connections in the fostering sector and will present a unique opportunity to learn from, and alongside, family and general foster carers. The conference will have a strong focus on elevating the voice of the carer, both as an individual and a collective group. Find out more and register.


Visit our Events page for further opportunities in the sector.

Administration Assistant/Emergency Relief Worker - KENG

Kingston East Neighbourhood Group (KENG) is seeking a permanent part time Administration Assistant/Emergency Relief Worker to manage the front office and assist in the overall coordination and management of KENG’s Emergency Relief program. The position is permanent part-time, 30 hours a fortnight and is classified under SCHADS Level 3.1. Applications close Friday, 14th June. Find out more and apply.

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