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- Friday, 2nd March 2018 -

PeakCare’s Board is pleased to release a new version of our Strategic Plan for 2018-22. 

The plan arose out of a strategic planning workshop held by the Board in late 2017 and was informed by feedback received from our members reported on in our Member Survey Report 2017

Click here to read about:
  • Our vision
  • Our values and beliefs
  • Our purpose
  • Our five areas of strategic intent
Look elsewhere in this edition of eNews for advice about how you can win a prize simply by reading our new Strategic Plan.

Doing School Differently Conference 2018

The Doing School Differently Conference offers the opportunity to advance the national conversation on practice and research in flexible and inclusive education. The conference will bring together educators, researchers, policy makers and young people who are committed to developing and sustaining educational opportunities for young people who have experienced barriers to education. The conference will explore a diverse range of topics including trauma-informed practice, how to develop individualised and flexible learning plans, case studies of alternative education methods, supporting young parents and their children, improving disability inclusion, and youth mental health challenges. Yarning circles will also take place for topics important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education. View the program for more details on the topics to be covered and the presenters. The conference will be held at the QT Hotel on the Gold Coast, Thursday 28th to Friday 29th June, with special accommodation rates for conference attendees. Three exclusive pre-conference masterclasses with the keynote speakers will be held on Wednesday, 27th June. Registrations are now open with a super early bird discount until 27th April.

What does family mean to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people?

As part of this year's Family Matters National Week of Action (14th-20th May), Family Matters Queensland are seeking submissions of less than 200 words from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people (aged 18 years and under) on why family matters to them. The winning submission will receive a prize for them and their family and also have the opportunity to present their story at the Queensland Family Matters launch event. Submissions close Monday, 9th April. View the flyer for more details, or email a submission to

Feedback sought on HSQF implementation experiences 

The Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) is undertaking a survey about organisational experiences in implementing the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF) and about the ways in which the HSQF could be improved. The survey is anonymous but a summary of results will be published on the HSQF and QCOSS websites and findings will help to improve future implementation of the HSQF. The survey should only be completed once by each organisation. All entries will go into a competition to win one of three $50 gift cards. PeakCare encourages all organisations implementing the HSQF to complete the survey and share their experiences and ideas for improvement. The survey closes 16th March and can be completed online here.

Survey for practitioners about the impact of phone or internet issues for their clients

A short survey from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman and Community Legal Centres is asking social workers, frontline and intake workers, and lawyers in Queensland about the impact of phone or internet issues in the state amongst their clients. Answers are anonymous, with the results to be presented at the upcoming Community Legal Centres Queensland Conference in Brisbane on 9th March. The survey can be completed here.

Energex-Ergon Community Fund open for applications

The Energex-Ergon Community Fund grants program offers up to $5,000 for not-for-profit organisations and groups with project ideas that are innovative, encourage community identity and wellbeing or showcase solutions to problems we face as a society. Submissions close 5pm Monday, 26th March. View the brochure for more details on how to apply.

Community kindergarten funding open for applications

Applications for the 2018 Sector Support - Small Assistance Grant are now open for community kindergartens with a Voluntary Management Committee and services that receive recurring funding in eligible categories from the Department of Education. Funding is targeted for organisations that specifically address the Department of Education's Strategic Plan 2017-2021 with priority given to services operating in areas experiencing higher levels of vulnerabilities in early years and/or experiencing geographical remoteness. Applications close 5pm Monday, 22nd March.

Another PeakCare competition!

The first person to submit correct answers to the following five questions will win a $50 Coles-Myer gift voucher.  Second and third prize winners will each receive a $20 voucher.
  1. What is PeakCare’s vision statement?
  2. What adjective is used to describe the kind of voice that PeakCare aspires to have in leading, influencing and informing systems, policies, programs and practices that advance the safety and well-being of children, young people and their families?
  3. According to our Strategic Plan, PeakCare believes in and values reconciliation that honours First Peoples of the Land and their rights to what?
  4. The areas of strategic intent stated in PeakCare’s Strategic Plan include (a) Knowledge leadership (b) Thought leadership (c) Value and (d) Organisational capability. What is the area of strategic intent that is missing from this list?
  5. According to PeakCare’s Strategic Plan, what is meant by the term ‘Knowledge leadership’?
Answers to the five questions are to be emailed to

Logan community commemorates 10th Anniversary of the National Apology

On 23rd February hundreds of community members met in Logan City to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the National Apology to the Stolen Generations. The event began with children from Mabel Park State School’s performing traditional dance to a packed house, followed by a spine-tingling rendition of Took the Children Away that brought many present to tears. Read more.

If you have contributions you'd like to donate to the Ice Bank, or know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, please contact Lorraine Dupree.

New research into self-injury and suicide

Suicide, self-harm, and non-suicidal self-injury are complex issues. New research suggests that for more than three quarters of people who self-injure, it is an attempt to cope with highly distressing feelings, and that self-injury can serve to regulate these emotions in the absence of other outlets. Read more about recent findings on self-injury. The recent Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth report shows that suicide is the leading cause of death for young people aged 5 - 17. The authors suggest this is to do with the diverse and compounding stresses faced by children and young people, including cyberbullying, body image issues, financial and housing instability and feeling isolated, resulting in a sense of hopelessness and the inability to envision a positive future. Listen to an interview about the findings with CEO of the National Mental Health Commission, Dr Peggy Brown, who was recognised in the Australia Day 2018 Honours List with an Order of Australia.

Professional Boundaries: Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries
Brisbane - Wednesday, 7th March
Presented by Amovita Consulting

It is important we are aware of our own boundaries, both personal and professional, to ensure we have limits and protection in our role at work. By setting your own boundaries you are stepping into a nice shiny protective suit every time you work with a client in the fi­eld. Are you aware of your own professional boundaries? The aim of this workshop is to enable you to have some time to become aware and develop your own boundary framework as a professional in the fi­eld. Find out more and register.

Tough Conversations in Child Protection 
Brisbane - Tuesday, 13th March
Presented by Parentshop

This workshop helps busy professionals to quickly assess and prepare for tough conversations in situations where a clarity-of-message can make all the difference for vulnerable families. The course will explore how to identify the strengths and deficits in parental caring capacity, comprehensively gather information for holding a factual tough conversation, defuse antagonism during a tough conversation, and identify the important dashboard markers for parents so that everyone has clarity about what is expected. Find out more and register.

Culturally sensitive practice in out of home care 
Brisbane - Monday, 26th March
Presented by The Oasis Centre

This workshop will provide skills for practitioners on culturally sensitive practice in child protection. The aim of the workshop is to build cultural capacity for practitioners supporting culturally diverse children and young people in out of home care, and foster and kinship care placements. Find out more and register.

SaFa Training: Risk assessment in action
Brisbane - Thursday, 29th March
Presented by
Encompass Family and Community

Safety and risk assessments are foundation skills for effective child protection practice, underpinning all decisions about safety and support. This comprehensive workshop uses evidence-based knowledge to develop participants’ understanding of the concepts central to risk assessment in contemporary child protection practice. Beyond a core understanding and skills-base in child protection, this workshop challenges participants to examine how they apply knowledge in practice. Practical exercises, using frameworks which reinforce good quality assessments, enable participants to increase their competence in making comprehensive assessments and defensible decisions. Find out more and register.

Ethical decision-making
Brisbane - Tuesday, 10th April
Presented by AASW

This full-day workshop is designed for ethical conduct and ethical decision making, which are ongoing requirements for all social workers throughout their careers, as stated in the AASW Code of Ethics. The workshop contents are based on current research and literature. Find out more and register.

Overcoming School Refusal
Brisbane - Friday, 1st June
Presented by Compass Seminars

This interactive, one day workshop explores the causes, co-morbidities and treatment of School Refusal in children and young people, along with providing step-by-step plans and strategies for educators, health professionals and parents to identify and address the problem. Combining educational and clinical perspectives, the workshop uses real case studies to demonstrate the varied reasons students disengage from school, and how tailored interventions and return to school plans, can meet the specific needs of individual children. Find out more and register. This workshop will also be held at the Gold Coast on 31st May.


NDS QLD State Conference 2018
Brisbane - Monday, 5th to Tuesday, 6th March

The National Disability Services Queensland State Conference, Finding the Way Forward, will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in 2018. The conference offers the opportunity to listen and participate in discussions on workforce, adaptive practice, marketing, social innovation and financial benchmarking. The conference is also currently offering Masterclasses at no extra cost to the registration fee. Find out more and register here.

What the NCAS is, how it's useful, and what's to come in 2018
Webinar - Wednesday, 7th March

ANROWS, with the support of VicHealth, is hosting a webinar on the National Community Attitudes towards Violence Against Women Survey (NCAS) for those working in the prevention of violence against women in a range of settings, from policy and practice to education and advocacy. The webinar will include an overview of the NCAS and its findings, a discussion of how the survey can be useful in your work through practical examples, information about the exciting changes and new components of the next NCAS, and a Q&A session at the end of the webinar. Find out more and register here.

Legal and practical responses to child abuse, QLD specific
Webinar - Wednesday, 7th March

This webinar by In Safe Hands: Educators in Safety assists educators, organisations and individuals to comply with their National Quality Framework, ACECQA and other legislative requirements and meet duty of care obligations regarding child protection. It is designed to be used for induction of new staff, and as a foundation or refresher course for those who have not completed recent child protection training. Find out more and register here.

Parenting in contexts of family violence and inter-parental conflict:
Implications for practice

Webinar - Wednesday, 14th March

This webinar to be delivered by Child Family Community Australia will explore the implications of recent research on women’s and children’s experiences of family violence and inter-parental conflict. The webinar will discuss impacts of domestic and family violence and inter-parental conflict on parenting capacity and children’s social and emotional wellbeing, and explore the need to develop responses that restore parenting capacity and repair parent–child relationships. Find out more and register here.

NFP State of the Nation Seminar 
Gold Coast - Friday, 16th March

The Australian Charity Guide's Not-For-Profit State of the Nation travelling seminar will explore the current state of the NFP sector, latest trends, techniques and innovations in fundraising, how to develop a marketing strategy, sales in a NFP context to attract donors, staff, volunteers and corporate partners and best practice customer service. The seminar travels around the country and will also take place at Cairns on Friday, 11th May and Brisbane on Friday, 29th June. Find out more and register here.

Bravehearts Hats for High Tea Garden Party
Brisbane - Saturday, 17th March

The annual Bravehearts Hats for High Tea Garden Party charity event is in its fourth year and raises funds for the child protection organisation in an effort to create awareness around child sexual assault. The event will be hosted by Kat and Stav Davidson, from B105. Find out more and register here.

Breaking the Data Silos Conference: Sharing data for bettter policy and service delivery
Canberra - Thursday, 12th April to Friday, 13th April

The Breaking the Data Silos Conference 2018 will bring together public sector, university and non-government sectors to explore the current barriers to effective data sharing and how they can be addressed. Participants will be challenged to think more broadly about the hidden value of data sets, and the possibilities of gathering behavioural insights from the data to get a fuller picture. This conference, focusing on public policy challenges and the potential to use data to solve large and small problems in service delivery, will provide a unique learning opportunity. Find out more and register here.

No More Harm National Conference 2018
Melbourne - Thursday, 12th April to Friday, 13th April

The No More Harm National Conference 2018 at Pullman Melbourne on the Park will consider how to address bullying, harassment and discrimination and other behaviours and attitudes that are harmful to others in the workplace, school yard, social situation, interpersonal relationship or sporting activity with a view to finding solutions. This conference is an ideal platform to exchange ideas and learn more from other professionals, researchers and practitioners that work with individuals, groups and organisations with bullying, harassing or discriminating behaviour challenges and outcomes. Registration is open.

QCOSS State Conference 2018 - Movement for change, play your part
Brisbane - Wednesday, 16th to Thursday, 17th May

The QCOSS 2018 State Conference will ask how we can change the stories we tell ourselves to create the future we want? How do we move our communities closer to creating greater wellbeing by challenging how we talk about the world? The event will explore the current landscape in which we live and work, uncover the big issues and identify the stories that are dividing our community, develop an understanding of the evidence base for change and the current state of play from which we can move forward, explore reforms currently underway, and learn from opinion leaders from different backgrounds and sectors. Find out more and register here.

Association of Children's Welfare Agencies Conference 2018
Sydney - Monday, 20th to Wednesday, 22nd August

The Association of Children's Welfare Agencies Conference 2018 will be held at the International Convention Centre in Sydney. The Conference will provide professional opportunities for input and debate amongst practitioners, policymakers, researchers and academics. Submissions are now open for abstracts of up to 300 words on one of the eight themes (child protection, children’s best interests and needs, early intervention and family support, out of home care (including kinship and foster), open adoption, Aboriginal children and families, organisational innovation and leadership, and research, policy and practice). Abstracts can be submitted here until 30th March.

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Family Therapists x 4 - YFS

YFS is recruiting a new team of Family Therapists to deliver an evidence-based model - Functional Family Therapy - Child Welfare - that has been proven to generate long-term positive change in families where children are at risk of removal into out of home care. The positions are permanent full-time, based in Jimboomba. Closing date for applications is Monday, 12th March. View more information and apply.

Senior Family Therapist - YFS

YFS is recruiting a new team of Family Therapists, including a Senior Therapist, to deliver an evidence-based model - Functional Family Therapy - Child Welfare - that has been proven to generate long-term positive change in families where children are at risk of removal into out of home care. The positions are permanent full-time, based in Jimboomba. Closing date for applications is Monday, 12th March. View more information and apply.

Team Leader, Brisbane Domestic Violence Service - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a full time Team Leader for the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service, based in West End. The Team Leader role is responsible for providing leadership and management to ensure quality and responsive services are provided to women and children experiencing domestic and family violence to ensure their safety at home and in the community, as well as other organisational goals. Closing date for applications is 5pm, Monday 12th March. View more information and apply

Lead Tenant - Mercy Community

The Mercy Community's Lead Tenant program is a way to support young people who can’t live at home and need to start working towards living on their own. A Lead Tenant is a volunteer who lives in a Mercy Community property with up to two young people, and provides support and a positive role model for the young people residing with them. Closing date for applications is Friday, 30th March. View more information and apply.

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