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- Monday, 16 March 2020 -

Late last week, the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women met with PeakCare and colleagues from the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Protection Peak (QATSICPP), Queensland Foster and Kinship Care (QFKC), CREATE Foundation and the Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) to coordinate responses for managing the impact of the coronavirus across our sector. This was the first in a series of meetings that will be regularly held over oncoming weeks and months.

As an outcome of this meeting, actions will be initiated to ensure that advice is frequently and consistently disseminated by each of our organisations as soon as this advice becomes available. This will include announcements made by the properly authorised government spokespersons.

Beyond this, there will be regular dissemination of targeted resource materials, information and requests that are of specific relevance to the delivery of child protection and related services. This will include advice about steps to be undertaken within and across both the Government and non-Government sectors at State-wide, regional and local levels to manage the impact of the virus. These steps will be informed by processes that will be put in place to collect, collate and quickly respond to issues of concern raised by organisations and services throughout the State to assist their planning.


What is required of you now
The speed and accuracy with which information can be collected, conveyed and exchanged, and ill-informed rumours can be quickly quashed, will become critical factors. PeakCare will be making use of our eNews subscription list to disseminate information to as many people as possible, as rapidly as possible.

Chief executive officers and managers are asked to please ensure that ALL your organisation’s staff members including casually employed staff and volunteers have subscribed to eNews.

To subscribe, visit the home page of PeakCare’s website, scroll down and follow the instructions – it takes a few seconds only!

Do not rely on the information being sent to only a few people within your organisation who are then expected to pass it on to others.  This will cause delays to the information being received, or in the event that these people becoming indisposed, prevent its distribution.

It may be anticipated that further advice will be sent out within the next few days. In the meantime, please ensure that all of your staff and colleagues are familiar with the information already posted on this page of PeakCare’s website

This includes resources that have been posted on the page to assist your organisation in developing or reviewing and updating your Contingency and Continuity Planning. It may be anticipated that as time progresses, these plans will need to be further developed and updated. It is unlikely that any organisation or service will be able to deal with the impact of this virus by operating unilaterally. Collaboration will become a necessity.

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