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- Thursday, 26th March 2020 -

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sector Update 

Your attention is drawn to this Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Sector Update released by the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women to non-government organisations involved in the delivery of child protection, family support and related services today.

Please ensure that your organisation carefully reviews the information contained within the statement, all relevant staff receive and consider the update, and it is used to inform your contingency and continuity of service planning – both within your organisation and in collaboration with others.


Message to foster and kinship carers 

Your attention is also drawn to the second Message to Foster and Kinship Carers from Deidre Mulkerin, Director-General, Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. Please check with foster or kinship carers being supported by your organisation that they have received this message.

It is recommended that you review the responses to frequently asked questions from carers now published on the Department’s website. Many of the questions and answers may also be of interest and relevance to you.


Reminders - You are also reminded about certain matters addressed within this week’s edition of our eNews.

How to receive up-to-date and accurate information

If you have not yet made sure that all of your staff and others associated with the delivery of your organisation’s services have become eNews subscribers, do so now. It is an easy way of making sure that they promptly receive up-to-date information (such as the information contained with the Department’s sector update). To subscribe, go to the home page of PeakCare’s website, scroll down and follow the instructions – it takes a few seconds only.

Frank exchange of advice about concerns and solutions

Respond to the invitation to send PeakCare’s Executive Director (  succinctly stated questions, issues of concern, and/ or recommendations about actions that could be taken to improve our sector’s capacity to deal with the impact of the virus. What you send to us will inform our close liaison with the Child Safety Minister Di Farmer and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women. This is an invitation extended to all - no matter what job you have or where or for whom you work.

Talk to us

Respond to the invitation to talk with us and each other at regular intervals via Zoom. If you wish to be invited to participate in these discussions, please email your name, position title, name of your organisation and contact details (email address, phone number/s) to Anushri Bellary ( by no later than 1st April. The arrangements we make for these discussions will depend on the number of people who wish to join in on them.

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