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- Monday, 13 January 2020 -

PeakCare is pleased to release our 2019 Biennial Members’ Survey Report. With 2020 having now commenced, the report is serving as an invaluable resource to both PeakCare and its Board in informing our strategic directions, priorities and operational planning for the year ahead. The report is especially helpful in allowing us to reflect on the past for purposes of informing and shaping our future.

Consistent with previous years in which the survey was conducted, PeakCare purposefully targeted a mix of occupational groups from different sized Member organisations as well as registered Supporters. Once again, we had 100 survey respondents, with 17% of the respondents stating that they held executive leadership roles and 50% stating that they held management positions, with the remaining 33% performing ‘other roles’. 40% of the respondents said that they held state-wide responsibilities with the remaining 60% holding responsibilities specific to a region. Unlike previous years when the survey was administered via telephone interviews, this survey was conducted ‘on-line’.

Once again, PeakCare received an overall satisfaction rating of around 8 on a 10-point scale – 7.91 compared with 7.9 in 2015 and 8.65 in 2017.  Most importantly, the survey allowed us to accumulate feedback on four major areas: firstly, the level of priority PeakCare assigns to certain work activities; secondly, our communication with Members and others; thirdly, PeakCare’s performance in achieving the five areas of our organisation’s strategic intent; and lastly, our Members’ thoughts about the future – things about PeakCare that could be improved and what the organisation should be concentrating on now to better achieve our vision. Thank you to all who responded to the survey. Over oncoming weeks, your attention will be drawn to actions being taken in response to many of the constructive suggestions that we received.

Click here to read the survey report. PeakCare welcomes feedback from our Members and Supporters at all times. As detailed within the report, further feedback or comments about any of the matters raised may be sent to either the PeakCare Board and/or the Executive Director. You are also invited to share your thoughts about the report, by entering a comment here – anonymously if you prefer.

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