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- Friday, 19th October 2018 -

What do you know about the Family Matters campaign? Or the Every Child Campaign? Or Home Stretch? And what do you know about a campaign that is very topical in Queensland currently  – A Human Rights Act 4 Qld? Do you support these campaigns and their agendas? Does your organisation? How do you go about supporting advocacy campaigns or initiating your own advocacy effectively and well?

Attend the Advocacy in Action sessions at PeakCare’s SPEAK OUT: Improving Outcomes through Advocacy Symposium on 21st November 2018 at Riverside Receptions, 50 Oxlade Drive, New Farm and you will find out more about each of the campaigns mentioned above. You will also have the opportunity to explore the ‘art of advocacy’ by listening to an array of speakers and participating in facilitated workshops.

But before you arrive, it may best to give some thought to whether or not you are motivated to advocate, and if you are, what might, if anything, be stopping you.

Details about the symposium program and instructions for registering will be released shortly. In the meantime, book the date into your diary.


Click here to access a poster version of the SPEAK OUT image above.

Click here to obtain copies of other images in the SPEAK OUT series.

PeakCare’s Video – A Milestone Event in the History of Residential Care

A Milestone Event in the History of Residential Care presents vital information about the transition to mandatory minimum qualifications for residential care workers in Queensland. The video delivers a synopsis of what occurred during the workshop for residential care providers co-hosted by PeakCare and the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women on 14th September and provides answers to some of the important questions that were raised.

There have now been around 400 views of the video, but that still falls very short on the total number of over 2,000 residential care workers employed in Queensland. Organisations delivering residential care services are urged to make this video accessible to your staff. It is all about them and their careers - they are entitled to watch it.

Call for ‘Team Leader’ nominations from all residential care providers

All organisations delivering residential care services in Queensland will soon be asked to nominate a ‘Team Leader’ within their organisation to work with us in managing and coordinating the enrolment of their residential care workers in the Hope and Healing e-learning program. As explained in the A Milestone Event in the History of Residential Care video, the Team Leaders (referred to as system coordinators in the video) will play a critical role in ensuring all residential care workers are enrolled and in monitoring their progress through the modules. A description of the role will be sent to all organisations delivering residential care providers along with the request to forward their nominations. Start considering now who might be the best placed person within your organisation to perform this important role.


Children's Week 2018 - taking children's voices seriously

Today is the beginning of Children’s Week (19th to 28th October) - a national celebration of children’s rights, talents and citizenship. Each year the theme of Children’s Week highlights a particular Children’s Right. The theme for 2018 is Article 12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which highlights that children have the right to have a say in matters that affect them, and for their views and opinions to be taken seriously. View the NAPCAN Article 12 poster that explores this particular theme and read more about recent research in Australia which has demonstrated the value of foregrounding children's own views and experiences.

What will a Human Rights Act mean for your organisation?

QCOSS in conjunction with PeakCare and other Queensland community service peaks, will present a free event discussing What will a Human Rights Act for Queensland mean for your organisation? on Wednesday, 28th November at 7am. Hon Yvette D'Ath MP, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice has been invited to present the keynote address. A panel session will follow during which we will hear from community sector professionals about how they believe a Human Rights Act will affect the sector. Panel participants include: Aimee McVeigh, Director, Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign; and James Farrell, Director, Community Legal Centres Queensland. Register to attend.

Increased demand for Foodbank relief shows more families are struggling

The recently released 2018 Foodbank Hunger Report shows four million Australians (almost a quarter of the population) with experiences of food insecurity in the past year – ie. having run out of food and being unable to purchase more – over a quarter of whom are under the age of 19. The findings also show single parent households and those living in regional and remote areas are proportionally much more likely to experience food insecurity. According to the report, three in five single parents experiencing food insecurity (61%) skip a meal at least once a week to make sure there is enough food for their family, and one in three (33%) go a whole day without eating at least once a week. In the Read this week discusses some of the research surrounding poverty and outcomes for children.

Applications closing soon for DFV Prevention Community Grants

Applications for the 2019 Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month Community Grants close midday Friday, 26th October. The Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women is inviting applications for grants of up to $5,000 to hold awareness raising events, projects and activities during Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month in May 2019, especially encouraging applications for events, projects or activities that target people who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex or Queer. Find out more about the grants and how to apply.

Nominations for election to the PeakCare Board close soon

Five Board member positions are to be filled by election at PeakCare's AGM on 21st November. If you or someone you know have what it takes to perform the important role of a Board Director in ensuring the sound governance of PeakCare, lodge a nomination now. Eligibility to be nominated for election to the Board is exclusive to persons employed by organisations that have been PeakCare Members for two years consecutively. Nominations are sought by COB Monday, 5th November

Women and Poverty: an Anti-Poverty Week 2018 conversation

Poverty is a significant issue with over 3 million Australians living in poverty. This equates to the stark reality that in 2018, 1 in 8 Australian adults and 1 in 6 Australian children currently live in poverty. This year, 14th - 20th October is Anti-Poverty Week, a time to reflect on the issue, the causes, the individual and systemic factors at play and the opportunities for resolution. Read more.

If you know of a program, group or organisation that should be In the Spotlight, contact Lorraine Dupree.

Addressing poverty and improving outcomes for children

During Anti-Poverty Week, In the Read will examine some recent research around the relationship between poverty and child outcomes.

The AIFS research paper Low Income and Poverty Dynamics – Implications for child outcomes finds a strong negative association between poverty and a range of indicators for children’s developmental outcomes, including cognitive (particularly in very early years, which has flow-on effects for academic achievement into later childhood – the report demonstrated that both episodic and persistent poverty experienced at 0-1 substantially negatively impacted Year 3 NAPLAN scores, amounting to 23 to 25 per cent of one year of schooling for reading and numeracy), social (the psychological adjustment of children was affected, with those experiencing poverty showing clinically significant problems at a substantially higher rate), and health (pre-existing poorer health outcomes were the strongest predictor of ongoing poor health). The authors argue the costs to children’s development and wellbeing are also likely to be carried into adult life.

The Child Social Exclusion, Poverty and Disadvantage in Australia report widens the lens to examine disadvantage beyond poverty based on income. The report finds that children tend to experience disadvantage across multiple fronts – for example 35% of children living in areas with high risk of social exclusion also experience housing stress, and community risk of child social exclusion tends to persist over time. The key drivers of improvement in child social exclusion are ‘above-average’ improvement in socio-economic family wellbeing, educational attainment, and reduced exposure to housing stress. The AIFS Contexts of Disadvantage paper similarly examines the association between family, neighbourhood and school level disadvantage and children’s cognitive and social outcomes in a broader context and finds that all levels of a child’s community (ie. family, neighbourhood and school) need to cohesively work together to support and improve child outcomes.

Come have a cuppa...Morning Tea for parents
Brisbane - Monday, 22nd October
Presented by Family Inclusion Network

The Family Inclusion Network's Morning Tea for Parents is an opportunity for parents who have/had children in care, have/had intervention with parental agreement, or have been reunified with their children, to share their experiences with others, discuss how they navigated the child protection and out-of-home care systems, and offer support to other parents. The Morning Tea is held once a month on Monday from 9.30am to 11am at Wellspring Coorparoo, 143 Cavendish Road. For enquiries, contact Rebecca by email or phone 3013 6030.

What's going on for our kids? Do labels help or hinder?
Brisbane - Monday, 22nd October
Presented by Act for Kids

The impact of trauma on a child is complex and pervasive, often leading to significant difficulties at home and school. Through exploring trauma and developmental theory, participants will deepen their practical understanding of commonly used labels and be equipped with strategies to nurture children and navigate the systems around them. Find out more and register.


The Ripple Effect: Can Can Cards art exhibition
Brisbane - Wednesday, 24th October

This art exhibition will be the culmination of a year-long intensive art development project titled The Ripple Effect. Seven young artists will showcase their works - all featured on the first issue of can can cards, to be launched by Queensland Deputy Premier, Hon. Jackie Trad. The exhibition will be opened at Substation 5, 45 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba 4pm - 6pm with drinks and canapes provided and entertainment by Tony Dee. View the flyer

Parenting & Enjoying Teenagers
Brisbane - Thursday, 25th October
Presented by BABI Youth & Family Service

BABI Youth & Family Service will be presenting this relaxed, informative and enjoyable 6-week group program for parents and carers of children 10+yrs every Thursday evening from 18th October to 22nd November. Topics covered will include: adolescent development and the challenges of parenting, highlighting and building on strengths, using effective and assertive communication, building your relationship with your teenager, setting limits and boundaries, improving life balance and developing self-care strategies, dealing constructively with anger, and a range of 'hot' topics: sex, alcohol and drug use, driving, social media and more! A special eSafety presentation on keeping young people safe online will occur as part of the series on Wednesday, 21st November. View the flyer for more details, or phone 3393 4176 to register.

Administration Excellence, through supervision, coaching and mentoring
Brisbane - Friday, 26th October
Presented by Amovita International

This supervision training has been specifically designed for supervisors managing and supervising staff in administrative, operational support, and human resource roles. The training offers a unique opportunity for supervisors and managers to develop and hone their supervisory skills, understand the context in which supervision is delivered and how to provide supervision with confidence. The training explores the legal and industrial environment in which supervision is provided. Participants are provided with Amovita's FASE(TM) Front Line/Administration supervision model and resources to ensure supervision is facilitated with confidence. Find out more and register.

Inside Out: Understanding and supporting carer-child relationships in out-of-home care
Brisbane - Wednesday, 31st October
Presented by Compass Seminars

Some children who need love the most, ask for it in the most unloving ways.  This can be particularly true for children in out-of-home care whose complex histories of abuse, neglect and disrupted attachment, often cause them to reject adults who are trying to care and support for them. Making sense of the processes behind their often difficult behaviour can assist professionals and carers to facilitate change and healing. This workshop introduces the Relational Learning Framework (RLF), a case conceptualisation tool which helps out-of-home care practitioners, mental health professionals  and foster carers to examine what foster children have learned in their early life about relationships, particularly through abuse and neglect. Grounded in attachment theory and drawing on cognitive theory this workshop helps practitioners to understand and respond to the challenging behaviour presented by these children and remove barriers to an empathic response. Find out more and register.

DNA: Development 'n' attachment for child protection work
Brisbane - Thursday, 1st November

Presented by Encompass Family and Community

Together, child development and attachment theory form a critical cornerstone underpinning practice across child protection, family support and youth work. This new one day workshop draws on contemporary developments in research and theory to provide a practical working knowledge of child development and attachment for frontline child protection workers.  Participants explore the implications of theoretical concepts for assessment and intervention and consider how to integrate theory with daily practice in their specific role. Find out more and register.

The Forgotten Known Stage 2: Further development of attachment theory in practice
Brisbane - Thursday, 1st November
Presented by Australian Association of Social Workers

Note: Attendance at the first core Forgotten Known workshop is a prerequisite for attendance at this workshop. This full-day workshop is designed for those who wish to further their skills and develop tools for working with clients who have experienced trauma and attachment disruptions. The workshop will also examine how the workers own attachment history and self-knowledge impacts on the client/worker relationship. This is relevant for social workers who have direct contact with clients who have experienced complex trauma and attachment disruptions. The education material in the presentation is based on theoretical knowledge that is gleaned from attachment and trauma experts such as Dan Siegal, Bruce Perry, Bryan Post, Circle of Security and Karyn Purvis. Find out more and register.

Tough Conversations in Child Protection
Brisbane - Friday, 9th November
Presented by Parentshop

This is a one-day course for child protection professionals and family workers to help them to hold the often-challenging conversations with parents in child protection. The workshop helps busy professionals to quickly assess and prepare for tough conversations in situations where a clarity-of-message can make all the difference for vulnerable families. Find out more and register.

National Apology Community Event
Brisbane - Monday, 22nd October

The Prime Minister of Australia, the Hon Scott Morrison MP, will deliver the National Apology to Victims and Survivors of Institutional Child Sexual Abuse at Parliament House in Canberra. The National Apology will be televised live throughout Australia and, in Queensland, the Honourable Di Farmer, Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence will be hosting a free Apology Viewing Community Event in Brisbane for people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. Minister Farmer invites people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse, their families and friends and supporters to share in the Apology.

Let's talk about parenting in a new way that better influences policy
Webinar - Tuesday, 23rd October

This webinar hosted by ARACY will feature guest speaker Annette Michaux, Director of the Parenting Research Centre. Annette will present key findings from research that explored how to change public thinking about parenting, and how to create meaningful and lasting change for families including the wellbeing of children. The research found that there is now a new and extremely powerful master narrative about the importance of parenting. Annette will also outline some top-line tips and tools for communicating effectively about children’s growth and development through parenting support. Find out more and register.

Community Recovery Masterclass and forum
Brisbane - Thursday, 25th October

The third annual Queensland Community Recovery Forum will be held at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. The free event will showcase communities who have journeyed from disaster to resilience and will give you the opportunity to learn and share strategies that build community capacity and resilience. Hear from national experts who have influenced communities to move to a new future. As part of the forum, a masterclass will be held for people working with community groups and agencies. It aims to bring together practical methods to understand what the elements of each community are now and how to engage key stakeholders, individuals and communities in tangible ways to work together in recovering after a disaster. The free, one day masterclass will be held on two days for your convenience - Wednesday, 24th October and Friday, 26th October from 9am-3pm.

2018 ACOSS National Conference
Sydney - Monday, 29th and Tuesday, 30th October

The ACOSS National Conference has been a key event for civil society in Australia for over six decades. Each year hundreds of thought leaders, policy makers, political leaders, social innovators, practitioners, academics, campaigners, community leaders and social justice advocates come together to engage in collective public policy analysis, discussion and debate; identifying challenges and strategising solutions with the view to address poverty and inequality and enhance social cohesion in Australia. At this year's conference dinner ACOSS and HESTA will be co-presenting the Community Sector Awards. Early bird tickets are now available - don't miss out! 

Understanding domestic and sexual violence across migrant and refugee communities
Brisbane - Wednesday, 31st October

This half-day workshop presented by The Oasis Centre will assist practitioners to understand the intersection between domestic and family  violence and its impact on the lives of migrant and refugee women. This workshop will help practitioners acknowledge how culture, ethnicity and religion impact on communities understanding of domestic and family violence, the context of Intimate Partner Violence and the challenges for women in reporting and dealing with this type of abuse, the Influence of gender roles and traditions within migrant and refugee communities, and barriers to accessing support. Find out more and register.

Bystander Action Practitioner Training
Brisbane - Wednesday, 31st October

A free one-day course for new and emerging prevention of violence against women practitioners. This highly interactive one-day course will provide new and emerging preventing violence against women practitioners from a range of sectors with: the role of bystander action in preventing violence against women; the range of best-practice bystander actions, and what actions are appropriate and recommended in different scenarios, depending on the context and the severity of the behaviour; multiple opportunities for participants to build their skills, practice, and confidence in taking bystander action through interactive activities; and an understanding of how participants can support workplaces/organisations to undertake a ‘whole of organisation’ approach to primary prevention. Find out more and register.

Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Conference
Auckland - Sunday, 4th to Wednesday, 7th November

The 2018 Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs (APSAD) Conference program will showcase high quality and state of the art scientific research into treatment, prevention and policy while also providing an opportunity for practitioners to share their latest insights and lessons learnt. The program includes a stream on working with adolescents including a workshop on ‘QuikFix’ a substance use risk targeted brief intervention for young people developed in Queensland. Registrations for the Conference close Sunday, 14th October. 

2018 Youth Health Conference
Gold Coast - Wednesday, 7th to Friday, 9th November

The Australian Association for Adolescent Health and the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association have partnered to host the 2018 Youth Health Conference. This year’s conference theme, “Owning Future Change”, invites young people, clinicians, researchers, educators and policy makers to act now to identify challenges and implement solutions to create real change in the lives and health of young Australians. The 2018 Youth Health Conference is the platform where the latest research findings will be presented with policy and practice recommendations, and where innovative models of care will be showcased. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Youth Health and Sexuality Education and Sexual Health are major themes in this year’s conference. Find out more and register.

Domestic violence intervention facilitator training
Brisbane - Monday, 12th November to Thursday, 15th November

Working effectively with men who have used domestic and family violence requires specialist knowledge and skills. In this four-day intensive workshop hosted by Services and Practitioners for the Elimination of Abuse Queensland (SPEAQ), you will work through a range of ideas and perspectives in domestic and family violence practice, and develop intervention skills to enhance family safety and wellbeing. This workshop is specifically designed to support workers who are developing their skills as men’s DFV behaviour change group facilitators. The workshop will cover topics including: how to have an engaged working culture when working with family violence; engaging with mandated clients; understanding the righting reflex; understanding the various pathways into family violence; mapping and identifying disruption points in patterns of behaviour; therapeutic group work skills; and co-gender facilitation. Find out more and register.

Sexuality and people with an intellectual disability: a sex positive approach
Brisbane - Tuesday, 13th November

This workshop to be delivered by Lud Allen Counselling will explore the meanings that you give to sexuality and specifically the meaning you give to sexual education for people with an intellectual disability. You will identify barriers that exist to supporting clients in meeting their sexual health and relationship education needs. You will use and critique resources specifically made for sexual health education of people with an intellectual disability and explore the benefits of 1:1 education vs small group education and hear how this has been applied successfully in real life scenarios. Find out more and register.

FRSA 2018 National Conference
Cairns - Tuesday, 20th to Friday, 23rd November 

The Family and Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) National Conference is one of the largest annual gatherings of practitioners, academics and policy makers working to support children, families and communities. This year’s theme Be the change: Leaving no one behind is a call to all family and relationship service providers to continue creating better futures for all Australian children, families and communities we serve in the delivery of evidence-informed, collaborative and innovative services. The theme lends itself to a range of areas of exploration and discussion—from outcome measurement and reporting to FRSA’s current investment into seeking how our sector can take a more coordinated prevention and early intervention approach in its service delivery. Pre-conference workshops have now been announced. Find out more and register.

Advancing social work and human services research - Engagement and impact (panel discussion and seminar)
Brisbane - Thursday, 22nd to Friday, 23rd November

As part of an Australian Research Council Discovery Project that is aiming to advance the production, utilisation, and impact of social work research in Australia, two events are taking place. A panel discussion will be held on researcher and industry perspectives about social work and human services research engagement and impact. The panel will feature Michael Hogan, Director General of Queensland Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women who will speak about using research to inform innovation in human services and Michele Robinson, Director Evidence to Action, Australian National Research Organisation for Women’s Safety who will speak about how ANROWS promotes evidence to action. A seminar will also take place that will explore how social work researchers and industry can work together to increase research influence and real-world impact; and how to maximise the benefits that research brings to the community, social policy, human services delivery, and service users. Speakers will include Professor Grahame Simpson, industry representatives on what they look for in research partners and how they want to engage, Professor Christine Bigby on building and sustaining research partnerships, and Professor Mike Fisher on developing infrastructure to increase research impact. Find out more and register.

What will a Human Rights Act mean for your organisation?
Brisbane - Wednesday, 28th November

QCOSS in conjunction with Queensland community service peaks, will present a free event discussing What will a Human Rights Act for Queensland mean for your organisation? on Wednesday, 28th November at 7am. Hon Yvette D'Ath MP, Attorney-General and Minister for Justice has been invited to present the keynote address. A panel session will follow during which we will hear from community sector professionals about how they believe a Human Rights Act will affect the sector. Panel participants include: Aimee McVeigh, Director, Human Rights Act for Queensland Campaign; and James Farrell, Director, Community Legal Centres Queensland. Register to attend.

Healing Our Spirit Worldwide: The Eighth Gathering
Sydney - Monday, 26th to Thursday, 29th November

The International Indigenous Council for Healing Our Spirit Worldwide has invited The Healing Foundation and The University of Sydney to join together to celebrate the strengths of Indigenous peoples across the world. Healing Our Spirit Worldwide – The Eighth Gathering will share the experiences, resilience and challenges confronting Indigenous peoples across the world.

STOP Domestic Violence Conference
Gold Coast - Monday, 3rd December to Wednesday, 5th December

Domestic violence can affect anyone in the community, regardless of gender, sexual identity, race, age, culture, ethnicity, religion, disability, economic status or location. Over the course of three days, the 2018 STOP Domestic Violence Conference will highlight, acknowledge and reflect on the efforts of those who have contributed and set the bar for change. The Conference aims to facilitate policy change, raise awareness and work together to eliminate violence within Australia. Find out more and register.

NFP Financial Leaders Summit
Sydney - Tuesday, 4th December to Thursday, 6th December

In an increasingly complex and constantly evolving environment, NFPs face ongoing challenges in their pursuit to achieve long-term social outcome success whilst remaining financial sustainability. The NFP Financial Leaders Summit is being held on 4- 6 December at the Mercure Sydney. This summit will shed light on key strategies of how to successfully diversify revenue streams and rely less on single source of funding in order to build financial strength. The practical programme will offer insights into: effective strategies for sustainability; proven measures to manage cash flow; balancing commerciality, purpose and sustainability; and developing a strong business model. View the full agenda or see the speakers list for more. Early bird rates apply until Friday, 19th October.

Visit the Events page on our website for other opportunities in the sector. You can also email your professional development opportunities so that we may promote them through future editions of eNews.

Redress Support Worker (Rockhampton) - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a Redress Support Worker to join the National Redress Support Service Team in Rockhampton to provide flexible, timely and transparent practical assistance and emotional support to people engaging with the Scheme. This is a fixed term, part time position with a minimum of 22.8 hours of work available per week, for a period of 12 months (with the option to extend) and is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 4. Find out more and apply. Applications close 5pm Monday, 22nd October.

Redress Support Worker (Townsville) - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a Redress Support Worker to join the National Redress Support Service Team in Townsville to provide flexible, timely and transparent practical assistance and emotional support to people engaging with the Scheme. This is a fixed term, part time position with a minimum of 22.8 hours of work available per week, for a period of 12 months (with the option to extend) and is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 4. Find out more and apply. Applications close 5pm Monday, 22nd October.

Redress Admin Worker (Brisbane) - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a Redress Administration Worker to join the National Redress Support Service Team in West End, Brisbane, to provide reception, administration, communications and operational support to both Redress Services and the Reconciling Histories Program. This is a fixed term, part time position with a minimum of 30 hours of work available per week (M-F, 10.30am-5pm), for a period of 12 months (with the option to extend) and is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 2. Find out more and apply. Applications close 5pm Monday, 22nd October.

Redress Team Leader - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a Team Leader to work within a shared Leadership framework, leading the National Redress Support Service Team to provide appropriate support to people considering and applying to the National Redress Scheme for people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse. This is a fixed term position, 4 – 5 days per week (subject to funding) for a period of 12 months (with the option to extend) and is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 6. Find out more and apply. Applications close 5pm Monday, 22nd October.

Program Assistant (part time), BDVS - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking a part time Program Assistant to work as part of an existing roster within BDVS from 12am – 8am, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with regular opportunities for extra shifts to cover leave. This position is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 2. The principle objective of this role is to develop, maintain and manage administrative systems across the team and will involve some reception functions. Find out more and apply. Applications close 5pm Monday, 29th October.

Support and Advocacy Worker (casual pool) - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is currently seeking Support and Advocacy Workers to join the casual pool. These positions will provide casual relief across several different Micah Projects programs, including: Resident Support Program, Homefront, Street to Home, Brisbane Domestic Violence Service, Coordinated Access Team and Supportive Housing Hope Street. Hours of work for these positions can vary across programs involving weekday, weekend, and night time work across different rosters. Availability across 24 hours/7 days a week is desirable. These positions are casual and are classified under the SCHADS Award 2010 – Level 2. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 31st December.

Director, Strategic Workforce Leadership and Community Education - QFCC

Queensland Family and Child Commission are seeking a permanent, flexible full-time Director, Strategic Workforce Leadership and Community Education located in inner Brisbane. This is an identified role - It is a genuine occupational requirement that this position be filled by an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person. Find out more and apply. Applications close Thursday, 1st November. 

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