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- Friday, 4th October 2019 -

For several weeks representatives from a number of non-government organisations have been meeting to plan Queensland’s version of the Home Stretch Campaign that has already been up and running elsewhere across Australia that has resulted in the Victorian, South Australian, Tasmanian, Western Australian and ACT governments announcing policy reforms in response to the Campaign.

Initiated by Anglicare Southern Queensland, a Queensland Steering Committee has been established and PeakCare’s Lindsay Wegener was very pleased to accept an invitation to co-chair this committee. By now, many eNews subscribers may have already read media reports (Courier Mail, 30th September) or heard radio interviews about Home Stretch. You can regard these reports as a forerunner to what the Steering Committee is planning for a Queensland Campaign scheduled for a public launch in November. Within Queensland, we will be seeking commitments that build on some of steps in the right direction already taken by the Queensland Government, the most recent of which were reported on in our 22nd February edition of eNews under the headline, No Good Parent abandons their child when they turn 18.

Senior representatives of Member organisations interested in rolling up their sleeves and contributing to the work of the Steering Committee are invited to contact Ms Leanne Wood from Anglicare Queensland. For more information about the national Home Stretch Campaign, click here.

PeakCare submission – Child Protection Act amendments

On 27th September, PeakCare lodged our submission to the Department of Child Safety, Youth and Women in response to the discussion paper Rethinking rights and regulation: towards a stronger framework for protecting children and supporting families as part of the Supporting Families Changing Futures family support and child protection reform program. The discussion paper proposed further legislative amendments to the Child Protection Act 1999 as part of the continuing reform program and also sought to incorporate a range of recommendations from more recent reviews, including the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The discussion paper focused on three areas: Reinforcing human rights in the legislative framework; Strengthening the voices of children and young people in decision making; and Reshaping the regulation of care. PeakCare took the opportunity to advocate for additional matters to be considered in relation to legislative reform, including providing young people leaving care with the option of staying in their foster or kinship home (or other accommodation) and other case management supports up to the age of 21 (in line with the goals of the Home Stretch campaign), the need to recognise kinship care as separate to foster care and the need to recognise and support informal kinship carers. Click here to read PeakCare’s submission.

Public submissions invited in reponse to establishment of new legislative child death review model

The Child Death Review Legislation Amendment Bill 2019 was introduced to Queensland Parliament on 19th September with the aim of implementing the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) recommendation of establishing a new, independent model for reviewing child death cases. The Bill proposes to: expand the requirement to conduct an internal systems review following the death or serious physical injury of a child known to Child Safety, to other relevant government agencies involved in providing services to that child; and, establishing a new, independent Child Death Review Board located within the QFCC, responsible for carrying out systems reviews following child deaths connected to the child protection system. Submissions on the Bill from the public and interested stakeholders are invited to be emailed to by midday, Tuesday 8th October. A public hearing at Parliament House on Monday, 21st October. Find out more.

Does your organisation endorse a National Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people?

SNAICC - National Voice for Our Children and the Family Matters Campaign have released a position paper calling for the establishment of a National Commissioner for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people. If you are interested in joining Peakcare in supporting the call for a National Commissioner and endorsing the position paper, email with your organisation’s logo to include in the list of endorsees.

Reframing parenting in Australia

The Reframing Parenting project is a collaborative national research-based project led by Parenting Research Centre helping to reshape the way parenting is thought about and discussed in Australia. The project aims to reframe the parenting experience in order to communicate messages about parenting more effectively and support child development. Research has shown for families experiencing poverty and stress, raising children is like sailing in rough waters. Helping parents with counselling, quality child care and financial support makes sure that they have the lighthouses and safe harbours that they need to navigate these rough waters. View the webinar hosted by Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) for more details on the research, or visit the Navigating Waters website for helpful tips and tools for reframing the parenting experience, especially for practitioners working with families.

e-Learning modules to support implementation of the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations

The Australian Human Rights Commission has developed resources to help organisations implement the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations. A free suite of 11 e-learning modules is now available to help organisations increase their knowledge and understanding of the National Principles as they work toward implementation. Each module will take participants around 20 minutes. The modules are intended to help people working or volunteering in all organisations that engage with children and young people – including organisations of various sizes, across Australia, in all sectors. They provide introductory content as well as links to more detailed resources and practical tools. The modules can be accessed online.

Have your say on preschool funding

An independent review commissioned by federal and state governments is currently being conducted into the funding arrangements that support preschool access for all children in Australia. The review is accepting public submissions via email in response to key questions set out in the Discussion Paper or in response to an online survey. Submissions close Sunday, 6th October.

Young people: from surviving to thriving QFCC regional speakers series

The Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) is holding a free Regional Speakers Series event at Mt Isa on Thursday, 17th October. The Regional Speakers Series is designed to bring respected speakers to the regions so we can take another step forward in improving the wellbeing of Queensland children and young people. Highly regarded clinical psychologist, researcher and author, Andrew Fuller, will be the keynote speaker, discussing the topic Young People: From Surviving to ThrivingGumbaynggirr man and QFCC principal advisor John Gibson will talk about the Families are First initiative which celebrates and explores Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander parenting wisdom, and Principal Commissioner Cheryl Vardon will present on what over 7000 Queensland children and young people have told QFCC about their communities. Find out more and register.

Reflections from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ) annual Leneen Forde Address is named in honour of Ms Leneen Forde AO who led the 1999 Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions. The 2019 address will be delivered by Professor Helen Milroy, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist; Professor at the University of Western Australia; Commissioner with the National Mental Health Commission; Honorary Research Fellow with Telethon Kids Institute; and former Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse. Her work and research interests include child mental health and recovery from trauma and grief, application of Indigenous knowledge, and cultural models of care.  She is a descendant of the Palyku people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Her address will reflect the many learnings from the Royal Commission including the importance of bearing witness, keeping children safe, trauma informed approaches, and competency in mental health systems of care. The Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ) aims to improve interdisciplinary professional collaboration in the child protection system in Queensland. Find out more and register.

2020 Child & Adolescent Mental Health Conference Program now accepting abstract submissions

The Conference Committee for the 2020 Child & Mental Health Conference Program is now accepting abstract submissions for work, research or personal insight in areas of child and adolescent mental health. This is your opportunity to stand alongside fellow mental health experts to discuss the latest research findings, trends, challenges and successes. Abstract submissions must be under 300 words and presenter biographies must be under 100 words. The Conference will be held 30th to 31st March 2020 at Mantra Legends on the Gold Coast. Find out more.

PeakCare Member Survey extended because your feedback is important!

PeakCare has extended the closing date for completing our biennial Member Survey to 21st October and has also increased the number of randomly selected people who have been invited to complete the survey. We’ve done this because the views of our Members are important to us and we want to make sure that every opportunity possible is given to you to submit your feedback. Beyond gaining the satisfaction of knowing that your feedback will be put to good use, all who complete the survey will be eligible to enter a draw for a chance to win one of 6 gift cards (1 x $100 gift card; 2 x $50 cards; and 3 x $20 cards).

If you are not one of the people who has been randomly selected to complete the survey (and enter the draw!), but would like to do so, please email Annika Stehn ( as soon as possible and details about how to complete the survey will be sent to you. Please note that only those who are employed by a PeakCare Member organisation and registered Supporters are eligible to complete the survey and enter the draw. The survey seeks feedback about PeakCare’s priorities, communication, performance and future opportunities. The survey is completed anonymously and reporting on the survey results will not identify respondents. It can generally be completed within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how many additional comments survey respondents elect to enter.

Each week, PeakCare publishes a 'Thumbs Up' and/or a 'Thumbs Down' about matters that have come to our attention and draw either our commendation or condemnation. If there are matters that you think are worthy of one or other of these acknowledgements, email and we will consider publishing them.

Thumbs Up to the initiators and organisers of the Home Stretch Campaign and to the various State and Territory Governments that have responded to the Home Stretch messages. Queensland welcomes the opportunity to join  this campaign and ensure that it is applied in ways that best suit our State’s history, context and needs.

Mandatory Reporting and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect 
Mt Isa - Saturday, 5th October
Presented by NAPCAN

The National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN) is again delivering two free child protection workshops around Queensland. Mandatory Reporting & Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect, is for everyone who works or volunteers with children and young people and their families and is subject to mandatory reporting requirements. Find out more and register for workshops throughout Queensland.

1-2-3 Magic & Emotion Coaching
Brisbane - Tuesday, 15th October
Presented by Parentshop

This one-day training is based on two underlying perspectives on parenting: first, that children can be taught to respond more flexibly when they are frustrated or upset and second, that parents and carers can be taught easy-to-use skills they can use at particular parenting moments. This course equips professionals with the knowledge to teach parents the program over three sessions and/or how to teach the tenets of the program in a few one-to-one clinical sessions. Three recent research studies demonstrate the efficacy of the 123 Magic & Emotion Coaching program in significantly decreasing children’s behaviour problems. Find out more and register.

Focused Psychological Strategies for Social Workers
Brisbane - Thursday, 17th to Friday, 18th October

Presented by Australian Association of Social Workers

This two-day workshop on psychological strategies to support social workers will include theoretical ideas and practical applications including: an overview of mental health interventions, the mind-brain connection, and techniques such as CBT, mindfulness, social and communication skills, interpersonal therapy, and more. Find out more and register.


Reflections from the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse 2019 Leneen Forde Address
Brisbane - Tuesday, 22nd October
Presented by Child Protection Practitioners Association of Queensland (CPPAQ)

The 2019 CPPAQ Leneen Forde Address will be delivered by Professor Helen Milroy, University of Western Australia, Commissioner with the National Mental Health Commission, Honorary Research Fellow with Telethon Kids Institute, former Commissioner for the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, and proud descendant of the Palyku people of the Pilbara region. Her address will reflect the many learnings from the Royal Commission including the importance of bearing witness, keeping children safe, trauma informed approaches, and competency in mental health systems of care. Find out more and register.


First Up: Client response training for administration staff
Brisbane - Thursday, 7th November
Presented by Encompass Family and Community

This workshop equips and supports administration workers in their role of providing ‘first-up’ responses to clients and members of the public who present in person at reception or over the phone. We consider how to interact calmly and safely with people who are presenting in a state of crisis or affected by alcohol or drugs, including how to convey empathy while encouraging the client to contain their anger or upset or behaviour. A workshop for all admin workers who may be ‘first-up’ in responding helpfully in difficult situations or helping to de-escalate potential crises. Find out more and register.

Accidental Counsellor Training
Brisbane - Wednesday, 13th November
Presented by Amovita

This presentation has been designed for individuals who are not employed in the role of a trained counsellor. This training will assist participants when they find themselves in a counselling role by accident. The training explores key counselling techniques, how to respond to others in stressful situations and how to interact or communicate when someone has experienced a traumatic event or is in crisis. The training also explores how to reduce the impact of stress in an accidental counsellor role and the importance of debriefng and self care. Find out more and register.

Voices in Action Conference 2019
Melbourne - Thursday, 14th to Saturday, 16th November
Presented by CREATE Foundation

95% of previous attendees either agreed or strongly agreed that the ideas shared at the event would help improve the out-of-home care system. The 2019 Voices in Action Conference will provide an in-depth exploration of three key issues identified by children and young people with a care experience as fundamental to improving the out-of-home care system, with the wisdom of lived experience. The discussion will focus on: how to include young voices in decision making processes; how to support and improve outcomes for young people transitioning from care; and the need to improve complaints processes for children and young people. The conference format will feature a daily keynote address from inspirational thought leaders in the care system, followed by a series of interactive, workshop style sessions focused on applying the insights of young people, carers and professionals to some of the key issues facing our sector. Carers, professionals and sector leaders must attend for a fresh grassroots approach to garnering insight into what works in out-of-home care. The full program is now live, so be quick to secure your place at this game-changing conference and elevate the voices of children and young people in care. Find out more and register.

Key Skills in Family Therapy
Brisbane - Thursday, 28th to Friday, 29th November

Presented by Compass Seminars

Do you want to work more confidently and effectively with families? Do you know how to troubleshoot when treatment gets “stuck”? This workshop explores systemic approaches to family work. This two-day workshop is aimed at practitioners who work with children, young people, adults, couples, families, and/or organisations supporting clients with mental health issues. This workshop aims to introduce participants to core Family Therapy concepts and broaden practitioners understanding of how to view “the client’s problem”, as well as provide practical skills and interventions for use with the client groups with which they work, built on theoretical constructs from systemic, structural, solution focused and narrative family therapy models to teach core thinking and interviewing skills in family therapy. It makes complex theory easy to grasp and the related techniques easy to implement. Find out more and register.

The future of national child and family wellbeing policy
Brisbane - Wednesday, 9th October

With the National Framework due to conclude in 2020, your ideas are needed on directions for a successor national child and family policy agenda. This free three-hour workshop hosted by the National Coalition on Child Safety and Wellbeing will be facilitated by Dr Brian Babington, CEO of Families Australia, and Convenor of the National Coalition. Workshop outcomes will form an important part in building a vision and plan to succeed the National Framework. All registered participants will be provided with a short background paper and focus questions prior to the workshop. Find out more and register.

Changing Lives, Changing Communities
Mackay - Wednesday, 9th to Thursday, 10th October

Come along and work together at this forum hosted by QCOSS, taking your place to drive change in your community. Across Queensland, communities are looking to work together to make a difference, to create a place where everyone contributes, matters and belongs. You are invited to come along to work with your neighbours and colleagues to make your community the best it can be. This is an invitation to come along and work together, taking your place to drive change in your community. Find out more and register.

State Volunteering Conference
Brisbane - Thursday, 10th to Friday, 11th October

Volunteering Queensland's State Volunteering Conference provides a great opportunity for your professional development to grow your knowledge as a leader. The conference will equip you with valuable strategies and good practices to maximise the contribution of your volunteers, enhance the impact of your volunteer program, and advance your cause. The conference is designed to unite, invigorate and challenge Queensland volunteering practitioners. Find out more and register.

Working with parents affected by alcohol and other drug use: Considering the needs of children in practice
Webinar - Wednesday, 16th October

This webinar by Child Family Community Australia (CFCA) will discuss how practitioners working with parents where AOD use is a presenting concern can engage parents in having child-focused and parent-sensitive conversations. It will examine how these conversations can identify and strengthen protective factors and improve immediate and long-term outcomes for children’s social and emotional wellbeing. Find out more and register.

Policy and Advocacy 2-Day Intensive
Townsville - Wednesday, 16th to Thursday, 17th October

This two-day intensive workshop by For Purpose will provide for purpose professionals with the opportunity to work alongside like-minded individuals to develop the critical skills required to navigate the policy development process and make change happen. Participants will learn how to to develop tailored advocacy strategies for their organisations with innovative tactics to achieve your desired policy outcomes. The workshop has been developed for people working in the not-for-profit of for purpose sector. It is for anyone seeking to influence government, particularly people working in policy, advocacy, government relations and communication roles. Find out more and register.

2019 OPEN Symposium
Melbourne - Friday, 18th October

The Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare will hold the 2019 OPEN (Outcomes, Practice, Evidence Network): Voices that Matter Symposium at the Melbourne Arts Centre. As practitioners strive to build the evidence base and strengthen practice across child, youth and family services, it is vital that the voices that matter – the voices of children, young people and families – are prioritised. During the Symposium, attendees will have the chance to hear from colleagues, experts and international guest speakers on successful programs and partnerships, learnings and challenges, innovative tools, and new initiatives. Early bird tickets are available until Saturday, 14th September. Find out more and register.

Frontline Mental Health Conference
Townsville - Sunday, 20th October to Tuesday, 22nd October

This three-day conference held by the Australian & New Zealand Mental Health Association focuses on supporting the mental health care of Australian and New Zealand first responders, veterans, soldiers, NGO workers and volunteers. For frontline workers, it's time to put yourself first: find out how to seek help, manage your mental health and support colleagues in need. By breaking the stigma in seeking help, you can create great change for yourself and your fellow frontline workers. The Conference Committee has sourced some of Australia’s most influential experts in mental health, experienced in providing specialised service and support to workers regularly exposed to disaster, emergency, stress and trauma. Find out more and register.

Introduction to the Anti-Discrimination Act
Brisbane - Wednesday, 23rd October

The Anti Discrimination Commission is now known as the Queensland Human Rights Commission (QHRC). The QHRC will be offering training sessions around Queensland's new Human Rights Act, including in Brisbane. The Introduction to Anti-Discrimination Act training course provides a basic introduction to the key elements of anti-discrimination law in Queensland. No previous knowledge is needed. Find out more about the training. Sessions are available in other cities throughout the state.


Parent Morning Tea
Brisbane - Monday, 28th October

Parents who have child protection experience are welcome to this free monthly morning tea hosted by Family Inclusion Network South East Queensland to chat with other parents about how they navigated the child protection, legal and out-of-home care systems and hear how they gained support, addressed their child protection concerns, and became more included in the lives of their children. The Morning Tea is for parents who: have / had children in care, or have / had an intervention with parental agreement, or been reunified with their children. For more details, contact Becky on 3013 6030 or Find out more and RSVP.

NDIS Six Years On: Insights from the Hunter
Brisbane - Wednesday, 6th November

CSIA is bringing speakers from the Hunter region – a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) pilot area – to share their experiences, insights, what they have learned and what they wish they had known. Being three years ahead of the rest of the roll out they have learned a lot. Tickets are limited so organisations are advised to get in quick. The speakers will cover culture and finance, new business models, how to prepare for National Quality and Safeguarding, as well the chance to engage further with speakers in an interactive session at the end of the day. Find out more and register.

Blue Card Services information session
Brisbane - Wednesday, 6th November

This is a general information session which provides an overview of an employer/business operator’s obligations under the blue card system and an opportunity to clarify any issues regarding the blue card application or assessment process. Find out more and register.

Transition to Adulthood Month Launch
Brisbane - Tuesday, 7th November

November is Transition to Adulthood (T2A) month. It is a month to highlight the needs of young people as they make the journey from the care system to adulthood, experiencing positive outcomes along the way. CREATE will be hosting the free Transition to Adulthood Month Launch at The Old Museum in Bowen Hills, Brisbane. The event will feature a presentation, speeches, performances, virtual reality tent, resource stalls, inflatables and much more. RSVP to the event and visit the CREATE website for more information on T2A and how you can get involved in supporting young people transitioning to success.

ACOSS National Conference 2019
Canberra - Tuesday, 26th to Wednesday, 27th November

Early bird tickets are now available for the ACOSS National Conference 2019: Harnessing Community through Effective Action. The Conference will focus on a number of cross-cutting themes, including: how can we harness the power of local community action to influence national policy debates? How should we speak about poverty and inequality to galvanise action, while empowering those who are excluded? How do we bridge the divide between urban and rural communities to deliver better policy outcomes for all? Register before Wednesday, 31st July to secure your place at a discounted rate! Find out more and register.

National Social Role Valorisation Conference 2020
Brisbane - Friday, 27th to Saturday, 28th March 2020

The first ever Australian Social Role Valorisation Association (ASRVA) national conference will be held in Brisbane in 2020. The vision of ASRVA is that all people, including those that are marginalised and disenfranchised, are enabled to be perceived positively and have good lives. The foundation of social role valorisation (SRV) is a sense of social justice, leadership development, and working for change with individuals, services, systems and citizens. The ASRVA Conference will be reinforcing the spirit of a community of practice through a mixture of speakers, discussion and activities, and will be grounded, focussing on application, and using a range of activities and styles to better match varied learning preferences. View the date claimer, follow ASRVA on Facebook or contact to be kept updated on Conference news and be notified when registrations open.

Visit our Events page for further opportunities in the sector.

National Policy and Research Manager - CREATE Foundation

CREATE is seeking a full time National Policy and Research Manager based in Spring Hill, Brisbane. This is a leadership role within the organisation and is responsible for leading the Influencing Stream and Committee. The role is required to be involved in providing input into the strategic direction of the organisation and has shared responsibility for implementing the Strategic and Operational Plans. Find out more and apply. Applications close Thursday, 17th October. 

Men's DV Offender Program Facilitator - Micah Projects

Micah Projects is seeking sub-contracted facilitators for the delivery of the BDVS Men’s Domestic Violence Offender Program. Facilitators must possess a Level 2 Facilitator requirement under the Professional Standards of Practice - working with men who perpetrate domestic and family violence or have the ability to obtain this requirement. Programs are held Monday afternoons and Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings for three hours. The sessions comprise an hourly rate of $60 plus 20% loading to cover sub-contractor responsibilities. Find out more and apply. Applications close Monday, 21st October.

DV Specialist Workers (Casual, Rostered) - BDVS, Micah Projects

The Brisbane Domestic Violence Service (BDVS) as part of Micah Projects is seeking casual DV Specialist Workers for the roster pool. This position is an after-hours crisis response to domestic violence and is responsible for providing a crisis response to individuals who have been referred to Safer Lives as victims of domestic violence primarily by DV Connect and Queensland Police. In order to be considered for this position you must be able to work at short notice, overnights and weekdays. This is position is classified under the SCHADS Award at a Level 2. Find out more and apply

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