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Mission Update  |  July 2013   |  Issue #16

Dear Supporter,

In this update we have the latest Mission Action, and a new Mission Tip. It also includes updates about the Lenten Appeal, Kerina Evangelists' College in Papua New Guinea, news from Jerusalem and Egypt, and more!

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New Mission Action Out Now!
Featuring stories from the Chistchurch and Waikato & Taranaki Missions Festivals, from AAW Overseas & Outreach, new NZCMS Mission Partners Nick & Tessa, Te Tai Hauauru's visit to Melbourne, and Bruce & Catherine report back on their Golden Oldies experience.

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Mission Tip #3


The most important thing you can do as a supporter of missions is to continue to be inspired. Here are a few easy ideas on how to boost your inspiration over the next few months.

  1. Go to a Missions Festival.
    These are free/koha events that our Church Support Officer, Rev Mike Hawke, is organising with your local Diocesan Missions Group. Christchurch and Waikato & Taranaki Festivals were earlier this year and were thought provoking and inspiring. If you missed one, see if you can make it to one of these upcoming ones:
    • Waiapu - 17th August 2013
    • Wellington - 28th September 2013
    • Nelson - 21st to 27th October 2013
    • Auckland - 16th November 2013
    • Dunedin - TBC
  2. Download a copy of Inspire: a guide to mission focussed motivating.
    Originally designed for Mission Motivators, this resource is available to all who would like some new ideas and checklists to make sure you're doing the best job you can in motivating people for mission. Even if you're not a Mission Motivator, but you're keen to inspire others, download a copy!
  3. Like us on Facebook.
    We post little stories and prayer requests about missions that never reach our website or publications onto our Anglican Missions Facebook page.
  4. Get a "Rev Up" by our Church Support Officer.
    Rev Mike is available to visit your parish - but he books up fast! Get in contact to see if he's free to come and "Rev Up" your Church for missions!

Remember that once you're inspired - make sure to do something to pass on your inspiration to others. This could be anything from organising an event, to simply discussing Missions with a friend, or drop us a note to tell us what you have been doing - perhaps your idea could inspire someone else around the country.

"Your life is your message to the world, make sure it's inspiring!"

Emma Gallagher
Communications Officer, Anglican Missions

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Golden Oldies Mission 2013

After the success of the 2012 Golden Oldies Mission, its back on for 2013 to Fiji. Aged 60 years+? Why not come on this 9-day mission experience and visit a variety of mission and church projects. These include an orphanage, re-housing projects for squatter communities, clean water projects, Woman’s groups, visiting new ‘churches’ planted in remote villages; and a couple of days R&R at a tourist resort to finish. Tour departs mid-August.

For more information contact:  |

Lenten Appeal Update

Wow! $36,500 has been donated to our Lenten Appeal! We're incredibly humbled by the response so far.

Recently we distributed some of the funding to ensure these ministries could continue their work. We sent:
  • $12,665 to the Diocese of Aipo Rongo for their Transit House.
  • $6,607 to each of the projects in the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East (Tech for Kids and Ordinands Training).
If you haven't donated yet but would like to, you can donate by cheque or bank deposit. We would appreciate if all funding could reach us by the 31st of July 2013.


Write the cheque out to: 
Anglican Missions
Post to: Anglican Missions, PO Box 12-012, Thorndon, Wellington 6144

Include a note with your details and which projects the funds are be directed to.

Bank Deposit

Account Number: 02-0585-0001796-00
Account Name: Anglican Missions Board
Particulars: What you wish to donate to
Code: Your name/Parish name part 1
Reference: Your name/Parish name part 2
If you are completing a bank deposit/internet banking transfer please contact us by email to with the amount, the reference you included with your deposit, and where the funds are to be directed.

Select a 2013 Project

Need a focus to encourage mission giving in your parish? Have a look at our website for the projects for 2013 then get in contact with us for help promoting it!


Have you considered supporting missions in your will? Bequests bless the work of mission for generations to come. Find out more about leaving a bequest »


"Why is there a stamp in the biscuit tin?" and other such brilliant lines are often heard around the office on occasion as stamps escape the bags and boxes that are donated to us while being sorted. The total to date raised from stamps in 2013 is now over $7000. Thanks everyone!

Tips on trimming and sorting stamps are found here.

Updates from our Partners

Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea

PDF - New Beginnings for Papua New Guinea - New Archbishop and General Secretary
Anglican Missions warmly congratulates the new Archbishop elect of the Anglican Church of Papua New Guinea (ACPNG), the Rt Rev Clyde Igara, and the new General Secretary of the ACPNG, Mr Samson Chicki. Read more about these appointments in the press release from ACPNG here»

Photos - Kerina Evangelists' College
Situated in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea at Tsendiap in the remote Lower Jimi, Kerina Evangelists’ College is a centre for the training of catechists.
Read more about Kerina ➨


If you’ve been reading NZCMS’s Interchange you’ll have heard about some of the latest news about new and returning Mission Partners. You can sign up to get regular news from NZCMS on their website

  • The school term has just finished for our Mission Partners based in Tanzania at Canon Andrea Mwaka School. The Hookings family are now finishing their time in Tanzania. Please pray for all the staff and students, particularly for Vicki, Alistair, Emma, Matthew and Jonathon as they farewell friends, classmates, fellow staff and students.
  • NZCMS short-term Mission Partner Anna Tovey has been making the most of her time in Australia by spending time with different rehab ministries. In her latest blog she asks the question: is there a place for people other than ex-addicts to work in rehab ministries? Find out the answer:
  • NZCMS short term Mission Partner Chris Carey-Smith left for Thailand in June. Chris will be spending time teaching at a school on the Thailand/Burma border.
  • Mission Partners Nick and Tessa Laing just flew out to Uganda. After settling in Nick will be working as a volunteer doctor at Lacor Hospital and Tessa will begin to form relationships with her local community.
  • Mission Partner Joanna Frampton is finishing up her work on the latest VITAL project (translation work) in Papua New Guinea. She is preparing for a busy July where she will be helping to check the books of James and Revelation in the Sudest language.

Diocese of Egypt, Horn of Africa,
and North Africa

Mabruk ya Misr
04 July 2013 - A message from Bishop Mouneer
"At last, Egypt is now free from the oppressive rule of the Muslim Brotherhood! The Armed Forces took the side of the millions of Egyptians who demonstrated in the streets since the 30th of June against President Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood. The Armed Forces responded to the invitation of the people to intervene and force the President to step down at the request of the people of Egypt." more»

Egypt is on the edge of...?
01 July 2013 - Statement from Bishop Mouneer Anis, Anglican Diocese of Egypt
"The situation in Egypt is very serious. I do not know where this situation will take us. I feel that Egypt is at the verge of violent demonstrations, another revolution, or civil war. We do not know what is going to happen, but we know that we are at the edge of something drastic." more»

PDF - Message from Bishop Mouneer
"The situation in Cairo is very sad for us as a Christian community. On Friday 6 April 2013, sectarian clashes erupted once again, this time in El Khosus, in the outskirts of Cairo. The story, according to the director of the police, started by a 12-year old Muslim boy drawing graffiti on the wall of an Islamic school..." download»

PDF - March Newsletter
In this edition: A word from Bishop Mouneer, a word from Bishop Grant, the Imam-Priest Exchange, St. Saviour's and St. John's, Building Churches in Ethiopia, the Alpha Marriage Conference, Bishop Mouneer's visit to the UK, Visitors & Prayer Requests, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Events of the Diocese, and Medical Outreach. Read the newsletter here»

Diocese of Jerusalem

Event - St George's College Jerusalem Alumni Meeting
Auckland - Meet the Dean - 5th August 2013
On Monday 5th August come along to St Chad's Meadowbank for the opportunity to meet with the Dean of St George's College, the Reverand Graham Smith. 7.30pm at St Chad’s Meadowbank, Auckland. For further details please contact

PDF - June News from the Diocese of Jerusalem
"June has been a very busy and truly productive month! God's grace has been abundant! It is always with genuine anticipation that I attend the graduation ceremonies of our Anglican schools as I am encouraged by the extraordinary dedication of the teaching staff and the brilliance of the students. Our work to sustain the Diocese's important ministry of education is made all the more worthwhile when seeing young people, many of whom are Muslim youth, graduating from our schools ready to fulfill their dreams and make a positive contribution to their community and the wider world..." download»

Kailakuri Health Care Project

PDF - Kailakuri Health Care Project Newsletter - April 2013
Health care for the poor is never self-sustainable if the poor are truly poor. 
"Working at Kailakuri and building relationships with many who are truly poor, my impression is that those ready to be a drain on society are very few compared to those wanting to work and study hard to better their lives but are blocked through various circumstances." Read more»

Mission Talk - Our Blog
Recently we started a blog by Anglican Missions staff and friends. Read our recent posts here and like us on Facebook to find out when it is updated.

Eucharistic Antiques
Thanks for the gift, Trevor! - by Rev Mike Hawke - 5 June 2013
There are all sorts of ways to support overseas missions and Anglican Missions (AMB). While in Nelson; I met a friend of AMB, the Rev Trevor Squires (photo). As well as being an Anglican Priest, Trevor is an amateur antiques expert and dabbles in a bit of buying and selling. He has a particular interest in "Eucharistic" icons; chalice,pattens, cloth etc... more»
Rubbish or Mission?
Seddon Parish Fundraises for Missions - by Canon Robert Kereopa - 5 June 2013
When I was in the Marlborough district last month, I was fascinated to see how the Seddon Parish raises funds for Missions while providing a civic service at the same time. They collect Rubbish for more»

Looking Up, Looking Beyond
The 2013 Christchurch Missions Festival - by Rev Mike Hawke - 4 June 2013
280 voices singing “How can we sing the lord's song in a strange land” opened the first missions festival held at St Christopher's Avonhead church in Christchurch on the 25th of May 2013. Bishop Justin Duckworth from Wellington wowed the crowd with his stories, humour, and challenges regarding the importance of partnerships in overseas mission. A drama followed with people doubling up in laughter... more»
That's all for now!

Blessings from the team at Anglican Missions
Robert, Mike, Jane, Janet, Leanne, Glen, and Emma 
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