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rATMann’s March Libra Full Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The March Libra Full Moon occurs on 28 March at 2:49PM EDT and is a sling shape, all pointing towards (or from) the Libra Worm Full Moon, as you can easily see from the enclosed chart. The positive and potent conjunction of Sun and Venus is interrupted by Chiron in between, which means that healing and woundedness are primary foci of this coming period of weeks. Overcoming grief and learning to get out of our own way in loving healing is the key here, which I know and feel myself now, so it is a good reminder to happen so near the opening Spring Equinox.

The Libra Moon always wants to integrate and balance things, so here is our opportunity to make the imbalances of the recent past quite literally “a thing of the past” and let them go. Our feelings are strong now, yet also contradictory and scattered in various ways, so the sense of focus is prime. As the solar trio is in early Aries, whatever is happening now is triggering all kinds of repercussions and feels extremely personal in all ways, whether we logically “know” it does, or not. The Aries planets on the ninth cusp show conceptual moves and reactions can be quite strong and beyond our “control” so we aware of that as a major factor now.

Other planets such as Neptune/Mercury and Uranus are also involved in this complex shape, so the public reactions are likely to be quite strong now, whether we are ready of not. Mercury/Neptune tells us that our thoughts might be foggy now, and to question everything and be aware of our feelings being manipulated, however it is important to allow ourselves to feel deeply now, whatever the stimulus, as a kind of release we have been holding inside for ages, throughout the pandemic and its implications. And Uranus in the stable Taurus on the Midheaven keeps things secure in a new way and our higher instincts are especially essential at this time to ground things properly. 

There is also an airy grand trine, an equilateral triangle, composed of the Moon, Saturn in Aquarius and Mars/Node in Gemini. This energetic group is quite contradictory in that it compresses and limits as well as creating the “fight and flight” dynamic of Mars on a more collective Nodal level. Once again, as the trio of Sun, Venus and Chiron are also involved as the arrow of the bow and arrow shape, you can expect lots of tension, necessary and difficult choices, and also testing situations to occur at the full moon gets closer to full.

As Mars/Saturn is also the “death axis” according to the German astrologer Ebertin, we are looking at the results of strange and irrational choices quite often now. Soul connection is key and intense, while we want release from recent difficulties as well.

Pluto lurks in Capricorn and forces us to be realistic and pragmatic despite all the emotional turmoil in operation now, yet its role is diminished by the emotional weight we are already carrying, in our work as well as in our health.

Jupiter is also a kind of wild card now in the seventh house of partnerships and so we need to depend upon our allies at this point and if they are not engaged at this point, we should either invite or force them to do so. This type of oblique dependency is typical of this time, and although we think we don’t need it, it becomes obvious that we need to pay homage to the forces that be, and show a positive face to the world whatever is going on out there, even when it is tragic or fatalistic. 

I am finally able to do readings, so if you have been waiting, do be in touch and this coming week could start things off as I feel much better, have more energy, and am focused in a positive way at this point.

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March Libra Worm Full Moon
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