Autumn sunset over the Catskills with the Scorpio Sun peeking out.
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ATMann’s October Scorpio New Moon Astrology Newsletter

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The 27 October Scorpio New Moon happens at 11:38 PM EDT (a week before the reversion to EST), and it should be an important one as the luminaries are directly opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus, the sign of its fall, indicating a lack of adaptability and accountability, two trends that we can literally feel happening around us now. Change is in the autumn air, reflected in the amazing colors of the leaves in the northeast as they die and begin to transform, which indeed is the nature of this time of the year. There is a mystic and beautiful beauty to such transformation, and we should connect with it if we can..

With Sun and Moon, Mercury and Venus all in conjunct pairs in Scorpio, it is a time for going inside, for approaching the inner processes that we see the periphery of now and understand that for many reasons it is the beginning of a highly spiritual time of the year. We focus our energies on our deeper work, on the cores of our logic and contact pure spirit. It is a meditative time for sure, and perfect for withdrawing to do those tasks that require our inward being to shine, for quiet and healing, and withdrawing from the outward in favor of the inner aspects of our live. Relationships become deeper and more profound, and we compensate by living within.

The addition of Uranus to the luminary mix brings an unpredictability and randomness, which while making things more exciting, also introduces a randomizing factor, which is about to rear its head, although the fact that Uranus is in the eminently stable sign of its fall Taurus, even though it is in a difficult position there, means that things are unlikely to get too far off base. A little tweak to that is the inconjunct aspect of the storyteller of our woundedness the asteroid Chiron into the mix, and this indicates that many of us are being deeply wounded throughout these shenanigans, where natural controls on presidential authority are being challenged every day and it suspiciously looks like there is little backbone to resist this force. The perpetrator and his followers are oblivious of the implications of these actions and it is alarmingly a first step toward fascism, as I noted in my article just before the 2016 election. This is a huge danger and must be checked for all of our sakes, otherwise we are heading toward a much crazier time in the near future. 

As always, Neptune, the planet of the seas, remains polluted and toxic to an extreme degree, making even the news an accomplice and bending “truth” constantly, so the Neptunian influences make even obvious issues obscure, and especially when in connection by an exasperating quincunx, and the resultant confusion is an issue in personal as well as more collective situations. Neptune’s aspect to the angry Mars in its fall Libra means that anger results from betrayals of confidence, and even this is exaggerated because of the square to the pervasive South Node, Saturn and Pluto conjunction all in the controlling Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. This configuration is intense and dangerous as Pluto forces structures to disintegrate and lose their integrity in the process — what take centuries to create can be dissolved quickly with these voluble conditions. And the introduction of the nodal axis means that there is a collective loss of faith that creates a chaotic situation all around. The storyteller of our woundedness Chiron is also in the hidden and obscure Pisces, making for a doubling of such misleading influences and the general sense that such goings-on also create deep injury to many right thinkers. Chiron is a force that makes us vulnerable to emotional chaos, which we now see every day.

The references to the rulerships and falls of planets is an ancient practice of determining where each planet is strongest or weakest, and there is a clear striation going on now with Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune in their ruled signs, and Venus and Mars in their detriment, and Uranus and the Moon in their signs of fall. It is a crazy mixed bag of combinations.  

With Mercury and Venus about to leave Scorpio and conjunct each other, and as this conjunction connects to many of the other planets in the chart, it shows that ideas now are only accepted when they are accompanied by equivalent feelings, meaning that emotions play a major role in current circumstances. There are strong emotions around, and they lie deep within, so when they emerge it is powerful and intense. Long held beliefs also figure into how many feel, so there is a likelihood that irrationality will be dominant.

Jupiter is in its sign Sagittarius and brings a lightness to things, luck and good fortune are key, although the square to Neptune shows that speculations are less likely than usual to work and being overly optimistic is unrealistic now. Speculations are unlikely to work out well although not for lack of inspiration, which is burrowing underground at this time. Since Jupiter is at the midpoint of Venus and Pluto it bodes well for love adventures as deeper feelings continue to run high and bring us into their sphere of influence.

I am available for astrology readings these days, especially due to the polarization of our world and its influence on us all, so if you are puzzled or curious, do give me a ring for a Life Time reading, a One Year Update, a quick Mandala Astrologica

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The Scorpio New Moon is doubly intense as it lies near the midnight point and there are many challenging squares to work with.
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