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Boss man Andy’s missus got a ‘new’ second hand car the other week (old one was well past its sell by date, amongst the various problem, a suspected turbo failure!) Jill was devastated when arriving back to her new pride and joy after her first shop at Tesco’s to discover that another vehicle had kissed the front bumper whilst she was in the supermarket. When Andy got home that evening he was pleasantly surprised to see that the meal awaiting his consumption was his favourite dish as it was not what Jill had said it would be, there was a dessert to follow and as a bonus a freshly poured Jack Daniels and coke was awaiting his attention. Not that Andy is at all suspicious but he did then wonder why the family car was facing bows in and not out as per usual. All was revealed five minutes later when one of his young daughters, after being dropped off after gymnastics, comes running in and asks her daddy if he was still cross with the nasty person who had scraped mummy’s car! Dinner consumed he popped out to inspect the damage and after running his hand over the bumper realised that it was only surface damage and not as bad as it looked. In the works van parked alongside the car was a tub of Vistal and 10 minutes later, after using the product and of course a modicum of elbow grease, the bumper was once again immaculate. Andy went upstairs where Jill was reading the girls a bed time story and said "sorry, but are you pulling my leg as I can't find any damage on the car, now tell me what has really happened!" 

Vistal Hard Surface Natural Cleaner 500g
Not only is Vistal excellent for keeping the peace, it can of course be used with confidence and gives excellent results on GRP, alloy and painted wood. It’s also great for polishing stainless cookers, in fact most surfaces both inside and outside on a boat. Use Vistal to bring your tender up to scratch, it’s great for using on PVC or Hypalon and is one of the few products that works well on Topper dinghies. Vistal also has many uses in the house; it cleans and polishes UPVC windows and doors, refreshes grouting between tiles, is great as a cleaner/polish for cleaning your AGA, removing dirty scuffs from emulsion painted walls and of course when  purchased it can be set against the household budget instead of the boat’s!
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