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Happy Spring from Touching In!
Pacifica Beach, Califonia

Touching In's Spring Special

10% off all sessions in April!

How do you "touch in" to yourself?  Given the instability and chronic urgency of our time, how are you taking care of yourself? Is it something you think about? Something you fit in when you have time? Or something you wish you could do, but don't know when or how it will happen?

I’ve come to see self-care as part of the infrastructure, or web, of my life. If I have more than one form of self-care to rely on, I'm much less likely to fall apart  when a storm comes. The more conscious my self-care strategy is, the more resilience, stamina and therefore flexibility I bring to all aspects of my life.

In April, I invite you to think about your self-care strategy. What are you already doing to take care of yourself? And, is there anything you can add that will create more stability and, thus, vitality to your life?

I'd love to explore the topic of self-care with you further, I hope to see you soon!

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