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Dog Toys and Play Issue

Tip of the Month: Does playing tug with a dog cause aggression?
Additional Articles: Training tip – Chase game with kids and dogs | The benefits of play for dogs | Are your dog’s chew toys safe? 
Introducing our new Power Tugs Natural Fiber Dog Tug Toy:  We improved our tug toys and gave them a name to match. 
Ask The Trainer Book Updated: New questions and answers added.
Join us for nature walks at our farm: dates and details here.
Calendar and Group Class Schedules: Upcoming Classes in Southwest Littleton & Castle Rock/Sedalia | Upcoming events at The Light of Dog Farm.
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We have our new sign at our main driveway so people can see us more easily from the road.  It took a while to make it, with the tracing, routing, painting and staining, but we are happy with the way it came out.  So if you visit us at the farm, look for this sign. 

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Like The Light Of Dog Newsletter:  Dogs Toys and Play Issue on Facebook

Does playing tug with a dog cause aggression?

I often hear people say they do not play tug with their dogs because they were told it causes aggression.

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, I could take a nice vacation! As a general rule, tug does NOT create aggression. It’s perfectly fine to play tug with your dog – in most cases. Tug can be a great game to play, and many dogs love it. I encourage it for most of my clients whose dogs love to play it. It is also a great way to learn some important skills.

However, I do stipulate that it is important to have the proper rules in place. It is a game, and all games have rules. If your dog is not willing to follow your rules, or if he starts to show any resource guarding tendencies toward the Tug toy, then stop the game and seek the help of a positive reinforcement based professional behavior consultant.

Here are my rules for playing Tug:

Click here to access the entire article.

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Power Tugs Natural Fiber Dog Tug Toys

We searched and searched for the perfect tug toys for our dogs, but we could not find them. So we made our own.

There are plenty of dog toys to purchase, and we have accumulated more than our fair share over the years. But we were missing a tug toy that met all of our criteria: long, soft on the mouth, flexible (with some give to it) and strong at the same time. We bought our own fleece and made a few for our dogs. Our dogs loved them. Boarding dogs loved playing with them. Puppies in classes loved them. We decided it was time to share and start offering them for sale.

While we liked the feel of the fleece – and the dogs loved it – we were not happy that fleece is a petroleum-based product. We want to provide the best possible products for our dogs, but for us, that includes considerations to the impact we are making on our environment. Fleece is not the ideal product in that regard.

So we set out this year to redevelop this product.  We considered organic cotton, but in our search for alternative materials, discovered bamboo and hemp, two really amazing plants that produce strong, yet soft and durable products, but with far less environmental impact than fleece and cotton.

We found a good supplier, ordered material, made some tug toys and have been testing the bamboo/hemp blend with our dogs over the course of the spring and summer.  We are very happy with our selection in material and are reintroducing our much improved tug toy, with a name to match.  

Click here for more information about our Power Tugs Natural Fiber Dog Tug Toy and how to purchase.

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Ask The Trainer Book Updated

New questions and aswers added include:
  • Senior dogs;
  • Darting out doorways;
  • Polite greetings;
  • Barking for attention;
  • Playing tug;
  • Sudden fear of strangers.
If you are a previous Basic Training Class attendee, the book is free.  Just grab it from the Basic Training Client Corner subscriber section of our website, to which all current and past Basic Training class attendees have lifetime access.  

Or if you purchased it or saw it included as part of a purchase, just grab it from the same download link used in the past. 

It is availble for purchase from this link.

Shipping From Our Website Now Available

We can ship our products anywhere in the U.S.

Click here for FREE SHIPPING options available on our
Peak Power Dog Treats

Click, order and we'll ship to you our 
Power Tugs Natural Fiber Dog Tug Toys

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Upcoming Classes in Southwest Littleton Area
  • Puppy Preschool:  open enrollment on Sundays and Wednesdays
  • Puppy Recess:  most Sundays noon to 1 pm
  • Basic Training:  new classes start Sunday 8/30 & Wednesday 8/12
  • Juvenile Delinquents:  new classes start Sunday 9/13 & Thursday 8/13
  • Rally for Fun:  none at this time
  • Polite Pooches in Public: new class starts Sunday 9/13
  • Fun & Games Class: new classes start Thursday 9/10 & Sunday 9/13
  • The Nose Knows: none at this time
  • Canine Good Citizen Class & Test: none at this time
  • Agility for Fun: new class starts Thursday 8/13
Upcoming Classes in Castle Rock/Sedalia
  • Basic Training: new class starts Saturday 9/12
  • Juvenile Delinquents: new class starts Saturday 9/12
  • Advanced Classes:  if you are interested in Agility for Fun, Rally for Fun, Fun & Games or other classes at this location, please let us know.
Upcoming Events at The Light of Dog Farm
  • Nature Walks People have been asking about our Social Walks we used to hold at Clement Park. We have not had any lately due to lack of interest and Sue's busy schedule. We decided to try something new this year and will be holding some Nature/Social Walks at The Light of Dog Farm: Saturday, August 15, 2015, 6:00 pm and Saturday, September 19, 2015 at 8:30 am. 
  • Is feeding raw dog food right for me? Seminar at The Light of Dog Farm – Saturday, September 19, 2015, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm. Click here for registration information.

Click here for our complete group class & events schedule with available spaces

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Like The Light Of Dog Newsletter:  Dogs Toys and Play Issue on Facebook
The “Kids”

Zuzu (Greyhound) and Romeo (Vizsla): Social directors, personal trainers, and chief protectors from the bunny invaders. 

Wife & Husband

Sue Brown, behavior consultant, dog trainer and writer extraordinaire and Ed Soehnel, product and farm manager grunt.
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