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Retrograde Season is Upon us!
   In our current times, there is much stress and uncertainty for many people across the board. Fortunately there are many things astrological cycles can teach us during difficult periods. Retrogrades are typically a time to review and reassess the path that we are on so that we can make appropriate adjustments that will benefit our life moving forward. With 5 planets currently retrograding this season, this is a perfect opportunity to get ahead of it and reflect on what it might mean to each of us. Doing so can give us much relief and strengthen us where it is needed. For a good summary of the 5 planets starring in this retrograde season and what they effect visit THIS ARTICLE. For more detailed information tailored to you and your chart be sure to schedule a consultation with Pam
Thought, Vibration & Choice
When an idea that is inserted into the collective consciousness, then that idea is there for those that choose to experience it. When it comes to the current situation, the fear of getting the illness is often how the individual manifests it. CLICK HERE to learn more!
- May 16th:
Armed Forces Day

- May 25th:
Memorial Day

- May 30th:
MWSA Level 3 Final Exam

“When you’re grateful for what you have instead of being upset on what 'you deserve' life gets really good."

~ Anonymous


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