What Happened at MunchTech in April.

April at MunchTech

Apologies for the slight delay in this month's newsletter! With the first week of May already gone, here's a look back at what happened on the network over April.

Have a safe, pleasant and enjoyable May!
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The Two Techies 319: Number B  - Sat, 30th April 2016

Apple’s revenue drops ever so slightly and causes chaos between analysts, could self-driving cars change the manner of car ownership and Ad Blocking detection could actually be illegal under EU law.

The Two Techies 318: More to Follow  - Sat, 23rd April 2016
The future of “internet of things” means that many buildings could be left vulnerable to hacks, Apple’s fragmented product line and does some technology create more problems than it solves?
The Two Techies 317: Down With the Ship  - Sat, 16th April 2016
Net Neutrality rules are in danger, Microsoft sues the US Government over secret data requests and is the smartwatch a lost product?
The Two Techies 316: Double Focus  - Sat, 9th April 2016
Samsung see more positive news from quarterly results, the problem with forced obsolescence in technology and phishing emails that have become slightly more sophisticated.
The Two Techies 315: Left to Charge  - Sat, 2nd April 2016
Can social networks stay current? Tesla pitches their new offering as an affordable electric car and the FBI didn’t need Apple to unlock the iPhone after all.
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