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Keep Jeff & Carrie in Germany, Week 10: Check Out the New Creation 2 Christ App Commercial
Check Out the New
Creation 2 Christ App Commercial
And Here About Jeff's Trip to The States in June
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Hello <<Greeting>>!
We've reached the end of our 10 week series, Keep the Gages in Germany. Thank you for joining us as we’ve highlighted many of the various ministries you’re taking part in through your partnership with us.
We opened this week’s video with the new eDOT commercial. Here’s a link to just the commercial. Share it on your social networks to encourage people to use their smartphones to share Jesus. This App reminds us of a verse in Isaiah that talks about God's arm not being too short to save (Isaiah 59:1). God reached down into humanity and gave us Jesus, God in flesh, to save us. Over the centuries, He has used new technology like the printing press, books, radio, and TV to spread His Word. Now, He is speaking through smart devices! His arm is so long to reach every thirsty soul, in every generation!
Thank you for those that have continued to support us. You have helped us raise an additional $600 (or 24 bites) in monthly support and $3,000 in special needs! You are truly our "Armor-Bearer" (1 Samuel 14). Even still, we need another $1,200 monthly and another $10,000 in special gifts. We’re taking a stand in faith that we’re supposed to be here. Please keep us in prayer, and, if you’re not already supporting us and you’re willing and able, please give either through EFT or Online.
Our plan is to stay in Germany serving with eDOT! When we moved here a year ago, we left our household furniture in Colorado Springs. Soon we’ll be moving to a more permanent and unfurnished apartment. So Jeff is going back to the States to put our belongings in a cargo container plus he’s been invited to speak at a couple of churches to introduce the ministry here in Europe and recruit more financial Armor-Bearers.
Jeff will be in The States June 12 thru July 6. Although he has some opportunities already lined up, we are looking to book him solid with more appointments. If you have a home Bible Study where he could share for 5 minutes, or you would just like to host a party for him, or you'd just like to have coffee with him, please send us an email at
Here is Jeff's schedule so far:
  • Saturday and Sunday, June 13/14 – Mountain Springs Church, Colorado Springs
  • Friday night and Saturday, June 19/20 – Springs Lighthouse Men’s Retreat
  • Sunday, June 21 – Cathedral Rock Church, Monument
  • Friday, June 26, from 8am to 3pm – Packing Cargo Container in Colorado Springs (Volunteers invited)
  • Weekend of June 27/28 – Open
  • July 1-6 â€“ Southern California
  • Sunday, July 5 – Open
Thanks again for joining us on this ten-week journey.
Jeff & Carrie

PS. Today is Memorial Day. I (Jeff) drove past a cemetery in France yesterday filled with row upon row of perfectly aligned crosses. Since the US flag was nowhere to be found, I don't think it was a US graveyard. Even still, it was a reminder of how so many soldiers bled on the ground we now live in. Thank you so much to all that gave their all to make even this land free. 
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We skipped Week 9. Jeff's computer came down with a nasty bug last week and it spent the weekend in bed. Now it's been rebuilt and is feeling much better.
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