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Client Alert #25 Hurricane Sandy Edition

Please read this entire alert!

Hi. As you know, we're expecting the impact of Hurricane Sandy over the next 36 hours, and we want you to be prepared. The National Weather Service is calling this a "large and dangerous storm". They're predicting possible damage from sustained high winds along with high storm surges along coastal areas. While we all know these storms can be over-hyped, at least right now, this looks like it could be a dangerous weather event. High wind events typically bring down power, telephone and cable lines when tree branches fall on wires. 

Having discussed this internally, we're recommending that if you lose power, that you shut-down your computer and unplug it from the power source (This does not include laptops). Even if it's plugged in to a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), please follow this guideline as UPS's aren't designed for exended runtimes (greater than 30 minutes). Often equipment will be damaged when the power is restored and there are initial spikes in voltage. This also goes for expensive electronics like flat panel TVs and stereo equipment. If you have a server and you lose power, please call us!

If any electronic equipment gets wet, remove power immediately! This includes any wall AC power as well as removable batteries, if any. If you have any piece of electronic equipment that has gotten wet, don't turn it back on until you've talked with us. Wet equipment often fails not from actually getting wet or immersed, but from being powered-on while still wet.

If any electric cables are wet, don't touch them!

Please keep your portable devices fully charged (laptops, iPhones, iPads). This way if the power goes out, you still can use them.

Keep a wired phone handy. Cordless phones won't work if the power goes out (their base stations require power), but wired phones often will.

If you have a computer or other delicate electronics near a window, consider moving them away from the window until the storm passes.

If you lose your telephone or internet services, contact your provider (typically Comcast or Verizon). Please don't try to change passwords assuming that that is the problem as it probably isn't and will only exacerbate your situation.

Even if you have lots of free time while the storm goes by, please don't try updating software on your Mac or your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). If you lose power while running updates, the device might not restart properly.

If anything happens that you're concerned about, please call us. We'll be standing-by to answer questions and help our clients restore their computing environments to normal after the storm.

Thanks, and stay safe!

Andy, Rob and Max
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