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A farewell message from our outgoing Camp Director
Adrian Iacovino:

For the past 3 years I have been on the Unicamp management team in the role of Camp Director and as a Co-Director. I have witnessed so many different people coming down our driveway. Some as Staff, as campers, or some as staff who were campers when I was a counselor. We are doing something right here. You can tell because people never want to leave, and because people keep coming back.
It’s funny how often folks on their first visit to camp, even the health inspector, comment on how relaxed they feel. And I think it has something to do with the fresh air and the nature, and I've got a hunch that it also has to do with how our community connects. With a baseline of UU values, sharing a common space, and being outdoors, we gravitate towards connection. What I am coming to understand is how connection is equal parts looking out for each other, and looking up to one another.
This summer Isobel and I had a running joke for some reason about the need to stay spry - it was like our tagline. She'd see me running across the Common to Admin and yell "Ya gotta stay spry!" Or I'd ask if she was feeling spry as she walked through the Den with her beach towel and wet hair. In a way we were just looking out for each other, making sure that the other was moving around and getting exercise. I often wonder how other people perceive these inside jokes among staff. As I look back on some of my memories from the summer, I am thinking about the incredible campers over 70 years old that came up, and have been coming for a long time. As a staff member, there is a perception of these campers, and a hope that when I am their age I'll be just as spry, or as witty, as sharp, as adventurous as some of them. And this fills me with gratitude to have been a leader in a community with elders to look up to, with youth to be inspired by, and peers to believe in.
In a way, what we are doing right is raising a village. I invite you to carry your summer heart with you - believe in yourself - and know that all of the sunlight, love, and play that you brought to camp is still with you now.
​​In leaving this role, I am leaving a home. At this point in time, I have set up shop in Guelph, with a partner, continuing to chase my passion as a Nature Connection Facilitator/Mentor at the Guelph Outdoors School and at the P.I.N.E. Project.
Thanks again for a fantastic Summer,

Introducing our new Camp Director
Mel Horvath-Lucid

Mel is excited to be joining the Unicamp community in the role of Camp Director.  She brings with her passion and experience in conflict resolution, camp leadership as community building, and eco-spirituality, rooted in UU values and principles.
Her interests are diverse, some of which include: yoga, dance, eco-spirituality, writing, singing, cooking and equity activism.  Her favorite quote right now is "Love Radically, Serve Gratefully and Wonder Daily”
A note from our new Camp Director:

Happy Fall!
It has been an amazing and exciting fall here at Unicamp!  What a joy it has been to watch the transition from summer to fall, both with regards to the beautiful changing nature and also with regards to programming and pace.  
This fall we have had the opportunity of experiencing two beautiful weddings and several different programs, including seeing over 50 students come and experience and learn from the power of our natural surroundings!  
Our entrance road has been widened to support the safe passage of those traveling to Unicamp.  A special thanks to all of the amazing people who made this project come to fruition, and to the Huronia Unitarian Fellowship for their generous financial contribution to this effort. It is amazing the things that can happen when people join together in a common goal!
It is an exciting time behind the scenes right now, as our programming team is already in full swing creating exciting programming for next year!  If you have an idea for something you would like to facilitate, please fill out the Facilitator's Workshop form under Facilitator Info on our website.  
I look forward to meeting you soon!  Please don't hesitate to say hi and introduce yourself!
Mel Horvath-Lucid
Meet the Unicamp Board of Directors:

President: Sky Dasey, Grand River Unitarian Congregation
Sky Dasey has been a Grand River Unitarian Congregation member since 2004, and a Unicamp seasonal camper for over a decade. She is the mother of two Unicamp "grads”, with more than 50 weeks of children's and youth camps between them.  Now in her second year of her first term, she is proud to serve you as the President of the Board of Directors of Unicamp.
Vice-President & Property Chair: Elizabeth Gray, Church of the Larger Fellowship
Secretary: Karen DelVecchio, Church of the Larger Fellowship
Karen DelVecchio loves Unicamp. Her first exposure to the seven principles was while walking the paths at camp about 7 years ago.  She has been the secretary on the Unicamp board for three years.
Treasurer: Tracy Galvin, Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough
Tracy Galvin has attended the Unitarian Fellowship of Peterborough since 2004, and is a long-standing member of their RE Committee and more recently the UFP OWL Committee and Communication Committee. With her background in budgeting for television shows, she's in her third year as a Unicamp Board Member, the last two as Treasurer. And most delightfully, she is the mother of two devoted Unicampers, Sadie and Franny.
Administrator: Jane Nares, Neighbourhood Unitarian Congregation (Toronto)
Jane has been a member of the Neighbourhood congregation for the past five years.  She fell in love with Unicamp on her first visit, also close to five years ago, and is happy to have the opportunity to give back by volunteering.  She brings to the Board twenty plus years’ experience in the employment services field, mostly in a management role in non-profit organizations.
Long-Range Planning Rep.: Iris Murray, First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto
Iris Kairow Murray joined First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto January 2014.  This is her third Thanksgiving with us at camp. Iris has volunteered for several charities over the years and has a lot of enthusiasm for our long-range planning.  Iris is currently helping to gather any old stories, poems and photos for our 50th Anniversary.
Seasonal Camper Rep.: Janice Canning, Unitarian Congregation of Guelph
Janice has been a Unitarian for over 25 years and been coming to camp for over 30 years. She has been on the Unicamp board of directors twice: in 2000 as Program Coordinator, and again in 2008 as Seasonal Representative. She has frequently been the Guelph delegate at the Unicamp AGM. She has extensive experience working with children and adults as a spiritual educator and naturalist. She led hikes at Unicamp while teaching herbal remedies and wild foods to young and old alike. She is presently the lay chaplain at the Unitarian Congregation of Guelph, and is a seasonal camper.
Program Chair: Ben Robins, First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto
Ben grew up in the Kingston Unitarian Fellowship and is now a member at Toronto First. Ben is in the M.Div. program at Emmanuel College preparing for UU ministry. He first came to Unicamp for a UU Young Adult Weekend in 2011 and became a seasonal camper the following year. Ben enjoys contact improv dance, conversation games, and deep community.

Youth Rep.: Oliver Dasey Springer, Grand River Unitarian Congregation.
Communications Rep.: Jeff Baker, Church of the Larger Fellowship
A seasonal Unicamper since 2008, Jeff has been coming to Unicamp since 2002. He is passionate about Unicamp as a place to reaffirm our UU values in a setting where we can appreciate nature’s beauty and contemplate our place in the natural world.

A note from our Programming Chair:

Propose a Workshop!
Bring yourself more fully to Unicamp by proposing a workshop for next year. You might offer something that helps people connect to nature, to art, to themselves, to each other. Your idea might add to our already rich August offerings, or help to expand our May/June or September programming. It could be anything from 2 hours to a weekend to a week.
Let your imagination open you up to new Unicamp programming possibilities, and then send a brief proposal to unicamp.offerings@gmail.com by Oct 19.

-- Horses on Cow Pie Hill --
Come enjoy the fall colours at Unicamp
Join us for Thanksgiving!
Your invitation to join us at Unicamp for Thanksgiving is still standing!
Come on up and enjoy the weekend.
Chef Justin Gordon will be back serving up delicious autumn favourites.
Friday Night Potluck, Dog Friendly, Colourful Leaves, Apples, Sunday Service, & Sunday Brunch!
Come alone or bring the fam:
Dorms/Camping ($75/adult & $45/<16yr)
Stay in a Cottage ($90/adult & $50/ <16yr)

Or just come for the day/meal on Sunday ($30/adult & $18/ <16yr)
Thanksgiving dinner bell is at 5pm Sunday!

Fees include accommodation and meals from Saturday breakfast to Monday lunch.
Register today with Katya so we know how many birds to baste and crans to crunch. (admin@unicampofontario.ca)
Don't forget your wool socks, scarf, and flannels!
- Notice -

Unicamp is looking for an Assistant Director in the following 6 weeks. Please check the Unicamp website for more info.
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