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Parenting on the UK Canals
Dear <<First Name>>!

I used to love meeting other boat mums. I loved asking them how they were coping, so that I didn't feel so alone when I found it hard work living aboard. As I look back at this excerpt I'm sharing today, I see it is ten years since I wrote it! So much has changed; my girls have grown. I live in a house. We have a global pandemic going on! I'm glad I kept a diary of those very different times when I travelled on a boat. 

So here is the next episode of...

The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife

My Narrowboat Wife blog began when I was bringing up young children on a narrowboat. Last month's episode of my epic narrowboat adventure with my young family was about double mooring. This month meet...

The Boat Mum From Poland

Mooring: Angel, Islington

The Polish Boat Mum and I met on the towpath and arranged to go to the park together. She already introduced herself to me in Little Venice. She is Polish born and also speaks German. She knows Barge Mum and her baby is born in the same month as Barge Mum’s baby. We go to a shady park in Colebrooke Row, to avoid the hot sun. Big Sister jumps off rocks and climbs small trees pretending to be a squirrel. Polish Mum breast feeds her baby while I spoon feed Baby Sister in the pushchair.
“So what do you think is the hardest thing about being a boat mum?” I asked.
“Probably most things are the same as in a house at this stage,” she says. “But moving the boat, travelling you know, is not so much fun anymore. My husband does all the driving and locks on his own while I look after the baby.”
I agree. Boating journeys used to be something that we did together, now it’s a job that needs to be done.
Also, Polish Boat Mum thinks, by the time the children are walking or running they will need space to run about maybe,
“And then we will move to a house,” she thinks.
“My mum is very worried about me living on the boat with the baby,” she says. She was delighted to discover that me, Barge Mum and Single Mum are also living aboard with children in London, and so she reassured her mum that there are other girls doing it too!
Next month: Sleep Deprivation and a Hangover

Keep safe. 
Lotsa love from,

Blogger, artist, narrowboater.

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