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Hi Commander,

Welcome to Elite: Dangerous Newsletter #28!

This week the team has been really focused on the next Premium Beta release so in this newsletter we announce the release date of Premium Beta 2 and lift the lid on what to expect with some of the new features coming up.

David Braben did a live ‘AMA’ chat for the Register, a tech news site and it was announced this week that he has been awarded an OBE for his work in the UK games industry.

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Peek of the Week

'You'll be able to fly in this soon.'
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Premium Beta 2 release next week!

The Premium Beta phase is progressing well, and we will be releasing Premium Beta 2 on Tuesday 24th June.

You should notice a significant improvement in many different areas, including the first results of optimizations that should improve frame-rate significantly for those that are not already getting 60 fps

Three specific major changes to highlight are:

Three  new star systems have been added, above those in Premium Beta 1. Those are Aulin, LHS 3006 and Styx:

Aulin – a K7 yellow/orange star
Aulin has a rich, high population high tech and tourist economy (a Federal Corporate State).

Aulin 2, called ‘Nirvana’ is a lush, exotic, verdant outdoor world, rich in indigenous life. A high tech largely biotech and pharmaceutical industry developed initially from exploiting the biological wonders found in the vast equatorial cloud forests. Tourists come to see the incredible beauty of the largely undamaged flora and fauna, vigorously protected by the Aulin Corporation. There is also some farming of high value local produce.

You will already have seen some sneak peeks of the Orbis class of starport; an Orbis, Aulin Enterprise can be found orbiting Nirvana.

LHS 3006 –  an M5V orange/red dwarf star
LHS 3006 has a low population extraction economy (a Federal Corporate State).

A tiny system, recently (in stellar terms) stripped of its planets in a close encounter with another star, leaving just Vulcan in the eccentric orbit it has today. Vulcan is still in the process of cooling and reforming from the cataclysm, with the giant ring system the only remnant of the other body with which it collided. Ores and minerals are readily available in both the rings and on the surface, and are actively mined by the WCM Corporation.

Styx – an M4 orange/red dwarf star
There is no registered population in the Styx system.

An Orbis Station taken at different times of day in 4K.

Orbis starports are much more complex structures, and hence more expensive to construct, than Coriolis starports. The large wheel has a diameter of about 8km, and provides a full Earth-like standard gravity environment.  The smaller wheel further back offers a very pleasant half a ‘gee’ – suited to manufacturing, but mainly used as a luxurious retirement home for the wealthy, as the lower gravity can be more comfortable, and puts much less strain on the bodies of the more frail.  Orbis stations also have a very large storage capacity for tradable commodities, which can be seen beyond the half gee wheel.

We are also introducing the ‘Hauler’ into Premium Beta 2.

The Zorgon Peterson Hauler

The Hauler is an entry-level trading ship and is the first Zorgon Peterson ship in our lineup. It has quite lightweight construction and can carry a good deal more cargo than the Sidewinder (16 units), but has only one hardpoint.

One very important point to note,  Premium Beta 2 will unavoidably reset your progress, although we will automatically gift you credits to the approximate value of your progress to date (including credits and ship, so you will be able to immediately buy your ship again).  We do apologise for the inconvenience, but there have been some significant changes that have required it.

High resolution screen capture (Alt-F10)
From Premium Beta 2 onwards pressing Alt-F10 will capture a screenshot at 4X your current game resolution.  Perfect for showing off all the great new features in the build that you discover, we would love to see some of your own hi-res pics so keep sending them in and posting them on our forums!

German Localisation
We have started our localisation Process, adding the German language to the Premium Beta 2. Later in the newsletter you will see a quick visual guide to change the settings from English to German.
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Premium Beta ending soon

The Premium Beta includes a lifetime Expansion Pack, which was created to reward our early backers with a lifetime access to all future expansions of the game. You can still order it here.

For customers who have pre-ordered the Beta or the final game this is available now to buy in the store. Those who wish to upgrade can do so from a pre-order of the Standard Beta, or from the Final Game. The Premium Beta will remain available until 15th July but will then be no longer available.

If you have already pre-ordered the standard Beta and the lifetime Expansion Pack, you only need spend an additional £15 to join the Premium Beta phase and start playing Elite: Dangerous today.
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„Elite: Dangerous“ jetzt mit deutscher Lokalisierung

Voller Freude geben wir bekannt, dass die Premium-Beta 2 von „Elite: Dangerous“ ins Deutsche übersetzt wurde. Mit fortschreitender Entwicklung werden auch viele weitere Sprachen hinzukommen.

Frontier hat bereits viel Erfahrung in der Lokalisierung von Spielen, sowohl mit Texten als auch mit Audioinhalten, doch da „Elite: Dangerous“ eine neue Version unserer Cobra-Technologie verwendet, wollten wir sicherstellen, dass die Sprachunterstützung wie erwartet funktioniert.

Da „Elite: Dangerous“ in Deutschland eine große Zahl Unterstützer hat und Deutsch eine der Sprachen ist, deren Texte viel Platz auf dem Bildschirm in Anspruch nehmen, schien uns Deutsch die optimale Sprache für die erste Übersetzung von „Elite: Dangerous“ zu sein!

Wir freuen uns auf die Meinungen zur Übersetzung und Vorschläge zu möglichen Verbesserungen von unseren deutschen Freunden.
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David Braben’s live Chat Q&A

David Braben was live online this week answering questions for The Register, a leading global online tech publication. You can see the text  of his appearance here
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Comms Chatter

For activities in the forums, the beta forums are bustling so people should join in the discussion.

Pay a visit to the DDF archive to see the latest discussed designs.

A beta FAQ has been added.

The Abraka Drabble thread is always looking for new drabbles for some fun fan fiction.

Some great fan created wallpapers here.

Community Events

Another quick reminder of two Community Events coming up this summer:


LAVECON 2014 is a two day event, organised by the Lave Radio podcast crew. Join them on the 5th & 6th July in Kettering, United Kingdom.
> Buy Tickets


FantastiCon is a new sci-fi convention bringing together Elite fans from around the world. It is being held in the Jameson Suite (nice touch!) at the Royal Mercure Hotel in Hull, United Kingdom on Saturday 16th August, and convention attendees who book now can get hotel B&B at £25 pp/pn. The event includes free soft drinks and snacks, and access to a 24 hour bar.
> Facebook page  > Buy Tickets
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Mostly Harmless Questions

Kipper: Little has been said about the mission system as yet, what can you reveal?
  • Missions fall into several types, but what I suspect you mean is the sort you actively engage in through a contract. These are coming in the Beta, and can earn you both credits and status within the organisation you are working for, whether it is a disreputable criminal group or the Federation or Empire themselves. Initially these will be arranged either through direct messages or on a common message board. More details to follow.

Slawkenberguis: During the Kickstarter we were shown images of ships that were heavily damaged, but still flyable. Is that kind of damage model still something that's still being worked on? If so, have there been any further developments you can share with us?
  • Yes, it is still being worked on. Major damage, like we showed on the Anaconda in the Kickstarter is coming in Beta. Smaller ships will not survive anything other than minor damage, but the larger ships should still be able to fly (albeit with a ‘limp’) as long as the damage is not to a critical system.

SzaryWilk: Is there a possibility of hiring warehouse space on space stations?
  • We are taking care of elements that could unbalance the game. We do plan to allow you to store ships (rather than sell or trade them in), but we want to avoid people ‘playing the markets’ with vast amounts of cargo – and the danger is it could become the fastest way of making money, so not at first, at least.
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David Braben awarded an OBE

From David Braben:    
“I’ve been touched by the amazing number of messages I have been sent congratulating me on my recent OBE. It is much appreciated. The OBE was for ‘services to the computer games industry’ – in other words for Frontier’s contribution – so in essence this is for the great team at Frontier, not just me, so I would like to thank everyone here at Frontier for making this possible.”
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That’s it for newsletter #28- thank you again for reading and supporting the development of Elite: Dangerous so far!

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