A journey to find what was always true: we are eternally embraced by God, skeletons and all. God is never letting go.
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There’s a God in My Closet

Encountering the Love Who Embraces Our Skeletons

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Many have been taught to see God as a terrifying agent of wrath who spews anger at any sign of imperfection. At the same time, they’ve been taught that they are inherently flawed and devoid of goodness.

Where does that leave us?

For Ben DeLong, it left him hiding his skeletons from the monster he believed God to be. This proved to be a perfect recipe for anxiety, depression, and insecurity.

But what if God accepts our skeletons? What if he actually embraces them in love? How would that change our outlook?

For Ben, it changed everything. Part-memoir, part-theological exploration, There's a God in my Closet is about his journey to find what was always true: we are eternally embraced by God, skeletons and all, and God is never letting go.

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Praise for There’s a God in My Closet

"Closets: cupboards, cabinets, cloakrooms. These have never been benign for me. From childhood, they were dark places—hiding places. A place where dark things hid and where I hid dark things. Phrases such as “skeletons in my closet” and “coming out of the closet” didn’t emerge from nowhere. Closets were the secret forts of stolen kisses, the vaults where you stashed your Kiss records, the lair where scary spirits lurked. Closets were where you hide stuff from parents and from God. But when “God” is one of the frightening monsters in your closet, you know you’re in deep doo-doo. That’s one thing Ben DeLong and I have in common. I resonate with his dual description of (a) the ugly images of monster-God in the closet and (b) the healing we experience when the true God—Jesus Christ—is allowed in...God was no longer the monster in the closet, but the one who comes to the darkest and loneliest of our closets to hold and heal us. That’s where this book is taking us. Enjoy the journey!" 
—Brad Jersak Author, A More Christlike God; from the Foreword

“We all leave childhood with some ‘exit wounds’ and internalize them as some form of ‘I am not enough.’ Since no one can shame us more deeply than those from whom we expect grace, our families and spiritual communities unknowingly and unintentionally can be deeply wounding. Ben‘s journey reminds us that God‘s healing grace is immeasurably greater than all our shame.”
Paul D. Fitzgerald & Susanna Fitzgerald, Founders of HeartConnexion Seminars

“Many of us go through painful periods of faith deconstruction.Some of us abandon the struggle, overwhelmed by the pain and disorientation, and settle for either a life of shallow faith or no faith at all. ... DeLong reminds us that our weaknesses do not disqualify us. Rather, they birth in us a hard-won compassion and open us to receive the unexpected revelation of God's unconditional love and acceptance.”
Stephanie Lobdell, Author of Signs of Life

“What if our image of God is not just incorrect but causing more problems than it’s helping? Ben is not afraid to travel to the dark places and find real answers instead of suppressing the hurts and disappointments. His journey took courage, but it was worth it.”
Karl Forehand, Author of Apparent Faith

About the Author

Ben DeLong writes about faith, spirituality, and life. He has a complicated relationship with faith. Most of his baggage and scars can be directly or indirectly traced to his life in the church-growing up as a pastor's kid, and later becoming a pastor himself. On the other hand, he has experienced incredible healing and life giving moments as he has encountered Jesus Christ. He has been married for 14 years and he and his wife are in the process of adopting their first child.

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