How to Read the Bible Well takes on the big questions about the Bible that we’ve always wanted to ask.
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How to Read the Bible Well

What It Is, What It Isn’t, and How To Love It (Again)

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When it comes to Holy Writ, honest readers have questions:

  • What do people mean when they say it’s the 'Word of God'? In what way, exactly?
  • How can an ancient world text be offering supposedly timeless truths?
  • Can we really take what “the Bible says” as authoritative for life today?
  • Isn’t Scripture obviously sexist and outdated?
  • Do we have to believe in Adam and Eve, and the world being made in six days?
  • Why did God command genocide in the Old Testament?
  • Are people really going to burn in hell for eternity?
  • Why is there evil and suffering in the world?
  • How can we explain the Big Story of the Bible, from cover to cover, in ways that will make sense to people today?

How to Read the Bible Well takes on the big questions about the Bible that we’ve always wanted to ask. Stephen Burnhope invites us to an informed but winsome approach, believing that there are very good answers to each of these questions and more—once we know how to read the Bible well!

For a compassionate close reading that doesn't fall into lazy thinking on the 'left' or 'right,' request this book to be challenged and encouraged! 

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Praise for How to Read the Bible Well

“Steve’s work has many virtues. First, its level of discourse is accessible to the average reader. Second, the topics covered help Christian readers deal with difficult questions not often addressed. For instance, I was impressed with his treatment of the violence texts in the Old Testament. Third, in dealing with difficult questions, Steve does not attempt to give neat answers. Rather, he sets out various options and allows for mystery, striking a suitably postmodern tone.”
Derek Morphew, author of Biblical Interpretation 101

“Is the Bible human words or the word of God? Is there a Big Story to it? Perhaps, as Stephen Burnhope suggests, it is a Box Set. Do we need to read the Old Testament? Where does Jesus fit? This book is a gift from a theologian for those who need answers. Readers will return to the Bible with renewed passion and confidence to hear its message afresh.”
Graham H. Twelftree, Academic Dean, London School of Theology

“This is an accessible, inspiring guide to reading the Bible which successfully reveals the reliability, relevance, and timeless power of the word of God. Steve offers guidance in the form of a useful ‘tool kit’ to a broad range of readers. Whether you are looking for mind-stretching insight or a practical guide, How to Read the Bible Well is a book which will help you to do just that.”
David Graham, Lead Pastor, Southcourt Baptist Church, Aylesbury, UK

About the Author

Stephen Burnhope received his PhD from King’s College London having previously completed an MA in Hermeneutics with Distinction at The London School of Theology. He and his wife Lyn are Senior Pastors of the Vineyard Church in Aylesbury, UK.

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