Do you ever wonder if maybe following Jesus has been a little too complicated?
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Trinitarian Formation

A Theology of Discipleship in Light of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

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Do you ever wonder if maybe following Jesus has been a little too complicated? Like there are too many badges to earn or bridges to cross to be his disciple?

What happens in many churches is very rarely authentic apprenticeship. More often it is a nice religious service or class. It should be very concerning to us that we are not leading others to Jesus' easy yoke. If we can’t even define what a disciple is and yet we have thousands of 'disciple-making' ministries, shouldn’t this at least cause us to question if we’ve actually defined the problem that discipleship is intended to solve?

It seems like there is a different definition of 'the Christian life' for every Christian you talk to. If we can’t even agree on a definition, is it any surprise that churches are creating disengaged Christians who can’t answer basic questions of Christianity, don’t seem to care about Christian ethics, and don’t really seem to experience the presence of God?

Drawing on the work of Dallas Willard, John Frame, and JKA Smith, Trinitarian Formation is an attempt to operationalize and make practical one of the most foundational Christian doctrines—the Trinity—to help churches and people follow the imperative to make apprentices to Jesus in authentic spiritual formation.

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Praise for Trinitarian Formation

“In Trinitarian Formation, Chase Davis has made a substantial contribution to the church's work in ‘spiritual formation,’ which helps believers to grow toward Christian maturity, sanctification in Christ. I'm delighted that he has made use of my ‘tri-perspectivalism’ and that he has gone so deeply into it, comparing it to the work of others I deeply respect, like James K. A. Smith. This leads him into some fairly difficult conceptual areas. But he has analyzed these well and has formulated them with clear, appropriate, and fetching illustrations. So this volume speaks both to professional scholars and to church workers. I hope this book gets a very wide distribution, and I pray that God will use it to the edification of his people.”
John M. Frame, Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Emeritus, Reformed Theological Seminary

“I have been told that great understanding can be found at the crossroads of two seemingly unrelated fields. Chase’s book affirms this, for he demonstrates the power of applying Frame's epistemological triad to James K. A. Smith’s work on discipleship. I recommend this book both as a way of seeing how Frame’s triad can be usefully applied, and also a means of comprehensively recognizing where Smith’s discipleship model is helpful and where it can be improved.”
Tim Miller, Assistant Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary

“The ever-fertile, provocative ‘Framean Triad’ is standing the test of time. Wonderful to see theologian John Frame’s motif tapped yet again, in this book for normative guidance in designing Christian spiritual formation, especially for thoughtful, devoted youth ministers. An important endeavor all round.”
Esther Lightcap Meek, author of Loving to Know: Introducing Covenant Epistemology

“In this insightful work, Davis helps us think more deeply about the formation of Christian disciples. Not content to accept ready-made formulas for spiritual formation, he engages us in thoughtful reflection, drawing upon contemporary Christian thinkers and calling us to give greater thought to the task of making fully devoted followers of Jesus.”
David M. Gustafson, author of Missional Disciple-Making: Disciple-Making for the Purpose of Mission

About the Author

J. Chase Davis is Lead Pastor of Ministry of The Well Church in Boulder, Colorado. Chase is married to Kim and they have two sons. He also hosts the podcast Full Proof Theology.

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