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The Art of Marketing Jesus

Unleashing the Power of the Gospel through the Lives of Everyday Believers

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Jesus is the most attractive person in human history. Professional fishermen dropped everything to follow him. Social outcasts were transformed into outspoken ambassadors; sinners, repulsed by their religious leaders, were drawn to Jesus by the scores.

Today, everyday apprentices are called to attract people to Jesus. But how do we do that?

God’s plan to reach the world is not through commercialism or trendy marketing gimmicks—it’s through you. However, some are caught in the performance trap of doing more and trying harder to please God, which produces the unintended consequences of spiritual brokenness and judgmental attitudes that render the believer ineffective at reflecting the heart of God.

The Art of Marketing Jesus is an easy-to-understand spiritual growth process that has helped many believers internalize the life-giving promises of the new covenant and produce an abundance of love, joy, and peace in their lives—which is precisely the attitudes and characteristics required to attract people to Jesus.

If you want to live free and attract more people to Jesus, perhaps it’s time to become a new wineskin. It’s time to say goodbye to old thoughts that keep you in bondage and place your light on the lampstand of spiritual freedom.

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Praise for The Art of Marketing Jesus

“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I opened The Art of Marketing Jesus. Would it be for church leaders to know how to fill their pews, or a modern approach on the Gospel? The Art of Marketing Jesus shows us that, through relationship and authenticity, we can pull others closer to Jesus. A line that’s stuck with me is that ‘We must not hide in a corner and pretend like we were never healed from a variety of past conditions or act like we have it all together. People need to hear our stories and receive encouragement that God can work in their lives too.’ So often the phrase, ‘Fake it til you make it’ is kicked around in Christian circles. This shows us how much more our authentic relationship with Christ will pull people to Him.”
Amazon Reviewer

“From the very beginning, this book sucks you in as the author shares his wisdom in a practical, yet stimulating way. The more I read, the greater sense of freedom I felt. It’s God’s grace so eloquently communicated. I’m left feeling encouraged and empowered to live my life joyfully and passionately in the fullness of my God-given potential!”
Amazon Reviewer

“The crux of this book is not about making Jesus look better using some slick campaign or the right words, it’s truly about how our lives as believers—our normal, everyday lives—can change the environment wherever we go. The author acknowledges his own growth process through life experiences, and how those things can actually make our stories more compelling—not because we are superhuman, but because we can allow God to use those painful pieces of our own lives to grow and to reach others.”
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“Do you want to reach the world for Jesus in a highly impactful way? If so, don’t pretend to be the perfect Christian. Instead, be more authentic about the challenges you are facing in life – be kinder to those who are struggling with sin – and be more loving to those whose religious beliefs differ from yours. That’s the challenge that the author puts before us in this unique book on personal evangelism and spiritual growth!”
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About the Author

Robert Wachter is a speaker, performance coach, and founder and lead pastor for Imagine Church, Washington State. As the former chief marketing officer for a real estate company that saw six billion dollars in annual sales during his tenure, Robert uses his experience across several dimensions to help others reach their full potential and make Jesus irresistible to people everywhere. Robert has been featured by radio and news outlets regarding his evangelistic approach to ministry.

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