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To Unite the Scattered Children of God

Hope for the Spiritual Uniting of Humanity, from Isaiah to the Present Day

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To Unite the Scattered Children of God is an accessible exploration of hope for the spiritual uniting of humankind, in worship and in other ways, from Isaiah on down to present times.

Several prophets shared this hope: “Many nations shall join themselves to the Lord on that day, and shall be my people” (Zech 2:11). To an even greater degree, Jesus set in motion a universalizing power. Jesus and Paul inspired hope for the uniting of Jews, Samaritans, and Gentiles into “one fold,” in the “unity of the faith.”

This volume also builds upon the work of Teilhard de Chardin regarding the convergence of the human race under the spiritual influence of Christ, the omega point of evolution. Insights from pneumatology, process theology, personalism, interfaith discussions, and world peace advocacy add to the discussion.

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Praise for To Unite the Scattered Children of God

“This book is an original and highly readable synthesis of biblical theology with a scientifically informed sense of a still-awakening universe. Highly recommended.”
John F. Haught, author of God after Einstein

“Stephen Finlan has written a richly concise theological synthesis on the theme of spiritual unity that begins with Genesis and takes us through both Testaments, the church fathers, a host of modern theologians, and official church teachings, with vital applications for peace in our world.”
Terence McGoldrick, Providence College

“You don’t have to belong to an organized religion to celebrate the ideal of spiritual unity. Inspired by eminent philosophers like Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Alfred North Whitehead, Stephen Finlan points to the potential for greater harmony among religions through a focus on shared worship. Finlan’s book is an inspiring read.”
Steve McIntosh, author of The Presence of the Infinite

About the Author

Stephen Finlan has a Ph.D. in Pauline Theology from University of Durham (U.K.) and taught Theology for fourteen years at Fordham, Drew, and other Universities. His nine books include Salvation Not Purchased (2020), the highly acclaimed Problems with Atonement (2005), Bullying in the Churches (2015), and The Family Metaphor in Jesus’ Teaching (2013). He also co-edited the groundbreaking Theôsis: Deification in Christian Theology (2006). He is the pastor at The First Church (UCC), West Bridgewater, MA.

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