Centurion Adan Longinus strikes out for adventure once again in this third and final book of the Gemstone Trilogy.
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Secret of the Ruby

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Centurion Adan Longinus strikes out for adventure once again in this third and final book of the Gemstone Trilogy.

The family of his adopted brother, Nikolaus, met with traumatic and unexpected deaths, as revealed in Journey of the Pearl. A mysterious device known today as the Antikythera Mechanism weaves itself into the story as the Prophecy Box, which fuels many intrigues and subplots.

Adan and Nikolaus, along with Calais, who figured prominently in Quest of the Sapphire, leap from one dangerous situation to another as they gather clues to solve the mysteries of Nikolaus’s and Calais’s past. When the Prophesy Box is finally found, Adan struggles to control his temptation to use the abilities of the alluring device as he tries to protect Nikolaus from the same temptation.

Historical reality fuels the quest for power and dominion by those who have the means to pursue Adan’s group, making their path to discovery dangerous and uncertain.

Whether you've already read Journey of the Pearl and Quest for the Sapphire or not (review copies still available at these links)  Secret of the Ruby tells a tale drawn from history and the timeless spaces in the human heart. Reserve your review copy today. 

PS: If you've requested books recently but haven't received them, rest-assured they're on their way. My wife had some needed surgery last week, and I co-officiated my mom's funeral two weeks ago. So many life transitions! I trust that many of you know the feeling. Good books keep us company, though, and yours will be with you soon.

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Praise for Secret of the Ruby

“As in the first two A. E. Smith’s Gemstone Trilogy books, the author has done extensive research into the times and circumstances following the crucifixion of Jesus. All characters in this biblical fiction, whether heroes or villains, demonstrate strong traits. The protagonists show courage and wisdom as they seek to unravel mysteries and arrive at understanding. As in previous biblical novels by Smith, this author weaves tantalizing plots, which keep the reader engaged. If you enjoy biblical fiction, you will thoroughly enjoy this novel.”
Amazon Reviewer

“In this third book of the Gemstone Trilogy, the story of Centurion Adan Longinus culminates in a final quest to help his brother uncover the truth about a family tragedy that is tied to the fabled ‘Prophecy Box.’ As with the the earlier books in the trilogy, The Secret of the Ruby is incredibly well-researched. Author A. E. Smith draws on that knowledge to create a fascinating window into the ancient world. I especially enjoyed the seafaring lore and detail concerning the Antikythera Mechanism—an invention I had never heard of before this reading. Smith is as adept at exploring the mysteries of the human heart as civilizations of old, taking the reader on a journey that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. If you enjoy good biblical fiction, this may be your next great read—either as a conclusion to the trilogy or as a stand-alone novel.”
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About the Author

A. E. Smith has a bachelor of science degree from Baylor University and a master's degree from Northern Arizona University. She is also the author of Journey of the Pearl, Quest of the Sapphire, and a young reader's fantasy tale, A Gift for Gracelyn.

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