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Who Stole My Bible?

Reclaiming Scripture as a Handbook for Resisting Tyranny

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If “Who Stole My Bible?” is a question you’ve asked yourself recently or if you've found yourself looking at those who claim faith in God and wonder what Bible they are reading, you are not alone.

You might be among the Christians struggling to understand how many of your neighbors profess similar beliefs and ideologies, yet the way they are exercised in how they treat others, how they speak and act, and even how they vote seems so different.

Maybe you don’t follow Judeo-Christian teachings, but you are familiar with them and have noticed there is a lack of alignment in what they profess and what they practice.

Who Stole My Bible? is a call to action and guidebook for people of all faiths and perspectives to:

  • Draw strength from the Bible as the story of a God who liberates people from all forms of tyranny and oppression.
  • See that our spiritual growth is dependent on our participation in God’s plan to dismantle white supremacy, racism, misogyny, bigotry, and economic injustice.
  • Recognize where tyranny exists today, what it looks like and how to counter it faithfully.
  • Understand that we are never required to tolerate the abuses of human dignity, even if such abuses are the status quo.
  • Find your voice in faithful resistance to tyranny.

This is the message that resonates throughout scripture—to seek out and lift up those who are the “least of these” so they do not suffer for the selfish pursuits of those who seek dominion over others. Jennifer is calling all believers to reevaluate what they are willing to tolerate and to take action against tyranny now … before it’s too late.

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Praise for Who Stole My Bible?

Who Stole My Bible? is particularly timely. The author looks at the Bible in the context of the time it was written, and how radically Jewish and Christian beliefs contrasted with other cultures of that time. She also compares current interpretations of scripture in contrast with applying it to our current times.”
Amazon Reviewer

“This book reaffirmed my belief that Christianity is a religion of liberation and salvation, not passive resignation to hierarchies that define people’s worth by their race or economic status. It requires us to stand up as witnesses. She concludes by urging communities of faith to reckon with the costs of inequality, poverty and racism, and existential threats like climate change, and work to change the conditions that create them.”
Amazon Reviewer

“In her book, Who Stole My Bible? Jennifer Butler provides hope, insight and a modern-day context for stories from the Bible. I greatly appreciate the fresh perspective during a time when it feels there is much work to be done in creating a just and loving world for our children.”
Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

Jennifer Butler is the founding Executive Director of Faith in Public Life and the former chair of the White House Council on Faith and Neighborhood Partnerships. Before leading FPL Jennifer spent ten years working in the field of international human rights representing the Presbyterian Church (USA) at the United Nations and is an ordained minister. While mobilizing religious communities to address the AIDS pandemic and advocate for women’s rights she grew passionate about the need to counter religious extremism with a strong religious argument for human rights. Out of that experience, she wrote Born Again: The Christian Right Globalized, which was published by University of Michigan Press. Her book calls for a progressive religious response to Religious Right efforts to take the culture wars global. She now blogs about progressive faith Patheos and her writing can be found in Sojourners Magazine, The Hill, Religion News Service.

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