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Such a Mind as This

A Biblical-Theological Study of Thinking in the Old Testament

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Humans are complex. The mind is a warzone.

There are competing ideologies, divergent agendas, and flawed participants.
And many Christians minimize the intellect required to live authentically, and do not recognize how sin impacts our thinking.

Simply put, many of us have not learned how to love God with our mind.

Instead we think like consumers shopping for knowledge, following formats, and seeking instructors that conform to established buying preferences. Call it junk food for the mind. Resulting in intellectual simplicity, private religiosity, and subjective spirituality.

But there is hope, there is so much room for growth if we embrace it!

By comprehensively examining Old Testament teachings concerning the mind, Such a Mind as This promotes a spirituality that puts thinking in its proper place.

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Praise for Such a Mind as This

“What is the difference between intellectuality and intellectualism? In this deeply learned defense of Christian wisdom, Richard Smith deftly navigates the relevant biblical-theological evidence for the importance of right thinking. Much of today’s anti-intellectualism is based on misguided views of spirituality. Smith gently but firmly disarms contemporary prejudice and winsomely presents a liberating alternative.”
William Edgar, Professor of Apologetics, Westminster Seminary

“In this unusual book, Smith calls us to think, to use our minds, and to ground our thinking in the truth that God has given us in his inspired and infallible word. Smith has issued a call for bold, radical, God-centered, countercultural, life-transformative thinking ... Just think how different the church will be when we all use our minds as God intended them to be used. Just think!”
Daryl McCarthy, Director, European Leadership Forum Academic Network

“A fascinating study of the human mind and its thinking processes beginning before the fall, and then looking at the effect of sin on the human mind and thinking after the fall. Smith gives a tour of the epistemological developments of the mind’s relationship to God ... Smith then builds a case for a redemptive epistemology that will help people use their minds to the glory of God.”
Richard P. Belcher Jr., Professor of Old Testament, Reformed Theological Seminary

“In today’s world, while science and technology are advancing at an unprecedented pace, most persons display a disturbing loss of interest in thinking properly about crucial life issues. This is always bad, but lack of understanding and discernment becomes catastrophic when it comes to the Christian faith. In this book, Smith provides an effective, strong antidote against this suicidal trend, if we only are willing to take it.”
Fernando D. Saravi, Associate Professor of Physiology, National University of Cuyo

“Christians like to say that they think ‘biblically,’ but what does that mean? ... Taking multiple deep dives into a variety of types of Old Testament literature, ... Smith draws a picture of what it means to think as a people in covenant relationship with their Lord. Smith has done a huge service by exploring what the Old Testament has to teach us about what it means to let the Bible guide our thinking and living, how to love God with all our minds.”
Ted Turnau, Lecturer in Culture, Religion, and Media, Anglo-American University

“Readers of this work will experience in a fresh way their calling to be thinkers and learners in the context of God’s creation. In addition, readers will receive ... invaluable insights into what it means to love God with one’s whole mind in the larger context of learning to love God with all that one is and has. Smith provides an important tool for all of us who do pastoral ministry and mission among university students and teachers.”
Josue Olmedo, Logos and Cosmos Initiative Coordinator, IFES Latin America

“John Calvin began The Institutes of the Christian Religion, ‘Nearly all the wisdom we possess, that is to say, true and sound wisdom, consists of two parts: the knowledge of God and of ourselves.’Richard Smith has done a wonderful job exploring how these two knowledges are connected in the Old Testament. His book shows how the biblical message both answers and corrects the deepest questions of humanity outside of Eden, making the Bible (and this book!) worthy of the most serious consideration.”
Thomas K. Johnson, Senior Theological Advisor, World Evangelical Alliance

About the Author

Richard L. Smith received a Masters of Arts in Religion from Westminster Theological Seminary in 1992 and a Ph.D. in Historical Theology in 1996. From 1995 to 2001, he ministered in Prague, Czech Republic, with Global Scholars. Since 2010, Richard has lived and ministered in Buenos Aires, Argentina. and serves as a Senior Advisor for the Society of Christian Scholars . He manages a website and blog, Cosmovisión Bíblica (Biblical Worldview).

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