Why is it that Trump or Democratic rallies garner more enthusiasm than church, and in the process polarize the church?
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Reclaiming Our Political Roots

Rethinking Church in Nationalist Times

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Why is it that Trump or Democratic rallies garner more enthusiasm than church, and in the process polarize the church? Why is it that corporations like SpaceX or Apple receive similar reactions? The Western church is rapidly shrinking, led by an exodus of millennials, who often find more meaning, values, and community in their political party or their workplace than church.

Moreover, our lives have become so fractured that we cannot ascertain any relationship between our work, family, church, the economy, politics, science, or technology.

Reclaiming Our Political Roots argues that the problem is in our allowance of the nation and corporations to be the main providers of justice, healthcare, education, and welfare—goods that the church used to provide. In the process, our lives became fractured as every facet of life was sundered from religious and moral values. But this book argues that, for Christians, the church is our primary political body, not the nation. This is a summons to church leaders, heads of various industries, and anyone who senses the urgency of the above crises to reimagine our very fabric of society so that Christ and his church may have their proper place once again.

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Praise for Reclaiming Our Political Roots

“The church as politics has been a theme developed by a number of recent theologians. Yet they have often not known how to make that claim specific and detailed. In short, they have not known how to go on. But Yohan Hwang, who has the advantage of not being an academic theologian but who is dealing in the give and take of high school teaching, demonstrates in this book he knows how to go on. His scholarship is extraordinary. Anyone looking for an introduction as well as a constructive and substantive development of a theological politics should read this book.”
Stanley Hauerwas, author of War and the American Difference

“America’s best theologian Stanley Hauerwas’s influence on Yohan Hwang is elegantly evident in his book—particularly for the church to be the church in today’s highly public, polarized, and politicized society.”
Benjamin Toh, Senior Pastor, West Loop Church, Chicago

“Yohan Hwang’s book is extremely insightful and an enjoyable read. He speaks the truth that most people want to avoid. I've gotten to know Yohan Hwang extremely well over the last seven years here at Hope, where he teaches mostly low-income African American and Latino students. Yohan is a fantastic teacher who ‘walks the walk.’”
Bob Muzikowski, Founder, Chicago Hope Academy

About the Author

Yohan Hwang is a Bible instructor, history department head, and robotics mentor at Chicago Hope Academy. He received his MTS from Duke Divinity School.

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