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Why Do the Nations Rage?

The Demonic Origin of Nationalism

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What if we understood nationalism as a religion instead of an ideology? What if nationalism is more spiritual than it is political?

Several Christian thinkers have rightly recognized nationalism as a form of idolatry. However, in Why Do the Nations Rage?, David A. Ritchie argues that nationalism is inherently demonic as well. Through an interdisciplinary analysis of scholarship on nationalism and the biblical theology behind Paul’s doctrine of “powers,” Ritchie uncovers how the impulse behind nationalism is as ancient as the tower of Babel and as demonic as the worship of Baal.

Moreover, when compared to Christianity, Ritchie shows that nationalism is best understood as a rival religion that bears its own distinctive (and demonically inspired) false gospel, which seeks to both imitate and distort the Christian gospel.

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Praise for Why Do the Nations Rage?

Why Do the Nations Rage? is a timely work, offering much pastoral and theological insight into the phenomenon of nationalism. Readers will benefit not only from Ritchie’s careful analysis but also from his thoughtful approach to the subject. Written with admirable clarity, his book demonstrates why Christianity should not be confused with nationalism.”
Paul Jeon, Senior Pastor, New City Church

“Nationalism is a scourge on the global Christian church and the world. ... For Christians, nationalism is a rival religion, demanding service and sacrifice. For the American church, that sacrifice is her integrity and global witness in exchange for culture-war victories—a Faustian bargain. With a theologian’s eye and pastor’s heart, Ritchie warns against the demonic idolatry of nationalism and shows us a better way.”
Samuel L. Perry, Author of Taking America Back for God: Christian Nationalism in the United States

“David Ritchie has written a book for our times. Only in God’s providence could David’s passion for biblical truth, academic research, and love for disciples of Christ be channeled to serve us in our current cultural moment. I’m thankful for David’s pastoral insight, incisive wisdom, and kingdom conviction for the spiritual warfare around us—you will be too.”
J. A. Medders, Author of Humble Calvinism

“Exploring both biblical antecedents and historical precedencies of nationalistic spirits over time, Ritchie calls attention to why nationalism is not only on the rise but also why it is seemingly irresistible—its source is what Ritchie names in unabashedly Pauline apocalyptic terms as the demonic powers of nations. Why Do the Nations Rage? is a timely call to an increasingly demi-Christian culture, lured by this subtle idolatry, to beware. Eye-opening.”
Esther E. Acolatse, Knox College, University of Toronto

“Christian nationalism is a buzz phrase with a variety of meanings to different groups. David Ritchie takes a step back and defines and evaluates the phenomenon from a biblical and cultural perspective. The political left and right can attempt to use Jesus for political and national purposes, but David helps us see this is a dead end for biblical Christianity.”
Dusty Thompson, Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church

About the Author

David A. Ritchie was born and raised in the West Texas wilderness city of Amarillo, where he serves as the Lead Pastor of Redeemer Christian Church. He holds degrees from Amarillo College, West Texas A&M University, and Reformed Theological Seminary. In addition to pastoring Redeemer, David is a part-time Instructor of Religion at West Texas A&M, an op-ed writer for the Amarillo Globe News, and a highly engaged leader in the Amarillo community. He serves on the boards of numerous non-profit organizations and ministries, including the Refugee Language Project and the Redeemer Network, and has also been an advocate for racial conciliation efforts in Amarillo.

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