A new Christian presence that is free of dogmatism, exclusivism, and biblicism.
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Honest To Goodness

An Ethical and Spiritual Odyssey

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Is the Christianity of the historic creeds sufficiently ethical?

In these days of paedophile priests, of continued gender bias, and pastors seemingly more interested in wealth than faith, this is the hard question that must be faced as never before.

Honest to Goodness is written for those to dare to do that. It’s written out of a life-long career of researching the ethics of both traditional and liberal forms of Christianity, with respect and understanding of these faith communities. The author believes that ethical practice and openness to all truth is more important than any other way of being a Christian at this time.

Author Martin Prozesky says: "I contend that the second-worst sin Christians can commit is to act and believe unethically, when judged in the light of Christianity’s own core ethical values of love, justice and truthfulness.

The worst one is doing this in the name of the God of perfect goodness, in whom there is nothing loveless, unjust, and untruthful whatsoever. This is also a spiritual failure of commitment to Jesus, the superlative ethical and spiritual revolutionary of history.

Yet this is exactly what my lengthy research, as a senior professor of ethics and religion, has revealed, research done in the United States, Britain, and especially in my home country of South Africa under, against and after apartheid.

I found that the worst ethical problems occur in certain core fundamentalist and evangelical beliefs and related practices. These are their beliefs about eternal life, salvation, the Bible, and above all about God. I found that none passes the rigorous ethical scrutiny I felt compelled, out of honesty to goodness, to apply.
Since it is always our ethical duty to tell the truth we have found, I have done so to the best of my ability in my new book Honest to Goodness."

Honest to Goodness proposes a new Christian presence that is free of dogmatism, exclusivism, and biblicism. It charts a way back to the spiritual and ethical revolution begun by Jesus of Nazareth, one that can make a vital difference to needless evils such as bigotry, environmental destruction, poverty, and violence. The book reveals the author's experience of living under, against, and after apartheid, insisting that a faith that does not confront this world's evils is no faith at all, but a dangerous betrayal of all that is good, beautiful, and true.

Honest to Goodness unflinchingly identifies the grave moral shortcomings that are embedded in traditional Christian beliefs and practices, and proposes ways of transforming them into harmony with the divine goodness that the author discerns everywhere.

Embracing a world of religious diversity, science, and creative philosophy, the book describes a new way of experiencing and expressing the divine. It defends faith by moving beyond both theism and atheism.

If you're ready for a revolutionary read, request Honest to Goodness today.

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Praise for Honest to Goodness

“The twentieth century was one in which deconstruction held sway. Some Christians held ever more tightly to earlier ideas. Many saw Christianity as irrelevant or worse. Some modified Christianity to disconnect it from what was being deconstructed and relate it to the new situation. Prozesky insightfully and movingly recounts his own path through these options and beyond them to calling all to a total commitment to the good, which in his case is deeply inspired by the historical Jesus. Conservative and liberal Christians, atheists and those who are spiritual but not religious, and members of other faith communities will all profit from his appreciative analysis and sensitive criticisms. Following his journey is a moving and even gripping experience. Learn from his journey and think for yourself.”
—John B. Cobb Jr., Center for Process Studies and Process & Faith

“Martin Prozesky invites us in Honest to Goodness to join him on his amazing ‘ethically spiritual and spiritually ethical’ journey. He navigates the worlds of conservative, liberal, and progressive Christianity. These worlds are reimagined and refashioned through the lens of ‘good’ or ‘goodness.’ We do well to hitch a ride with him and alight enlivened and enlightened to continue our own journey.”
—Cornel Barnett, Pastor, Presbyterian Church (USA), retired

About the Author

Martin Prozesky is a research fellow of the University of the Free State and an emeritus professor of the University of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa. He studied theology at Rhodes and Oxford Universities and at the former Episcopal Theological School in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has been a visiting professor and researcher in Claremont, California, at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Southern Methodist University and Trinity College, Oxford. His previous books and papers were published in Britain, the USA and South Africa.

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