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Mourning the Dream

Amor Fati: An Illustrated Mythopoetic Inquiry

Hi <<First Name>>,

What was the dream?
Where and when did I lose it? I
s its mourning complete?
Will it ever be complete?
Did I really lose the dream?
To whom or what did I believe I lost it?
Is it possible to find it again?

These questions offer the structure and nature of myth. They are the myth. Every myth holds loss. Loss is often the beginning of a myth, the events that form the very substance and structure of myth: The fairy tale that takes us deep into the forest of life where we are lost amongst those trees whose roots reach to the core of our being.

Everyone has a tale. What is rare is the courage to follow this tale to the dark place it leads us to. Shadowlands. Descent. Abduction from ‘reality’. Depth Psychology is interested in Psyche’s story after the descent, and Jungian art therapist, online workshop leader, and author Susanna Ruebsaat takes us there, blending archetype and biography in this powerful tome.

If you're ready to take the (actual) journey of a lifetime, Mourning the Dream is for you. Request it today.

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Praise for Mourning the Dream

“Rarely have I seen the inner dimension of visceral experience brought so tangibly to light as in Mourning the Dream—Amor Fati. Dr. Ruebsaat poignantly, poetically, and with remarkable transparency, explores hidden corners of her psyche while engaging in a dialogue with her readers that supports their own self-exploration. Ultimately, this powerful work of image and soul reaches beyond the realm of individual healing to offer the promise of helping to heal the splits and wounds of our culture at large.”
Steven M. Rosen, author of Dreams, Death, Rebirth

“It is rare to see such beautiful paintings as clear examples of Carl Jung’s active imagination. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to all. In fact, it reminds me of Christian Gaillar’s work The Soul of Art. Susanna Ruebsaat’s book is an exceptional blend of art, image, and meaning.”
David H. Rosen, author of Transforming Depression: Healing the Soul through Creativity

“Symbolic awareness combines play of imagination with the distance to observe the inner unconscious process—we and our world are re-formed. Symbol, not yet an image, but more a felt sense of new direction, has an intensity that both pushes and draws us into the unlived life, driving us to live. Dr. Ruebsaat, through her words and art, shows us how to allow an emergence—a new container for life—as we learn to live.”
Mary Barnes, retired RCC

About the Author

Susanna Ruebsaat is a Jungian-oriented art therapist, clinical counselor, and supervisor. She has developed a mythopoetic mentorship for practitioners wanting to bring an archetypal lens to their practice. Her experiential sessions in alchemical art therapy, working with soma and symbol, shape a mythopoetic inquiry that acts as a container for the metamorphosis of trauma. Dr. Ruebsaat also teaches mythopoetic inquiry and group art therapy at a training institute in British Columbia. You can participate in her powerful online workshops here.

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