We are in the midst of our last full day in Thailand before journeying back to Canada. We'd love to share our thoughts with you.
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Hello from Thailand

thoughts as our Thai time comes to a close

We're on the verge of wrapping up our time in Thailand. We cannot fully articulate all of our thoughts at this time. Gut feelings, observations, the opinions and experiences of others, and passing moments have tangled together in our understanding of Thailand. We need God to help untangle our thoughts and weave together a deeper, more divine, understanding of life in the Kingdom of Thailand. Our time here has proven invaluable and we have no doubt that we will be speaking of the insights gained for years to come. Our transition didn't begin this week, but it did put on flesh in a whole new way. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this time possible. There are so many to thank - those who loved on our little humans in our absence, those who made our travel possible, those who facilitated our time on the ground, those who sent encouraging words, and those who prayed. We are part of a global family and in seasons like these you truly see how missions is a family affair. 

A lot of ground has been covered during our time here: exploring areas of the city, meeting the PAOC and Imagine Thailand team, visiting the Bible College, sitting in on a Thai language lesson, helping set some of the groundwork for OMEGA's upcoming trip to Thailand, and building relationships. Perhaps greater than this has been the ability to walk, observe, converse, and pray with our feet on the ground. There is something powerful in being present. 

Read more of our thoughts from our time here:
DAY ONE | DAY TWO | DAY THREE | DAY FOUR | DAY FIVE  with more to come on our blog and see our pictures / videos using the Instagram links below. 

Be Involved

from you | thru us | to Thailand

The hardest part of this time in Thailand is having to leave. We welcome you to prayerfully consider investing into Thailand though us and the work of Imagine Thailand. 

To donate online and receive a Canadian tax receipt CLICK HERE.

To donate online and receive an American tax receipt CLICK HERE.

An amazing way you can be a part of our support community is by championing. You know people we don't and so you have the opportunity to be a connector. Use these One Pagers (print it or share digitally) to help start the conversation.

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Pray with Us

we believe there is strength in numbers

  • safe return to Canada
  • provision as we continue to fundraise
  • health and well-being in the midst of a full season (our kiddos are both a little cough and cold-ish right now)
  • that the relationships we began during this visit would grow in depth despite distance 
  • the logistics and practicalities of our upcoming transition 
  • divine insight as we make decisions about accommodations, school etc. These choices have far-reaching impact. 

CANADIAN residents can partner with us through the International Missions department of the PAOC to receive a tax receipt.
AMERICAN residents can partner with us through our American sister organization to receive a tax receipt.
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