Transition seems to be our new norm, but this change brings a great opportunity. We'd love to share about it with you.
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A Major Transition....yes, again

A new opportunity brings new challenges and a new adventure

A Dream Job is an elusive thing. For years Amber has expressed that being the Assistant Director of Summit Pacific College's OMEGA Global Program is her dream job. It's mentoring, it's discipleship, it's missions, it's education - it's an intense year! It was through her own participation in the OMEGA program that Amber first went to Summit and her understanding of life direction was clarified. She went on to intern for the program for 3 years. Matthew also interned for OMEGA in his last year. While living in Slovakia, we were Overseers (the adult supervision, believe it or not) when OMEGA went to the Czech Republic. Clearly, we believe in the impact of OMEGA.

With Amber's Maternity Leave coming to an end, we realized the transition to life with 2 kids and 2 jobs would soon be upon us. It's more emotionally invested than we anticipated. Rather than a job for money, Amber wanted something meaningful - and then the invitation to interview came. Having turned down the job once before years ago, Amber has accepted the position of OMEGA Global Assistant Director.


OMEGA's motto is "Head, Heart, Hands" and combines weekly volunteer work in a church-setting and a community-setting, college education, team work, and individual mentoring. For more information check out OMEGA by clicking here.

What Does this Look Like?

In August we will be moving to Summit Pacific College in Abbotsford, BC. We do mean this literally. We will be living in an apartment on campus. The position is part-time, though there will be seasons where volunteer hours are required. At the end of the school year, OMEGA spends one month overseas in a missional capacity. This coming year OMEGA will be going to Brazil.

Amber will be responsible for mentoring the young women in the OMEGA program, helping with administration and logistics, connecting with the students' weekly ministries, and going overseas with the students as an Overseer.

Being on campus and part of student life, we believe we have something to offer - not our great wisdom, but the lessons learned from life overseas, marriage, parenting, and our adventure with God. We've stood on the shoulders of those who've gone before us and want to be a part of propelling others forward.

How This Fits with our Leave of Absence

This wasn't part of our original plan (and we do so love our plans). As this is a part-time position, the cost of moving from Ontario to BC is ours. We'll be using funds earmakred for Matthew's MBA. Furthermore, the move will overlap with exams meaning Matthew will miss out on one exam session. Obviously this transition poses a few challenges, but we believe it to be an opportunity worth investing in.

From the beginning, we have been clear that this is a time not just for educational enrichment to help us secure visas, but a time for growth and development. OMEGA is exactly that and as such is exactly what we are looking for during our Leave of Absence. Our hearts remain unswayed from missions and we very much see the missional value in the OMEGA program.

For us, OMEGA and our Leave of Absence are a perfect fit.

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contacts us. We welcome your prayers as the next few weeks will bring our old friends packing, transition, and the unknown back into our lives.

Other Happenings

Daily Life

The kids continue to grow and we remain in amazement at their development. We're overcome and exhilarated every single day. Daxon is in motion from the moment he wakes until the moment we tuck him in. Fear is not in his vocabulary. Zala is proving us wrong as we thought her the more reserved of the two. She continues to hold her own with a strength all her own.

God has been good to us and we've seen him cause people to like us more than they naturally should and extend great kindness. There are opportunities to love him and love others around us each and every day. Amber is shifting gears as she ends her maternity leave. Life will look very different in a short amount of time. At the bank Matthew has prayed for people in the staff room and coworkers call it the "Matthew minute" when they get gospel truth, even if they don't realize it. This week, Matthew told his manager about our plan to leave and they referred to him as a gift from God - an odd statement for a non-believer. All of this isn't to brag about Matthew but rather to demonstrate how we see God doing good things in the simple moments. It's amazing what God will do when we give him space in the everyday.

Invest in Worship

We believe there is something powerful in worship. We've been telling our dear friend, Joel Reimer, to make a worship album for years. Joel and his family have recently moved back from serving in India and he's written a worship album. Now it's time to get it funded and produced. People seem to gravitate easier to funding missions rather than projects and we often are guilty of thinking of worship music as a business for profit. Joel has a Kickstarter fundraising campaign going and the deadline is June 28th (it's all or nothing with Kickstarter). We personally have made a pledge and encourage you to do the same. Investing in worship is an investment so much bigger than we can fully grasp. Invest here.
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