Bill C-28 comes into effect July 1 and we want to keep our contact with you legal. We're picky like that.
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New Law = Another E-Mail

On July 1st, Canada's new anti-spam legislation comes into effect (nothing says Happy Canada Day like a new law). This legislation requires us to have your consent to continue sending updates about life and missions. Seeing as you have, at some point in the past, opted to receive our updates, this e-mail will serve as your implied consent to receive further updates from us.

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Since we're here in your inbox already, let us share about how a new meeting space and new pastor are changing our church home in Poland. As they put it, "new chapel = new possibilities". The new pastor, Mieczysław Kotelnicki, came shortly after we left Poland and the move to Włocławek was a big step of faith for him. We've heard good things and there seems to be momentum building. Change was needed and there are outward signs of that change - even in physical things like the new meeting space and a new website. They are small actions but are hopefully part of something much larger. Please continue to pray for the church in Włocławek.
Check out the video of the old facility and the reno of the new one by clicking here. The first service was held May 18 and they need help paying off the cost of the renovations. Deposit information for their bank account is located on the website and Google Translate can help the Polish-challenged.


Thank you to those who supported, either financially or prayerfully, our friend Joel Reimer as he raised funds for his worship album. The donation deadline was today and we're thrilled to share he surpassed his funding goal. Please continue to invest through prayer and keep an eye out for the release of his album.


  • peace and energy as we prepare to move
  • stability and joy for Daxon and Zala as their world changes and they don't fully understand why
  • the logistics of moving
  • safety as we travel (Amber and the kids will be flying and Matthew will be driving - with a co-driver too)
  • wisdom on how to manage our finances through a move we didn't plan for
  • that students would begin to like us more than they naturally should even before we arrive
  • the transition from Maternity Leave to working (there is a new rhythm of life to be learned)
  • vision for what this next season could / should look like
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