May saw us apart and back together again. It's been eventful and has us physically tired, but oh so excited for what comes next.
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Amber + OMEGA take on Thailand

I (Amber) had the privilege of going on my 7th OMEGA trip this May. We traveled to Thailand to work with Imagine Thailand (the organization we will be working for when we move). Our team of 47 was divided into 5 teams serving in 6 different communities over 25 days. Students taught English in over 20 different schools to over 1000 students. Other ministry opportunities included doing Vacation Bible School for community kids, helping to run a youth retreat for one of the churches in Bangkok, running kids ministry for pastors kids at a pastoral retreat and serving in two different Burmese communities just inside Myanmar. For me there is nothing more fulfilling that seeing the students that I’ve done life with for this past year, begin to step out in courage and confidence serving God and others in ways they had never imagined they would.

It was coincidence (more likely God’s divine intervention) that the OMEGA trip was to Thailand, the very place we are moving in a few short months. Spending 25 days in the country I will call HOME [click on link to read blog Amber posted from Thailand] was a gift. Great connections were made to national pastors, other Global Workers and the Imagine Thailand team. As I served alongside our OMEGA students, God was opening my mind to the possibilities that await in that country. There are LEADERS waiting to be developed, there are CHILDREN who are being cared for and need the opportunity to learn English, their are practical needs that are waiting to be met. But greater than all of that, there is a nation who needs Jesus.


ongoing training for Global Workers

Two days after Amber came home from Thailand, we began the two-week development journey that is Segue. This is part of our sending organizations training process. It's a packed time of development, one-on-one sessions, group work, deep study, and practical pointers. It's held at Summit Pacific College (where we live) and so we are juggling work, Daxon's preschool, and Segue. We'd love to show you a picture of the wonderful people we are getting to know as they too prepare to head around the globe, but for the security of some and the national partners they work with, we cannot. We are among a talented and passionate group of people, drawn from diverse experience, and we're so excited to see all that is to come. Pray for them, and us, as we head into week two.


we are all witnesses

The theme for Historymaker 2016 was Acts 1:8. It is the reality that #weareallwitnesses empowered to make Him know. This reality happened over the weekend as:
  • 1,900 students and leaders participated at HM,
  • 200 teens came to Christ for the very first time or rededicated their lives to Christ,
  • 1600 students and leaders went through REAL TALKS to help equip them to be effective witnesses for Christ,
  • $11,000 was raised for On Mission projects (of which Imagine Thailand is one)
  • over 500 students responded to be empowered for witness.

Megan and Matthew were invited to be interviewed as part of the Saturday evening session at HistoryMaker. It was an honour to share some of our journey, and God's story in our lives, with these students. Check out the VIDEO.


from you | thru us | to Thailand

Anyone in the not-for-profit world will tell you that autumn is the season for fundraising. Since we want to launch to Thailand in August and got the go ahead to start fundraising after last fall, we do feel the "out of season" pinch. We've it a fundraising wall. It happens. We're calling it our  57% plateau.

We're not stressed. Either God is a God who provides, or He's not. We believe He is. 100%.

All this plateau talk is simply to be accountable to you as part of our fundraising journey and to share honestly about where we are. We believe there are people out there who intend to partner with us, but haven't let us know yet. Please do let us into your thoughts. A pledge (your promise to start donating at a future point) still counts towards the 75% we need to book our tickets and go.

To donate online and receive a Canadian tax receipt CLICK HERE.

To donate online and receive an American tax receipt CLICK HERE.

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we believe there is strength in numbers

  • say a thank you to God for all the good that happened in May: HistoryMaker, the OMEGA trip to Thailand, Matthew didn't lose one of the kids
  • a special thank you for all of the traveling safety as Amber was in Thailand and Matthew was in Montreal
  • we'd like to exit our funding plateau so we can go, go, go
  • for continued binding and learning for all of us participating in Segue
  • the logistics of life as we prepare to launch
  • safety as we hit the road to speak and connect in different places and a sense of rootedness for our children as inconsistency becomes more consistent

CANADIAN residents can partner with us through the International Missions department of the PAOC to receive a tax receipt.
AMERICAN residents can partner with us through our American sister organization to receive a tax receipt.
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