A change of seasons is just around the corner and we are gearing up for all that the fall has in store.
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So Long Summer

we're right there with you wondering, "where did summer go?"

This summer has been fun and full of memories worth keeping. The joy of kids exploring summer is as action packed as their wonder at Christmas time (but let's not rush there quite yet).

Amber continued working with OMEGA as the focus shifts to recruitment and admin throughout the summer. It's an intensive program and planning is essential. Matthew continued his 3 jobs and studies. And so our household was a mix of modified schedules and business as usual. We wouldn't call it restful, but it wasn't boring!

Summer Highlights:
  • there is a great community of people who live on campus throughout the summer. We've helped host "Dinners on the Mole Knoll" and there is so much to be gained from the clamor and connectivity of community.
  • we were invited to share at a family reunion (not blood, but chosen family). Amber, along with top-notch OMEGA intern Elysia Bewernick, shared with the kids while Matthew spoke on the importance of family.
  • Matthew got his exam results back from one of his Masters courses. He's pleased with the results. Thanks for your prayers. Now onto the next course!
  • Carla and Randy Redmann, who run Home of the Good Shepherd with whom OMEGA partnered with in Brazil, came for a visit and we hosted a meal for them and students in the area. We cannot say enough how much respect we have for Randy and Carla.
  • a Brit, a Slovak, and an Albertan walk into a BC apartment - it's not the opening line of a joke, but rather a great visit from friends who traveled a long way to visit. It was life-giving to have part of our European world come to visit.
  • throughout the summer Matthew oversaw a team of interns at ChildCare INTERNATIONAL where he works part-time. It was stretching, but there were some great lessons learned about team.

Organizing Autumn

calendars are out as we prepare for the coming season

The college is returning to office hours and this year's OMEGA class is on track to be a big one! As Amber prepares for the school year, we are preparing Daxon to go to preschool. He's so excited and we're baffled how we got here. With kids, we've heard it said, "the days are long, but the years are short".

It's looking like our time will be stretched a little thinner this fall and there are a lot of moving parts. Be praying for us that we have divine help in seeing what to focus on and when.

Fall Highlights:
  • Amber has been invited to speak as part of the panel at the Free to Lead Conference - Inspiring Women for Influence taking place in October in Fort Langley, BC.
  • Amber will be sharing on Coaching: Skills and Character for Leadership, Friendship, and Forward Motion at Summit Pacific College's Student Leaders Retreat
  • Matthew has come on board at Summit Pacific College as part of the Global Worker in Residence program and will be co-teaching a class during the fall semester with Zach Wylie (a good friend and stellar human).
  • through Reapers in the Rain, Matthew's Dad Chuck is traveling the remote coast of Vancouver Island by boat as part of an outreach team at the end of August / start of September. We're excited to see these BC communities impacted and excited to have time with family.
  • the eb and flow of the academic calendar dictates so much of our life right now. We're excited for the campus to welcome students in just 2 weeks.
  • our home church is church planting again and we are transitioning to the new campus. Our schedule limits how much we can be involved, but Slovakia taught us about the value of church planting and we see it as one of the key ways forward for the Canadian church. Be praying for Living Waters - Willoughby Campus under the leadership of Ryan and Katrina Bedwell and our dear friends Joel and Brandi Reimer as we launch this fall. 

Muck MS Canada

Canada has one of the highest MS rates in the world, but this is more personal than a statistic

Our dear friend Kim Moran has MS. She reminds us often that hope anchors her soul. Learn about her journey through In Everything.

On October 3rd, Matthew, as part of Kim's team, is doing Muck MS - a 5km, 15 obstacle course to champion the work of the MS Society of Canada. You can support our team and the fight against MS by donating online or to any team member in person.

MS picked a fight with our friend and so we're fighting back together!
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