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Ocea and the Okra Flower.


Diane brought Nancy who worked on the weeds. Diane brought greens for the worms - in the first pic the shredded paper which keeps the moisture just right, is moved aside for the addition of greens, in the second the paper is replenished and the box is ready to close, so the worms can peacefully continue to make their plant nourishing worm tea.

Garden shoes...

Garden shirt - Cindy cared for the hens and Mark did his part - many hands make us like work. :) 

Sam and Ellen taking part. Linda was there too, and Denise.
Tim , maybe Edgar - by now my memories run together.
Eggplant is still growing and has a tiny purple flower but they have not been the best crop this year - unlike squash which are flourishing.


Eggplant  leaves and flower. So much I know now, that I didn't before - this is such enjoyable, painless learning.

Harvest --

We voted on whether to let the hens roam on other days - the consensus was they have to stay cooped because the hawk may get them, and they  bother the neighbors' gardens. Bella is picking on Curtis - i think we need another hen run - anyone know of a spare? Here's some info that makes me think we really need another coop.

See you Sat 16th; at 407 we will continue to:
Prep the soil for crops,
Take home or bring seeds to start,
Harvest: okra , callaoo, squash, peppers (hot) 
Maintain worms, compost, grassy areas. 
Water and tend new growth.

I learned a lot from Barbara Marx Hubbard - about conscious evolution. Evolve or die time for humankind. How else can I manifest this but by doing such things as the community garden - here's a link to an interview with her. 

Cheers LIB

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