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Recovering from Fascism

There is a humanist economist named Umair Haque who wrote an article for Eudaimonia who wrote an article titled: This is How You Recover From Fascism — and America’s Not Doing Any of It. It's worth reading.

Umair, if you have not heard of is, is the son of an economist and, according to wikipedia is  the director of the Havas Media Lab, blogs in the Harvard Business Review and is author of the book The New Capitalist Manifesto: Building a Disruptively Better Business

And yes, I do want to interview him for my lunch and learn video series.

Anyway, in the blog post he argues that the USA just experienced "the classical sequence of fascist collapse, from concentration camps to kids tortured in them to Gestapos disappearing people on the streets all the way right down to a bloody coup attempt at the Capitol."

He then goes on to explain the three things that must happen for the USA to recover and to NOT continue to go down the road to fascism and serfdom. 

1) justice on a big enough scale to hold the fascist (all of them) accountable. 

2) economic reform - Think - new Marshall plan for USA,

3) Bigots, racists and otherists must be treated as social outcasts, and scorned.

In order for ANY of that to happen, we have to acknowledge, we just experienced fascism. And we have to decide, we don't want that here and then take collective action to make sure it doesn't happen again. 

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