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     July 2019



     EASA Announces Best Practice Awards Jury!
     ASA (UK)
     AUTOCONTROL (Spain)
     Clearcast (UK)
     RAC (Romania)
     RÖK (Turkey)
     IAB Europe


EASA Announces Best Practice Awards 2019 Jury! 

EASA is delighted to announce the jury for its Best Practice Awards 2019!

The EASA Best Practice awards are organised to highlight the work that self-regulatory organisations have done to develop best practices and raise the profile of self-regulation. The Awards are also intended to promote the advertising self-regulatory system overall. This year’s Awards ceremony will take place at EASA’s Gala Dinner in Stockholm during its Biannual Meetings in October.

Jury members are chosen from EASA’s industry membership associations with the aim of highlighting the important role that the advertising industry plays in self-regulation. This year’s panel reflects the various components of the advertising ecosystem: advertisers, agencies, and a diversity of media (print, digital, and out of home).

2019 jury members are as follows:

Tamara Daltroff, Director General, EACA

Tamara Daltroff has been Director General of the European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) since July 2018 having joined the EACA team in 2012 as EU Affairs Manager and later EU Affairs Director. She began her career in public relations before working for the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKO) representing the interests of Communications Agencies at the national level.

Townsend Feehan, CEO, IAB Europe

Townsend Feehan is CEO of IAB Europe. Prior to joining IAB Europe, Townsend worked for Microsoft Legal & Corporate Affairs in Brussels and ran EU industry associations in the ICT, consumer electronics and biotechnology sectors. She previously represented Microsoft on IAB Europe’s Board. Townsend has an M. Phil. in European policy from the University of Edinburgh. 

Ilias Konteas, Executive Director, EMMA/ENPA

Ilias Konteas is the joint Executive Director for EMMA and ENPA as of 1st October 2018. Ilias has a legal background with a specialisation in European law, including European media law. Before joining ENPA/EMMA, he spent 16 years at BUSINESSEUROPE, in charge of intellectual property issues.

Julia Quintella, Policy Manager, WFA

Julia Quintella is a Policy Manager at the World Federation of Advertisers, working primarily on alcohol policy matters. She coordinates the Responsible Marketing Pact, the European alcohol industry’s commitment to responsible marketing.

Richard Saturley, Communications and Operations Manager, WOO

Richard Saturley has been working with the World Out of Home Organization since 2014. He was initially brought in to WOO to manage the Always On Research Project but has seen his role broaden to a cover a wider Communications and Operations Remit which includes management of the WOO awards, working with partners such as EASA, ICAS and the EFFIES as well as the National OOH Associations.

Dagmara Szulce, Managing Director, IAA Global

Dagmara Szulce joined the International Advertising Association (IAA) in September 2017 as the Global Managing Director and oversees IAA Global and it's 30 local chapters around the world. Prior to joining IAA, Dagmara was the President and Founder of Dagmara Szulce LLC, and has a 20-year proven track record in building & transforming brands globally and in the US.

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ASA Partners With ITV to Inform 'Love Island' Contestants

The ASA partnered up with the broadcaster ITV to help contestants on their popular reality TV show, Love Island, understand the advertising rules on social media, which apply to all other influencers and celebrities.
Many brands may look to enter into commercial partnerships with contestants as a quick and effective way of reaching and promoting directly to their large social media followers.
That’s why the ASA has created an ‘advertising survival kit’, an at-a-glance checklist, to equip Love Islanders with the tools they need to be upfront and clear with their followers if and when their social media posts are in fact ads.
On top of providing the checklist the ASA will work with ITV, as part of the channel’s duty of care commitments to contestants, to signpost more detailed guidance and to make available its advice and training resources. The ASA will also be contacting the talent agencies that represent contestants to make them fully aware of the advertising rules and their responsibilities in helping their clients stick to them.
Further information and a copy of the checklist can be found here.

AUTOCONTROL & Fenin Launch Verification Seal For Advertising Of Healthcare Products

A new collaboration agreement has been signed today between the Spanish Federation of companies of Healthcare Technology (Fenin) and the Association for the Self-Regulation of Commercial Communication (AUTOCONTROL) with the objective to help companies in the sector of Healthcare Products to meet legal and deontological standards. As a result of this agreement the creation of an advertising verification seal named the "AUTOCONTROL-Fenin" seal, is envisaged.

This seal, whose application is voluntary for companies in this sector, will allow patients, healthcare professionals and the general public to identify those advertising campaigns of healthcare products that have obtained a previous report or Positive Copy Advice® granted by the Technical Office of AUTOCONTROL, once verified the compliance with the advertising regulations that result from application, both general and specific for the reason of media, or the specific product promoted. All of this, obviously, without prejudice to any of the powers of the public administrations in this matter, and the need to obtain the corresponding administrative authorization for advertising, when it is required.

"This collaboration offers companies in the sector a voluntary tool to help verify that advertising campaigns for their healthcare products contain truthful and legal messages that can be disseminated in the media and on social networks," said Margarita Alfonsel, Secretary General of Fenin. Alfonsel explained also that the project will encourage greater credibility of the publicity issued by our associates, since it will be reviewed by a group of experts from AUTOCONTROL. In addition, the supervision of marketing campaigns and communications, by AUTOCONTROL before its dissemination, will enable to detect and correct those that do not comply with legal or deontological regulations before they reach health professionals, patients and consumers.

For his part, the General Director of AUTOCONTROL, José Domingo Gómez Castallo, stressed that “both, the Agreement and the Seal are another sign of the commitment of the Spanish industry, in this case, of Fenin and the companies of Healthcare Products, for a legal, honest, and truthful advertising”.  He added that this new sectoral self-regulatory advertising program highlights, once again, the usefulness of the tools that the self-regulatory advertising system makes available to the industry to carry out responsible communication,  for consumers, companies and administration.

On the other hand, all those companies that use the new Seal, undertake to assume the competence of the Advertising Jury of AUTOCONTROL - extrajudicial organization of resolution of advertising disputes, accredited as ADR by the government, in the event that their advertisements are object of claim. Again, always without prejudice to the exercise of administrative powers that may correspond in each case.

Clearcast Introduces A Fast Track Service
In response to industry demand, Clearcast has set up a Fast Track service. When you submit a new piece of work to Clearcast, you will now have the opportunity to Fast Track it for a fee. If you take up this option, then you are guaranteed to receive feedback within 1 working day. This could be at the script stage, or at the video stage.
Your submission won’t be handled by your usual Clearcast contact but will be directly handled by Matt Stevens, the Clearcast Fast Track Manager who can be contacted on fasttrack@clearcast.co.uk or 020 7339 4777.

To date, forty-two  ads have already been cleared in this way and here’s some of the feedback from clients:

“A really good initiative, especially for retail/FMCG clients who often require flexible and reactive solutions.” - Vii Vaghela, Project Manager, Pablo

“The service has been amazing” – Toni Hayden, Head of Creative, PRETTYLITTLETHING.COM

Please visit the Fast Track page for lots more information.
First Meeting of the Turkish Advertising Council

ROK was first recognised officially at national level with the new legislation regarding “The Regulation of Advertising Council”, which was published in December 2014. The first meeting of the Council was held on 3 July. At the meeting the agenda of the Council was composed and working groups were formed. ROK is a member and has 5 seats within this Council.

The aim of the Council is as follows:
  • Monitors current and international developments and court decisions related to the marketing communications industry, and creates views and proposals for the development of regulatory and supervisory functions in these areas.
  • If necessary, establishes working groups and determines the chairs of these working groups.
  • Examines the reports of the working groups and initiates discussions.
  • Discusses the issues related to the advertising industry and make proposals for promoting public awareness.
  • Develops proposals to ensure healthy measurements on all media channels.
  • Monitors the developments on the comments and suggestions set out, evaluates the results, informs the community, publishes these works and creates guidelines if necessary.
ROK To Launch New Web Site!

ROK’s website will be redesigned and updated with a modern view. The agency started to work on the new design, which is planned to be online in the following months.  

Save the Date: Effie Awards & Gala - 15 October, Brussels

For more information and to register, visit the website here

EACA's Statement on New Finnish Presidency of the European Council

Read it here

Winners announced for the EACA International Advertising Summer School 2019!

In the first week of July, nearly 80 participants from across 15 European countries took part in the 2019 EACA International Advertising Summer School. For its 10th edition EACA had the pleasure of coming back to the city where it first started - Paris. It was hosted by Sup de Pub with the privilege to have the Eiffel Tower as a constant source of inspiration and reminder of the location.

EACA was excited to have The Economist as this year’s client. They challenged the participants to create a campaign to help The Economist grow its awareness and relevance among younger people in the UK. 

The participants were a mix of students in the field of commercial communications and young professionals working in media, creative and digital agencies. They were split into international and multidisciplinary teams- 5 foundation and 8 advanced depending on their level.

At the end of the week all 13 teams presented their pitches in from of the jury- Jamie Credland from The Economist, Gilles Nakhle from Sup de Pub, Maxime Trenton from Havas Paris and our very own Micky Denehy.

The winning Foundation team Cartoon (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Greece) impressed the jury with their campaign “Not only Economist”.

More information here
edcom releases its Talent Roundtable White Paper

The edcom Talent Roundtable, in partnership with Kantar, brought together professionals with different backgrounds from across Europe to discuss what skills and qualities are required from the next generation of talent and what the challenges in recruiting talented young people are. Today, edcom published the results of this discussion.

Despite offering exciting, interesting and rewarding career opportunities, the advertising industry is struggling to attract the depth and diversity of talent it needs to thrive. Changing priorities of Generation Y and Z, the need for greater diversity and inclusion as well as the competition of the media giants are the main challenges the industry is facing. While ad agencies are taking steps to address these challenges, universities that teach commercial communications are also striving to adapt their curricula to the changing needs of the industry to better prepare students for a job in an agency.

The White Paper distils the discussion and the outcomes of the Roundtable providing insights for both universities teaching commercial communications as well as for advertising agencies.

More information here

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Majority of marketers want to spend more on programmatic audio

Investment in programmatic audio is set to rise, with the majority (60%) of buy-side respondents looking to increase their programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months.

According to new research from Xaxis, the outcome-media company, conducted in association with IAB Europe, the full potential of audio is not being realised within Europe. Although 59% are already utilising the capabilities of programmatic audio to some extent, spend is low – over three quarters (79%) invest less than 10% of total ad spend on audio, and two-fifths (41%) allocate no budget to programmatic audio.

Surprisingly, confidence is low, with only a small proportion of buy-side marketers (15%) feeling confident in their understanding of programmatic audio. However, when speaking to the sell side, this is doubled with 30% stating confidence in programmatic audio understanding.

Despite the fact marketers are conservative in their approach to allocating significant budgets to audio, the top three drivers for investing in audio advertising are recognised as complementing the media mix (63%), reaching specific audiences (59%), and raising brand awareness (58%). The majority of respondents agreed that to reach audiences, device choice is important, with mobile ranking top (88%) followed by laptop/desktop (61%), in-car (59%) and tablet (46%).

For marketers, the key drivers for investment in programmatic audio are achieving targeting efficiencies (63%) and taking advantage of data insights (44%). However, two strong barriers to exploring audio investment are having a clear understanding of the impact of programmatic audio trading on total revenue (49%) and the availability of technology (44%).

“Programmatic audio is the future,” commented Alex McGibbon, Vice President of Client Solutions, Xaxis. “There is the potential for Europe to lead the way in cementing it as an essential component of today’s media mix. There is an obvious appetite to increase knowledge and understanding of programmatic capabilities and if addressed, the opportunity to boost programmatic audio spend over the next 18 months.”

Daniel Knapp, Chief Economist at IAB Europe, commented: “Audio’s high level of consumer engagement married with the efficiency of programmatic delivery and brand safe environments creates a highly appealing media channel for brands.”

Download the report here.

IAB Europe launches new Economic Trends Forum

IAB Europe is delighted to launch its new Economic Trends Forum.

Led by Dr. Daniel Knapp, IAB Europe’s Chief Economist and supported by the Marketing team, this new forum will offer market analysis and industry insights for IAB Europe’s corporate members and network of National IABs. Every 8 weeks, a webinar or face to face event will be hosted. Free for members to attend, each forum will focus on a different industry topic with a detailed analysis of the marketplace. A member Q&A will be a part of all sessions to surely generate some lively debate and discussions. IAB Europe’s Economic Trends Forum will also be producing some great written content which will be hosted on our website.

In addition, Tier 1 IAB Europe members will be able to access exclusive free analyst hours. With direct access to IAB Europe’s Chief Economist, Tier 1 companies can gain market insights and trends focused to their business needs. For more information, please contact the marketing team – Helen Mussard (mussard@iabeurope.eu) and Marie-Clare Puffett (puffett@iabeurope.eu).

The first Economic Trends Forum was a webinar on 25th July. The focus of the first Forum will be the size, growth and spending dynamics across the region, drawing on insights from IAB Europe’s flagship AdEx Benchmark study.

A schedule of upcoming events will be available on the IAB Europe website in the coming weeks.

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