Is PayPal Just Like A Bank??

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Is PayPal Just Like A Bank??
In the news on October 21, there were several companies that were attacked by a hacker. The sites affected included PayPal, Twitter, Netflix, Spotify and other businesses. The news described the problem as “denial of service attacks”. The day this occurred, I saw a white screen on my computer and could not access the PayPal site. I started thinking about the money I had in my PayPal account and thought it must be FDIC insured. After checking with PayPal I found out the money IS NOT FDIC insured. PayPal is considered a non-bank and is used for depositing money and transferring funds.. You do need a PayPal account, if you are a Seller on eBay to receive payments on your auctions.  You can control how much money you leave in the account by transferring money to your personal bank account  frequently. Remember you will need to keep enough money in the account for eBay fees and other purchases you make. By managing your PayPal account wisely you can reduce your risk of loss.
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I hope you all have a wonderful week!
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No Holiday Returns

For the last few years, Top Rated sellers  have been required to revise their auctions and offer Holiday Returns. The past couple of newsletters I have mentioned to both my Trading Assistant clients and eBay students that Holiday returns are starting November 1st. This year eBay has chosen NOT to require the 90 day mandatory return policy. The good news for Top Rated sellers is there are NO CHANGES.  You will still be required 30 days return policy and one day shipping.
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