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February 2021

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Immigrant Older Adults

On the CREGÉS website, you can now find the various achievements related to this pan-Canadian research project involving two researchers and a student member of CREGÉS among the team: Shari Brotman (Principal Investigator - Greater Montreal), Émilie Raymond (Co-Investigator - Quebec City) and Julien Simard (Coordinator - Greater Montreal):

- Exhibit catalogue
- National Report
- Regional Policy Briefs
- Event Reports
- Videos and webinars
- Scientific Publications

Visit the project page | Team and partners

The CREGÉS Stands Out! 

You were more than 670 people attending our first four conferences and we already have 270 views of the recordings on Youtube.

1) Pour soutenir les proches aidants dans leur deuil : un outil à l’usage des travailleurs sociaux et psychologues

2) Les expériences des personnes âgées immigrantes

3) The Art Hive as a Frame of Belonging for Older Adults

4) Preventing Dementia? Critical Perspectives on a New Paradigm of Preparing for Old Age 

A big THANK YOU for your interest and participation in our knowledge transfer activities.

Visit the CREGÉS YouTube channel to watch or re-watch our past conferences and more!



The CREGÉS on LinkedIn

We are proud to announce the launch of the CREGÉS LinkedIn page. In order to offer even more visibility to the achievements of our members and partners, we will now be highly visible and active.

If you have a LinkedIn account, we invite you to join us and share our content!

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Recent addition on our CREGÉS COVID-19 webpage


- The impact of COVID-19: Immigrant Older Adults and their Families, Challenges and Recommendations

Video by Shari Brotman on the main lines of the project "Lived Experiences of Aging Immigrants: A narrative-photovoice study" as well as the challenges and recommendations arising from the project in relation to the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. See +

- Caregiving and the Risk of Older Adult Mistreatment

An episode of the web series "McGill Cares" with Mélanie Couture on mistreatment of older adults, how often it happens, the factors that underlie it and the impact that COVID-19 is having on it. See+

- Comparing Social Policy Responses to COVID-19 in Canada and the United States

Webinar by the McGill Institute for Health and Social Policy (IHSP) with Daniel Béland on how the United States and Canada responded to the COVID-19 crisis. See+  


- Caregivers of Long-Term Care Residents in the Context of COVID-19: Current Knowledge, Inspiring Practives and Recommandations.

CREGÉS, by virtue of its expertise in the field of caregiving, has recently written a report and will present a CREGÉS - CvP Aînés Conference on February 11, 2021. Read+ 


- COVID-19, federalism, and health care financing in Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Daniel Béland & al. (2021). Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice. Read+

- Recognizing Older Individuals: An Essay on Critical Gerontology, Robin Hood, and the COVID-19 CrisisAnnette Leibing (2020). Anthropology & AgingRead+

- Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT) statement on singing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Susan LeMessurier Quinn, Adrienne Pringle & Laurel Young (2020). Canadian Association of Music Therapists. Read+

- Resistance, Innovation, and Improvisation: Comparing the Responses of Nursing Home Workers to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Canada and the United States. Robert Henry Cox, Daniel Dickson & Patrik Marier (2020). Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and PracticeRead+

- Social policy responses to COVID‐19 in Canada and the United States: Explaining policy variations between two liberal welfare state regimes. Daniel Béland & al. (2020). Social, Policy and Administration. Read+


L’impact de la pandémie sur ​la santé mentale reste difficile à mesurer. 
In French

In this article published in Le Devoir, Valérie Bourgeois-Guérin notes the increase in distress calls and antidepressant prescriptions from older adults since the beginning of the pandemic. Read+



Palliative Care
In French

Palliative Care Guidelines
and End of Life

The ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux (MSSS) recently made a significant update to palliative and end-of-life care guidelines with respect to a person with confirmed, investigational or symptomatic COVID-19.



The Town of Montreal-West recently unveiled its Age-Friendly City policy. CREGES' Zelda Freitas and Shannon Hebblethwaite are members of the Steering Committee for this policy. 




**This selection represents a sample of scientific publications by CREGÉS members. Articles related to COVID-19 are featured earlier in the newsletter.

Beauchamp, J., Chamberland, L. & Carbonneau, H. (2020).
Le vieillissement chez les aînés gais et lesbiennes : entre la normalité, l’expression de besoins spécifiques et leur capacité d’agir. Nouvelles pratiques sociales, 31(1), 279-299. Read+ (open-access)

Dube, D.*, Sussman, T., Brotman, S., de Vries, B. &  Gutman, G. (2021).
Advance care planning among older gay men living with HIV in Montreal, Canada: Challenges to thinking and talking about future care. Journal of Homosexuality. Read+ 

Lecompte, M., Ducharme, J., Beauchamp, J. &  Couture, M. (2020).
Inclusive practices toward LGBT older adults in healthcare and social services: A scoping review of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Clinical Gerontologist. Read+ 

Lee, K., Revelli, M.*, Dickson, D.* & Marier, P. (2020). Who cares? Preferences for formal and informal care among older adults in Québec. Journal of Applied Gerontology. Read+  

Éthier, S., Beaulieu, M., Perroux, M., Andrianova, A., Fortier, M., Boisclair, F. & Guay, M.-C. (2020).
Favoriser la bientraitance pour que proche aidance ne rime plus avec maltraitance. Revue intervention(151), 33-46. Read+ (open-access)
Éthier, S. & Côté, A.-S. (2020).
« Nous ne sommes pas des ados normaux » : lumière sur ces jeunes proches aidants invisibles. Revue intervention(151), 147-151. Read+  (open-access)
Fortune, D., Whyte, C. et Genoe, R. (2020).
The interplay between leisure, friendship, and dementia. Dementia (London). Read+  (open-access)

Sussman, T., Pimienta, R. et Hayward, A. (2020).
Engaging persons with dementia in advance care planning: Challenges and opportunities. Dementia. Read+

Wallach, I. et Brisson-Guérin, M. (2020).
Les préoccupations des personnes trans en lien avec la fin de vie : une revue systématique des études qualitatives. Frontières, 31(2). Read+ (open-access)

Aboujaoudé, A., Bier, N., Lussier, M., Ménard, C., Couture, M., Demers, L., Auger, C., Pigot, H., Caouette, M., Lussier-Desrochers, D. et Belchior, P. (2020).
Canadian occupational therapists’ use of technology with older adults: A nationwide survey. OTJR: Occupation, Participation and Health. Read+
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What facilitates the acceptance of technology to promote social participation in later life? A systematic review. Disability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology. Read+ (open-access)

Daley, A., Brotman, S., MacDonnell, J. A. et St Pierre, M. (2020).
A framework for enhancing access to equitable home care for 2SLGBTQ+ communities. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(20). Read+ (open-access)

Durepos, P., Ploeg, J., Sussman, S., Akhtar-Danesh, N. et Kaasalainen, S. (2020).
“A crazy roller coaster at the end”: A qualitative study of death preparedness with caregivers of persons with dementia. SAGE Open Nursing, 6. Read+ (open-access)
Girard, D. et Bourgeois-Guérin, V. (2020).
Hope and suffering: A hermeneutical and existential analysis of Akhmatova’s Requiem. The Humanistic Psychologist. Read+
Harasym, P., Brisbin, S., Afzaal, M., Sinnarajah, A., Venturato, L., Quail, P., Kaasalainen, S., Straus, S., Sussman, T., Virk, N. et Holroyd-Leduc, J.
Barriers and facilitators to optimal supportive end-of-life palliative care in long-term care facilities: a qualitative descriptive study of community-based and specialist palliative care physicians’ experiences, perceptions and perspectives. BMJ Open, 10. Read+ (open-access)
Lee, K. et Marier, P. (2020).
Aging in place with a spouse in need: Neighborhood cohesion and older adult spouses’ physical and mental health. The International Journal of Aging and Human Development. Read+
Lussier, M., Aboujaoudé, A., Couture, M., Moreau, M., Laliberté, C., Giroux, S., Pigot, H., Gaboury, S., Bouchard, K., Belchior, P., Bottari, C., Paré, G., Consel, C. et Bier, N. (2020).
Using ambient assisted living to monitor older adults with Alzheimer disease: Single-case study to validate the monitoring report. JMIR Medical Informatics, 8(11). Read+
Medico, D. et Wallach, I. (2020). Nécropolitique, finitude et genres trans. Frontières, 31(2). Read+ (open-access)
Roy, J., Éthier, S., Tremblay, G. et Lahaie, H. (2020).
La proche aidance a-t-elle un genre ? État de la situation des hommes proches aidants et pistes d'intervention. Revue intervention, (151). Read+ (open-access)



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