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July 2020

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on research activities 
CREGÉS 2019-2020

It’s with pleasure and pride that we present to you the CREGÉS 2019-2020 Annual Report on research activities.

Another very productive year, as this report of our members' major accomplishments, shows, including 70 research projects, 53 scientific publications, and 230 dissemination and knowledge transfer activities.

Read the annual report

NEW Domain of Expertise
Coordinator on Inclusive Aging,
Diversity, Health and Well-Being

It’s with great enthusiasm that we announce the hiring of Sandra Smele as Coordinator of the Inclusive Aging, Diversity, Health and Well-Being Domain of Expertise at CREGÉS as of June 1st, 2020.

Sandra was previously a Planning, Programming, and Research Officer (APPR) at CREGÉS and supported the work of ministerial mandates in our Domain of Expertise in Caregiving and Countering Mistreatment. Sandra is a sociologist by training and her work focuses on the collaborations that promote inclusion, health, and well-being by being attentive to differences. She participated in several multidisciplinary projects on long-term care, mistreatment, intersectionality, caregiving, and health and social services. 

You can reach Sandra Smele at


"A senior moment:
Cultural mediations of memory
and aging"

This collection of texts edited by Line Grenier, CREGÉS member, and researcher, and Fannie Valois-Nadeau, Ph.D. in communications, explores the interaction between aging and memory, a stage in life that we all have to go through eventually. Each chapter explores the cultural mediations of memory and aging. Using a series of approaches that focus on practices, acts of memory, recollection, representation, and collective memory, the authors seek to better understand and critically reflect on the different ways in which aging is experienced throughout the lifespan. Several topics are addressed to contribute to the understanding of memory as a cultural process in constant transformation, situated in particular contexts, and shaped by its material characteristics of existence. 




A page dedicated to the contributions of our members in this time of pandemic is now available on our website!

On this page, you have access to resources/tools, webinars, scientific publications, and media appearances of our members, you will also find the three first COVID-19 Interviews. These interviews, are produced with CREGÉS members, are hosted by Mélanie Couture, CREGÉS institutional researcher. 

Visit the page:

engAGE Living Lab Digital Era
Response (ELLDER)

This project, led by Janis Timm-Bottos, engAGE researcher, Shannon Hebblethwaite, and Laurel Young, CREGÉS members and researchers, aims to counter the social isolation of older adults. The original physical space, located at the Quartier Cavendish Mall in Côte-Saint-Luc, has closed its doors because of the pandemic. Despite this, the project continued to counter social isolation by transferring their programming online!

To know +, follow them on Facebook!

Survey for community organizations
working with older adults and their
loved ones

You are invited to share the issues and solutions identified in order to offer services to them in the context of a pandemic. 

Access the survey online (In French)

This research project involves CREGÉS researchers Ginette Aubin and Marie-Michelle Lord (co-researchers).  For further information, please contact Valérie Poulin (principal investigator): 


Proposed bill no. 56: Bill aiming
to better recognize and support caregivers
and amending various legislative provisions

On June 11, 2020, the minister responsible for seniors and caregivers, Marguerite Blais, submitted a proposal for bill 56 “aiming to recognize and support caregivers and amending various legislative provisions.’’

The CREGÉS conducted an “overview of services and measures of support to caregivers’’ as part of the work on the upcoming action plan. Read + (In French)

Act to combat mistreatment of seniors
and other persons of full age in vulnerable

On May 29, CREGÉS posted the Act to combat mistreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations and two complementary documents: development and implementation guide of the act and a supporting tool for the review of the act.

The CREGÉS participated in the development of these documents in accordance with a mandate given by the MSSS. Read+  (In French)

LGBT housing matters: Results of the
Canadian LGBT older adults and
housing project

This report presents the key findings of a national study on the housing issues facing older LGBT Canadians and recommendations to address these significant inequalities. Tamara Sussman and Shari Brotman, researchers at CREGÉS, are co-applicants for this study. Read +

Countering social isolation and
loneliness of older adults
in the context of the pandemic

This report by the INSPQ describes how social isolation and loneliness of older adults are public health issues exacerbated in the context of a pandemic. The report proposes courses of actions involving partnerships between the public, private, community sectors at the provincial, regional, and local levels. Read +

Impacts of the pandemic and confinement
on community organizations in the older adult sector

This post-survey report conducted by the COMACO among its members is intended to provide a portrait of the reorganization, the actions undertaken, and the impacts of the pandemic on its members one month after the start of confinement. Read + (In French)

Libraries and aging of the population

This document is the result of a collaborative research project between INRS and the Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec. It proposes a synthesis of knowledge on public libraries and the aging population. Read+ (In French)

Restoring Trust: COVID-19 and The Future
of Long-Term Care

This policy briefing by the RSC Task Force on COVID-19 on long term care focuses on the workforce. It will also be used to inform, with evidence, the thinking of policy-makers. Read + 

Older adults and housing, Montreal

This thematic statistics sheet from the TCAIM, co-produced with the Direction regionale de la santé publique de Montréal, illustrates the type of housing of Montrealers aged 65 and over the people one the areas of the island the most affected by problems of affordability and other issues encountered with respect to the quality of housing. Read +



**This selection represents a sample of scientific publications by CREGÉS members. 


Boissonneault, M., Mulders, J. O., Turek, K. & Carrière, Y. (2020). A systematic review of causes of recent increases in ages of labor market exit in OECD countries. PLOS ONE, 15(4). (OPEN ACCESS)

Côté, A.-S. & Éthier, S. (2020).
« Nous sommes de jeunes aidants et nous existons » : un groupe d’aide mutuelle pour faire sortir de l’ombre les jeunes proches aidants. Groupwork, 29(1), 64-86.

Éthier, S., Lauzer, C., Marcoux, L., Carbonneau, H. & Beaulieu, M. (2020).
Le Groupe SEMA : un groupe « philo-éducatif » innovateur pour partager son expérience morale comme proche aidant. Groupwork, 29(1), 46-63.

Hebblethwaite, S., Young, L. &  Martin Rubio, T. (2020).
Pandemic precarity: Aging and social engagement. Leisure Sciences. (OPEN ACCESS)

Lee, E.*, Sussman, T., Kaasalainen, S., Durepos, P., McCleary, L., Wickson-Griffiths, A. & Bimman, R. (2020).
The relationship between caregivers’ perceptions of end-of-life care in long-term care and a good resident death. Palliative and Supportive Care, 1-8.

Malta, S. & Wallach, I. (2020).
Sexuality and ageing in palliative care environments? Breaking the (triple) taboo. Australasian Journal on Ageing, 39 (Suppl 1), 71-73. (OPEN ACCESS)

Raymond, É. & Lantagne Lopez, M.* (2020).
Participation of people with impairments in seniors’ organizations: Conditions and limitations on inclusion. The Gerontologist

Silverman, M., Brotman, S., Molgat, M. & Gagnon, E. (2020).
“I’ve always been the one who drops everything”: The lived experiences and life-course impacts of young adult women carers. International Journal of Care and Caring.

Yaddaden, A., Couture, M., Gagnon-Roy, M., Belchior, P., Lussier, M., Bottari, C., Giroux, S., Pigot, H. & Bier, N. (2020).
Using a cognitive orthosis to support older adults during meal preparation: Clinicians’ perspective on COOK technology. Journal of Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Engineering, 7, (OPEN ACCESS)

Wallach, I., Beauchamp, J., Alarie, M. & Miller, G. (2020). 
Between exploration, pleasure, and performance: Sexual enhancement medication use among older gay and heterosexual men. The Journal of Sex Research

Book chapters

Beaulieu, M., Maillé, I., Bédard-Lessard, J., Fortier, J., Carbonneau, H., Éthier, S., Morin, C. & Sévigny, A. (2020).
Countering mistreatment of older adults: Lessons learned in Canada to enhance volunteering activities in non-profit organizations. Dans A. Phelan et D. O'Shea (dir.), Changing horizons in the 21st century: Perspectives on ageing (p. 230-254). Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Carbonneau, H. (2020).
L'animation d'un milieu de vie pour le loisir. In F. Aubry, Y. Couturier & F. Lemay (dir.), Les organisations de soins de longue durée - Points de vue scientifiques et critiques sur les CHSLD et les EHPAD (p. 133-144). Presses de l'Université de Montréal.

Couture, M., Alarie, M. & Israel, S. (2020). L
a maltraitance en CHSLD : les aspects individuels et institutionnels. In F. Aubry, Y. Couturier & F. Lemay (dir.), Les organisations de soins de longue durée - Points de vue scientifiques et critiques sur les CHSLD et les EHPAD (p. 117-132). Presses de l'Université de Montréal.

Grenier, L., Sawchuk, K. & Valois-Nadeau, F. (2020). Resoundingly entangled. Ageing and memory in Étoiles des ainés in Québec. In L. Grenier & F. Valois-Nadeau (dir.), A senior moment: Cultural Mediations of Memory and ageing (p. 195-221). Transcript Verlag.

Sawchuk, K., & Lafontaine, C. (2020).
“Just because you’re older…”: Seniors respond to telecom sales practices in Canada. In Q. Gao & J. Zhou (Eds.), Human Aspects of IT for the Aged Population. Technologies, Design and User Experience (Vol. 12207, pp. 231-244). Springer International Publishing.

Summary sheet

Benoit, M. & Perron, L. (2020). Le nouvel interventionnisme de l’État au 21e siècle : l’exemple du soutien à domicile aux personnes âgéesÉtat 21.



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