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News update

Protect the freedom to speak about God's pattern for marriage

Donate to help Rev. Dr Bernard Randall appeal 'tragic' ruling

Dear friend,

I am writing today with an important update and to ask you for your help. 
The Christian Legal Centre has been supporting Bernard Randall since he lost his school chaplaincy job. Bernard gave a thoughtful, moderate sermon on marriage in chapel, telling students they shouldn't feel forced to believe LGBTQ ideology.

Tragically, the Employment Tribunal has just ruled that it was fine for the school to force Bernard out of his job and report him to Prevent (the anti-extremism watchdog).
This decision effectively treats Bernard's Christian beliefs as if they're extreme and have no place in a school. But it makes out that the radical group promoting LGBTQ ideology in the school was subtle and reasonable.

This must be challenged. Christians - particularly chaplains preaching in chapel - must be free to speak the truth with love.

In the coming days, we hope to explain more about this judgment and more that you can do to make a difference. But today, I need your help to make sure we can support Bernard for the long haul.

Please could you make a gift today to help make this possible?
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We need to appeal this judgment through the courts. This will take a lot of effort but will be worth it. With the help of our expert legal team, we need to defend the freedom of people like Bernard to graciously share their Christian views in the workplace, in schools and in chapels without losing their livelihood.

Words twisted beyond recognition

The sermon Bernard preached in chapel in 2019, called 'Competing Ideologies', was completely reasonable. It was even later printed in full by the Daily Mail. However, the judgment in his case repeated a conclusion based on a handful of complaints: "We have already found that the message taken away by pupils was that it was wrong to be LGBT+ and okay to discriminate." Bernard said nothing like this.

However, when it came to Educate & Celebrate, the pro-LGBTQ group Bernard was concerned about, the judge accepted the school’s evidence that getting staff to chant "smash heteronormativity" was "simply an enthusiastic attempt ... to warm-up the teachers at the outset of the day." This group's work was described as "subtle"

Because some people at the school were radically opposed to Christian views, his words were twisted beyond recognition to get him into trouble. Meanwhile, legitimate concerns about Educate & Celebrate wanting to smash heteronormativity - i.e. smash the Christian view of men, women and family - were brushed aside.

For the court to go along with this is simply staggering.

As has happened over and over, the Church of England’s own Valuing All God’s Children guidance for schools was used against Bernard. Judge Butler made the point that the CofE cites Educate & Celebrate as a recognised resource in the guidance. Once again CofE guidance has been used to harm Christians at the altar of LGBTQ ideology.

This decision is badly wrong and must be appealed until we have justice for Bernard.

Could you help make this possible by making a gift to Christian Concern today? Every gift will help Bernard appeal this judgment and to protect Christians like him.
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Without Christians like Bernard - and like you - speaking the truth, shining like lights wherever you are, the gospel and God's good pattern for life will be squeezed even further out of society.

This isn't just about Bernard - it's about the light of Christ shining in the darkness through every Christian's words and witness.

Could you help us today to win the legal case and to expose the way schools have been used to spread political LGBTQ ideas?

Every donation makes a difference.

Thank you so much for your time and generosity.
Yours in Christ,

Andrea Williams
Chief Executive, Christian Concern & Christian Legal Centre
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PPS Please don't feel under any obligation to give - the Lord knows our circumstances and we trust him to provide.
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